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My plants are growing! (in my fish tank) Some of the new grass shoots have been growing at a rate of a couple of centimetres a day! Very cool. Will have a look at getting a yeast CO2 reactor going, just as soon as I get a pH test kit so I can check the pH levels before and after running it.

Movies I've seen recently:
Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers - BIG is the word I'd use to describe this movie. An epic of, well, epic proportions.
Catch Me if You Can - highly entertaining. Even better cause it was "inspired" by a true story. Apparently the dude payed back all the money he stole, by making a fortune developing anti-fraud systems :)

Movies I want to see:
Star Trek Nemesis - next (final?) nextgen Star Trek movie. Comes out Feb 6 here, must see!
Bowling for Columbine - supposed to be very good, and very funny, although not in mainstream theatres here.

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