The other weekend I patched and rebooted my computer, as you do.

Except afterwards a whole stack of crap got broken or went weird.

I lost Irfanview from the right-click open-with.  Had to go select the application again to get it to remember it.

It changed all my window bars from blue to magenta.  Even tho it was still set to blue in the settings.  Changed it and changed it back again and it came good.

It finally killed all my scheduled tasks.  Ever since upgrading to Windows 10, the scheduled tasks I have that pop up reminders to do things at certain times/days stopped being listed in the Task Scheduler, and gave me errors any time I tried to open it.  The tasks all still worked but I just couldn't see or edit them.  Well after the last patching cycle they finally stopped working altogether, which is a pain because now I'll have to set them all up again.

I've had issues with my scanner ever since.  I don't know if it's a driver problem or a hardware problem.  But if I keep clicking ok to the error and trying again it'll scan.  Super annoying.

And Windows 10 is extremelly rude and reboots for patching without permission.  Often it'll pop up a thing and you can choose to schedule it, but you can only choose to schedule it for a few days before it insists on having to do it.  But the other day I came home and it had rebooted without my permission and no warnings.   #grunt


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Last Friday night us and Ben went over to Serena's for a bbq which was all very pleasant.

Last Saturday night Kit had an end-of-uni party, although Stu's last essay was due the following Monday so he had to take it easy.  I had a bit of a late night but it was all fun.

Monday Chris Bell (Ding) was in town, so we caught up for lunch.

No news is.. no news?

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Nothing much of note to report lately.  

Had a weekend at the club for one of the long weekends.  Stu worked on his assignment and Heather, Lynn and I cleaned out the office.  It looks sooo much better now!

Last weekend had a dinner at EffanC's and Scott came too and we just chatted all evening which was nice.

Other than that, I finished sorting Lego and picking out pieces for all the sets.  Now I'm putting them all together.  Fun times.


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So aside from a plane blog entry, I haven't blogged in two weeks.  Whoops.

Monday two weeks ago I took a six hour lunch and finished a photo project that I'll get online soon.

The next Wednesday we won another damned trivia night.  Even without DC's help.  So will run the next one, which could very well be the last.

The Friday that week I went to Chrissie's for dinner.  She cooked a really nice pumpkin, gnochhi and sage dish, and for once we actually watched a movie (usually we talk about watching a movie but then just end up chatting all evening).  So watched Independence Day.

Pumpkin gnocchi sage

Saturday Chrissie brought up her steam cleaner to attack the bathroom.  

Bathroom before

Bathroom before

I'm too short to see this so never actually knew how bad it had gotten
Bathroom before

So I made lunch (as you do).  I cooked up a bit of a hanami lunch - teriyaki chicken wings, tuna sushi and okonomiyaki.  There was heaps of food and Serena had been planning to have lunch with Kit so invited both of them up as well.

This was my first ever attempt at sushi!  It turned out pretty well
Sushi attempt 1

Hanami lunch

Chrissie finished up in the bathroom later in the afternoon, and Zac mowed the lawn.

Bathroom after

Bathroom after

Bathroom after

On Sunday I went to pick up the sweetie from the airport.  And sorted Zac's Lego which Chrissie had brought up.

Monday I wore new jeans to work.  But backing up a little.  I am thoroughly sick and tired of paying a fortune for Jeanswest jeans that only last a year.  And I hate that you can't get decent quality demin in girls jeans anymore.  Why don't they make girls jeans in *real* demin and not that thin crappy stuff that is the only thing you can get now??  #hate  Even at 40% off, Jeanswest jeans are still pretty expensive.  So I thought screw this, and tried somewhere cheaper.  I tried Target first, but there was only like one style of jeans there that weren't already ripped to shreds.  wtf??  What idiot fashion designer thought that would ever be fashionable??  At least the idiots that wear jeans like that will look back at photos of themselves and wonder what in the world they were thinking.  Suckers.  So nothing at Target so tried Kmart.  Found some clearance jeans that were $7.  Each.  And they were more comfortable that the Jeanswest jeans as they have a slightly higher cut.  The next day I took them to get tailored and they were having a special - $10 jeans hemming.  So for $68 I got four pairs of jeans in the right size.  Normally that would be the cost of *one* pair of jeans.  So even if these cheap ones only last a quarter as long, I'll still be ahead.

