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Had a pretty crap day today.  Started off bad and just never got any better.  Until beer o'clock I guess.


Been watching Big Bang Theory and Elementary and reading Tintin.

And we think our tv is dying - crazy video artefacts on it.


So I'm now three weeks behind on Friday Q.  I remember having trouble with them ten years ago as well - some of the questions are *hard*!

Had two nights in a row at EffanC's just chatting which was nice.

In between I didn't do much.  I vacuumed half the house, but we didn't do our food shopping.  Cleared off the family room and mostly cleared off the dining room table, but didn't actually get rid of anything, just rearranged things.  Got through more of our leftovers, but didn't cook anything new, or finish the oldest of the leftovers.  Went for an Ingress walk today because it was such a glorious day, but didn't manage to get the sweetie to join me.

Tonight we had a very nice dinner at Kit's, and the sweetie gave her a hand with her resume/job application.

Not sick?

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Tonight when I went to bed I'd pretty much stopped sniffling.  And I was totally fine today.  Who's ever heard of a cold that lasts less than 24 hours?? Maybe I wasn't actually sick but had some sort of hayfever-like reaction ??


Started looking at Turkey photos tonight, since it's coming up on a year since I went.  But ten minutes in and I was already overwhelmed. hrmm.  That was the trip where I smashed my old lens, and had awful trouble trying to get it to focus, especially in low light at the beginning of the trip, but also in daylight later on.  I was surprised how many of my Gallipoli photos were out of focus when I went looking for pics the other day.  Sad times.

Supersize Me

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Finally saw Supersize Me tonight - watched it on Netflix.  Quite scary.  Although enough to stop me craving and eating bad food?  hrmmmm dunno about that.  There was also Food Inc we watched the other week which made us want to source more ethical food.  That's hard too when Coles is so cheap and has everything we want in once place.  Also hrmmm.

Last night I was cold and simply couldn't warm up.  Until about 1am :(  And then my nose exploded.  Seems I have a cold :(  So about three or four hours sleep last night.

But had to go to work today - big release I needed to do stuff for.  Anyway I don't feel "sick" as such - just tired and sniffly.  Better be off to bed methinks.


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So the sweetie and I have been married for seven years today :)

This morning I cooked cheesy potato hash browns.  Then while the pan was still hot I cooked dinner.  Then it was after 11am, and I was about to head out (to the movies with Kerry). 

This afternoon I did lots of housey type stuff.  But no photo sorting.  My holiday photo blogging is about to come to a screaming halt.

Dinner was beef stroganoff, then we thought we'd watched something a bit romantic, so we watched The Notebook on Netflix.  Urrgh.  Slowest.  Movie.  Ever.  Ok not really but was super slow and a few minutes in and I'm like, is this thing over yet?  I didn't really even care that much who she ended up with in the end.  Then we watched Frozen.

Three years ago today I had to celebrate our wedding anniversary without the sweetie which was super sad.  But they did give us champagne at breakfast because it was the Israeli Independence Day.  Then we went to the Garden Tomb, and the Tower of David museum, and wandered around Jerusalem.


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Fairly quiet day today.  ie, I got nothing much done.  The sweetie was pretty productive on his assignment though.

I might have made some Anzac biscuits though.  And cooked a lamb roast for dinner.

Tonight we watched Pacific Rim on Netflix, which was kinda like Evangelion meets Independence Day meets Armageddon, but nowhere near as good as any of them (which is saying a lot).

Three years ago today we did a whole lot of walking around Jerusalem, including going up on the Temple Mount, and seeing the pool of Bethesda, and Via Dolorosa, and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, then out to the Holocaust History Museum.

100 Years

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One hundred years ago today a bunch of Aussie and New Zealand guys got off boats on this beach.

Anzac Cove

And climbed these hills under gunfire.

Plugges Plateau

And we've been remembering it ever since.

Lest we forget.

Made it

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Somehow survived to the end of the week.  It was a tough week. 

Three years ago today we went to The City of David, walked down Hezekiah's Tunnel to the pool of Siloam, saw the Burnt House Museum, and went to the places *traditionally* known as the location of the Last Supper, David's tomb and the rooster church.

The tension of this week got to me so much today I was actually in tears at one point.


Didn't even feel like staying at drinks tonight.  


But now I smell like dog, cause Kit is back from Europe and the dogs wanted cuddles.  Anyone's cuddles it would seem.

Three years ago today we went to the Israel Museum and saw some of the actual Dead Sea Scrolls, went out to Bethlehem and visited The Chuch of the Nativity (hrmm) and saw the fields where angels might have appeared to shepherds when Jesus was born, and explored the Herodium, where Herod built a fortress and was buried.


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Was generally having an ok day today (went offline for a while to Get Things Done).  Then frustrations with *people* ruined it right at the end.


Three years ago today we left the Dead Sea and headed for Jerusalem, stopping at Masada and Qumran, then going to the Mount of Olives, Gethsemane, saw the Wailing Wall and went through the western wall tunnels.  

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