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So Survivor finished last night.

It was interesting this season.  There was obviously a lot of fans of the show playing this season as most of the survivors played *hard*.  But the problem with that is most of the people weren't actually all that nice (or at least weren't portrayed that way) and to be honest there wasn't all that many of them that I hoped would win.  Jericho's final speech made him sound like a complete jerk, and yet he still won it.

Oh well.

Last year Stu read The Barefoot Investor by Scott Pape on his Kindle.  He said it was good and decided to get a paper copy.  I read most of it early this year before we went away and finished it when I got back.  It kinda reminds me of The Naked Chef for money.  Heck Scott Pape even looks a bit like Jamie Oliver :)  I quite enjoyed the book.  It's certainly an easy read, very conversational.  But the funniest part is that one of the things he said people should do is get rid of their credit cards and separate their pools of money into needs and wants.  Now I've been telling Stu that for *years* but it took him reading it in a book to finally do it hehe.

A book I finished reading more recently was ET: The Book of the Green Planet, by William Kotzwinkle, which I borrowed from the club forever ago.  I really really struggled to read this book.  It has quite an odd writing style that I struggled with.  It's a sequel to the ET movie, where ET is unsettled after his time on earth, doesn't fit in back home, and yearns to get back to earth.  But for someone so old and intelligent he's made out to be a bit of a klutz.  Finally finished it after many months, but didn't really enjoy it.

And another book I finished recently was One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nets, by Ken Kesey.  Pretty sure I borrowed this off Kit, and if I didn't I don't know who I borrowed it off - oops.  I'd seen the movie of this a long time ago so knew basically how it ended.  Again I struggled a bit with this in the beginning as it was pretty slow to get going, and really nothing much happens until the second half.  But got through it in the end.

iOS 10.3.3

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I've been keeping wifi turned off on my phone since the massive wifi bug was announced a while back.  This weekend I finally got around to backing up my phone (manually backing up the important stuff cause I don't trust Apple), clearing space, and upgrading it.

First I had to upgrade iTunes, so I did that.  But iTunes was separate to the software updater, and so it (not sure which) went off and downloaded the upgrade.  Meanwhile I came back to the software updater (or was it iTunes??) and it wanted to me to restart.  Whoops.  So I quietly ignored that until the download had finished, hoping I'd be able to do it before I started the upgrade.  I also left my phone plugged in for the entire process.

Three hours later.

At our crappy internet speed of 2Mbps it took three hours to download the 2.4GB update.

But when it downloaded it just went off and did the upgrade quietly, I think with a couple of reboots of the phone (it did it while we watching tv).  Then it was done.  No drama, no errors, no hassles.  I know this is how it *should* be, but my experience has always been a lot more awful than that.

It removed the Game Centre and added "Home" and "Videos".  And made the notifications and home button behaviour different.  Haven't really used much else to comment on anything else.

And in related news, Optus finally have 4G where we live.  It's been 3G until just this weekend.

The Green Mile

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Last night we thought we'd watch The Green Mile, which we hadn't seen in ages.  In fact, as it turned out, the dvd was still in its wrapping.

After watching it I thought I'd see how long "ages" actually was.  I watched it twice in 2003, and again in 2005.  I bought the dvd in 2006. 



I had the dvd for eleven years before finally watching it.


I don't have too many dvds in that situation but I do have few.  And there's a bunch of tv dvds as well I want to get through.

I need to retire so I actually have time to watch tv and movies..

(oh and we also watched an episode of Voyager, and I'm like "that's George Costanza" .. and it was hehe)


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Last night we met up with Damien and Amanda for dinner at Olive at Hawker.  I'd never even heard of it before, but a quick Google sorted that out.  They even have an online reservation form which is very civilised.  We were the first ones in at 6pm, but it did fill up pretty much completely.  

Olive at Hawker

The bread was amazing - fresh and warm and crusty.  And those little battered and fried stuffed olives were also great.
Olive at Hawker

I quite enjoyed my duck, but needed the sweetie's assitance to finish
Olive at Hawker

Stu enjoyed his octopus (he had two entrees instead of a main)
Olive at Hawker

Lovely creme brulee, but again, needed the sweetie's assistance to finish
Olive at Hawker

We had a lovely meal but both came home moaning - me from eating too much food, and Stu from eating too much bread.  Oops :)

Back in the day, when I used to read more news feeds, one of them (can't remember which) often used to print snippets taken from Uncle John's Bathroom Reader books.  So when this one came out I got it as a birthday present for someone, promptly borrowed it, and had it sitting in my room for years.  Finally got through it last night (helps going to bed a bit early so you have time to read for a bit).  Lots of interesting factoids.  I should probably have written some of them down for our next trivia night ;)  But I did take photos of a couple of the pages for use in our next trivia night :)

Bones Never Lie

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While I was on the Queen Mary 2 in March (name dropping much?) I borrowed Bones Never Lie, by Kathy Reichs, from the ship's 10000 volume library (!) and read it over the course of the trip.  I've always liked the Bones books, and it was kinda nice to pick up on the overarching personal life threads, even after not having read some of the books in between.  Silly thing is, I don't think she actually did any studying of bones at all in this story.  And I figured out whodunnit at about half way through the book.  

