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SpectreTonight we used some Dendy vouchers (that I think I won in the mother's day raffle earlier this year and forgotten about them until last week) to go see Spectre.

As you'd expect from a James Bond movie, it's full of action and great locations and car chases (and all sorts of other chases) and (apparently) the biggest explosion in movie history.

And a lot of it had the *feel* of some of the old James Bond movies.

I rather enjoyed it :)

One thing that did annoy me (and this is just nit-picking) - streets empty of cars!  And the scene at the end would *not* have had a big empty space like that.  Just no.

But aside from that.

Great :)

Other than that.  Today we had a vendor thing which also included a couple of hours of Go-Karting!  We all had three races each, plus a finals race (one for the slow group and one for the fast group).  So much fun!  I came last in the first race, then I think second-last in the second and third-last in the third (or something).  Which really makes no sense, on account of I never managed to actually overtake anyone - I'm way too slow for that!  Good times.  But my everything hurts - and will hurt a lot more tomorrow!  I have to say the experience at PowerKart at Griffith was quite a bit better than at Queanbeyan where we went last time.  The seats were better (and they had booster seats for little people!) And they adjusted the pedals for me as well.  So it was a lot more comfortable this time around. 

One year ago today I went for a walk to the Regent Hotel to see where they filmed the opening scenes of Lucy, and then we began the long trek home to Canberra.

Day two of scripting

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Another pretty fun day today.  But back to "real" work tomorrow (hopefully!)

But also.  Disaster!  I'd been planning to have some of my wombok for dinner with some duck breast.  But I went to pick it and it was all wilted!  Everyting was wilted!  I'd watered everything yesterday morning, which apparently wasn't sufficient to keep it all going through two days.  So most everything was wilted.  After an hour or two most things had come back, but I think my basil seedling is dead :(  

I've also lost another cory :(

One year ago today we went to Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, and I went to Longshan Temple and climbed Elephant Mountain *again* - this time at night.

Scripting Day

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On account of still broken firewalls and no physical access to them, I had a fun day of scripting.  Well mostly fun until 5pm when I found a problem that needed fixing before I went home.  Oops.

Tonight Chrissie came to stay for the night before an interview tomorrow.

One year ago today we went to Fort San Domingo, I climbed Xiangshan (Elephant Mountain), and we went to the Shilin Night Markets.

Quiet Sunday

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My Sunday night depression started last night when we got home.  Too much go go go and then a sudden deflation.  And the weekend was half over and I hadn't been home for any of it.

So I really didn't feel like doing much today.  In the end I alternated between doing holiday photos and a jigsaw.

The sweetie on the other hand spent *hours* cleaning the bathroom, toilet and ensuite, as well as mowing the lawn and doing more garden tidying.  Bestest sweetie *ever* ! :)

Tonight I cooked up a big batch of bolognase for the week's lunches.

One year ago today we went up Taipei 101, wandered through Huashan 1914 Creative Park, and I wandered through Guanghua Electronics Plaza.

First Aided

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Did a full day first aid course at the club today.

Was really going over a lot of the material we did in the online elearning, as well as some practical stuff such as CPR on adult/kid/baby dummies, and some bandaging and rolling people around.  Got all but one question right in the assessment, but I blame a badly worded answer for the one I got wrong.

Then we jumped into the new pool!

One year ago today we got driven on a magical mystical tour of northern Taiwan.

End of week socialising

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Last night after drinks Kit and Ben came up and we all stayed up a little too late.  But it was fun anyway.  Never mind the fact that I didn't get nearly enough sleep.

Today I broke firewalls.

Tonight was drinks and pizza at Scott's for his birthday which was lovely.  And I played a theremin.  Badly.

One year ago yesterday we left Hong Kong and flew to Taipei.

One year ago today we went to the National Palace Museum in Taipei.


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Upgrade of the firewall went really well today, better and smoother than I thought it would.  Only another five to go heh.

Tonight the little brother came to visit - he's running trains in and out of Temora on the weekend.

Oh and I got 92% on the first aid pre-course test.  Phew!  One wrong question I'm sure wasn't in the course material, another I misread the question, another was either one or the other and picked the wrong one, another I just forgot.

One year ago today we went to Lamma Island and did a walk across the island.

Was actually in a fairly good mood most of today.  Managed to get a few things working in preparation for a rollout tomorrow night which was good.

Went to Bunnings on the way home (Stu needed more whipper snipper cord).  I bought a new pool skimmer box because the old one has disintegrated, but unfortunately the new one is not going to work, so will have to keep looking.

By the time I'd vacuumed the pool it was nearly 7pm and I didn't feel like more standing to cook.  So the sweetie ordered pizza. hrmmm.

I did another first aid module.  This one said it would take 15-20 minutes.  It took 7.  These guys have no concept of reality.

One year ago today we went out to the end of the old Kai Tak runway in Hong Kong, and had a look at the cruise ship terminal there.  Then we got up close to the checkerboard hill, and finally wandered around Kowloon Walled City Park.

So sat down to do some more first aid reading tonight.  The intro said it would take about 20-30 minutes to review.

It took nearly two hours.

Seriously guys, get it together.

A chunk of the reading was to do with some of things that will kill you in Australia.

There was a lot.

Snakes, spiders, ticks, bees, wasps, scorpions, box jellyfish, stonefish, blue-ringed octopus, cone shells (!), bluebottles, sea snakes, fish stings.

Ok so not all of those will kill you.  But you get the idea.  Don't come to Australia, it's dangerous! ;)

One year ago today we went up the Sky 100 in the day, then took a ferry with Chris and Anne to Cheung Chau.

Quiet Day In

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Today was pretty much just photo sorting, studying first aid, and jigsaws (after another very slow start after another night of being awake for a couple of hours with hurty).

Only left the house to go hack a portal :)

One year ago today we did the Dragon's Back hike in Hong Kong, walking all the way from Chai Wan to Shek O with a 284m high peak in the middle.

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