Thursday we went down to see the two day old chickies!




Friday the sweetie and I went into town for dinner.  We ended up at Jamie's Italian, which I'd never actually been to before.  The service was pretty slow but the food was delicious.

This crispy squid was crunchy and delicious
Jamies Italian

These polenta chips weren't bad, but quite heavy.  Nothing like the awesomeness of the polenta chips we had at Pandanus on Lord Howe Island in 2007.
Jamie's Italian

Stu's Pumpkin Panzerotti.  I only got the smallest of mouthfuls and then got distracted by the waiter, shoulda had a bit more.
Jamie's Italian

This spaghetti carbonara was sooo tasty.  It's making me hungry just looking at it.
Jamie's Italian

Salted caramel and chocolate sundae
Jamie's Italian

After dinner (it was getting a bit late), Stu took me around to finish off the night shots for my photo project.

Saturday we had Nat and Andrew over for hanami lunch take two.  Same menu basically, although sushi options modified slightly for the fussy eaters :P

Sushi attempt 2

Okonomiyaki (Lisa's recipe)

We chatted all afternoon and then put on Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade which was fun.

In the evening the sweetie and I watched The Silence of the Lambs, which I hadn't seen in years and Stu had never seen.

Sunday was more food shopping, and more Lego sorting, with a roast dinner thrown in as well.

Lego Palette

Lego angles

Sunday roast

Also yesterday we realised that our sewage pipes were blocked.

Oh crap.


Oh crap

So called Six Star Hot Water this morning and the same dude who replaced our hot water system came out and brought an eel.  He dug through a big clump of roots and everything started flowing again.  He said we could spend $5-10k getting it all dug up and fixed, or just spend the few hundred dollars every couple of years to get it cleared with an eel.  So we'll probably end up doing that.

Other than that, today was just Lego sorting.  In fact I only left the house to go hack a portal.  Step count will be a bit sad today.

Oh, and I blogged.  Finally.


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I couldn't help myself.  I had to go see it.  In the rain.

Yes I was there for the first international flights both arriving and departing from Canberra!

Boeing 777-212(ER) 9V-SRP

SQ 291

SQ 291

David said they missed the planes and got the whole airport
SQ 291

I know that 737 is a lot further away but *damn* the 777 is big in comparison - it's like twice the size!
SQ 291

Planespotters!  Not shown: the other guys with their SLRs
SQ 291

Lovely view up close on the taxi way
SQ 291

Going ..
SQ 291

Going ..
SQ 291

SQ 291

And as an extra added bonus, the car park had free parking from 7am to 11am for the event!

Spoke too soon ..

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Had to log onto work this morning and ended up having to go in.  So the entire day lost to work, and another weekend lost.

To say I'm annoyed at one particular vendor is an understatement.

Of course now I'm second guessing myself.  Maybe this weekend was salvagable.  I just have no idea cause, well, I have no idea about anything.  



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In a few minutes the sweetie will be landing at JFK airport.  He arrives on the eve of the 15th anniversary of the World Trade Centre attacks.  He will spend a full day in New York on September 11.  This blows my mind. 

World Trade Centre 


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In what felt like a loop I was at work for the third weekend out of the last four.  Things went a bit better today though so that was good.

Tonight I watched Looper.  Interesting movie, but has more problems the more you think about it.


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Popped into the War Memorial for an hour the other day while waiting for the sun to get into the right position.  Had a wander through the WWI exhibition which I hadn't seen since it reopened.  Didn't realise they had a piece of the Red Baron's plane there!

Found the plaque for my grandfather's battalion
War Memorial

What's the collective noun for rabbits.  That.  Were all over the lawn.
War Memorial

HMAS Brisbane
War Memorial

Piece of the fabric from the Red Baron's plane
War Memorial


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Saw this super cool light wall in the Canberra Centre the other week.  It's interactive - you can press the lights and they change colours and turn on/off.  I totally want one.

Light wall

Light wall

Light wall

Also saw this and thought it was pretty cool.  Is there anything more you need in life?

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