War on Waste

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I've been watching ABC's War on Waste over the past week.  Some of the waste depicted is pretty staggering.

The thing that upset me most was seeing the huge waste of food right on farms because supermarket cosmetic policies. Banana a few millimetres too long?  Goes to waste before it even gets to stores.  Just heartbreaking.

Then there was the disturbing news that Woolworths don't necessarily recycle the soft plastics people put in the store bins in good faith that it will be recycled.

And in the What The..? files: the girls in the third episode who don't wear the same outfit twice!!  What the actual f@#%??

"Fast fashion" completely pisses me off because I buy clothes and wear them until they wear out.  Except these days things wear out after just a couple of wears in some cases.  T-shirts and even jumpers that can't be worn after not very long because the collar buckles and looks ridiculous.  Years ago Millers did plain-dyed t-shirts that I'm still wearing twenty years later!  But they stopped selling them, and now, practically any t-shirt you buy will wear out very quickly.  With jeans, I got sick of paying $100 EVERY YEAR for Jeans from JeansWest because the "denim" is so thin and flimsy that it simply wears through.  So last time I paid $7 per pair in KMart.  The material is just as thin and crappy, but it's only a fraction of the price.  I'd be happy to pay more for quality, but it simply doesn't exist anymore!

Since discovering relatively recently that Coles do soft plastic recycling, our waste has been reduced dramatically.  Most of our food scraps go over the fence to the chickens, soft plastics go to Coles, and the majority of the rest of our rubbish is recycling.  We typically only put about a bag of rubbish *or less* a week out in the bin, and so the bin doesn't go out for collection most weeks. 

* Fast food restaurants (Subway I'm looking at you) stop giving out more than one serviette. I keep mine and use them at home as paper towels but I'm sure most people just thrown them straight out unused
* McDonalds do you really need to give me my burger in a huge paper bag?  No, if there's one item, I can carry it - save the paper!
* The huge rolls of junk mail we get are such a waste - please stop!
* Canberra needs green waste bins for garden waste.  Drop rubbish collection to fortnightly and use the savings to collect green waste fortnightly instead.
* Supermarket shopping online needs to stop using plastic bags.  We did a shop a few weeks ago and got enough plastic bags to last us six months!  At one point they were loading things into crates and then just emptying the crates once delivered.  Much better option.
* If they really want to stop people wasting plastic bags, put a significant tax on them.  Instead of free or even 15c, give them a real cost - like $1.  People would definitely think twice about getting a bag if it became a significant cost.
* People still need bags for bin liners.  I've got several years stocked up because I never throw away shopping bags that we do end up getting from time to time, but with a complete bag ban we'd have to buy bin liners. 
* Use a keep cup
* *Please* can we get decent quality clothing back?
* Coles you need to empty your plastic recycling bins more often.  I've never once been able to easily get my bag in the bin, and often I've had to leave my bag next to the bin.
* Tom's Super Fruits (and every other grocer) please stop packing a couple of things on a polysterene tray covered with glad wrap.  So wasteful!

I'm sure I'll think of more..

In the meantime, I'm going to start using up my stash of plastic bags for fruit and veg - they've been building up for a while and there's no good reason not to reuse them.

The Hours

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The Hours.  The couple of hours of my life I won't get back.  Seriously What The??

It's probably one of those movies they make high school students watch so they can write essays on that crap.  Yeup.

Not who you think

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I've known for quite a while that the riff in Sting's "Russians" is actually by Russian composer Prokofiev - the Romance theme from the Lieutenant Kijé Suite.  So it was no surprise hearing it yesterday during ABC Classic FM's Russian weekend.

But I was completely taken by surprise to hear The Right Stuff soundtrack suddenly pop up during today's music.  Turns out that bit of the music (which I really love and so hence love the soundtrack to that movie) is actually by Tchaikovsky, and not by Bill Conti!  Mind.  Blown.

Then again, my favourite bit of the Babe soundtrack is actually by Camille Saint Saens and not by Nigel Westlake, who did the rest of the soundtrack.  

I forgot to turn on the radio before 12pm today so missed Peter and the Wolf.  Oh well.

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