So as I've mentioned previously, the company that I helped build from the late 1990s to the mid 2000s has been bought out again and again, finally by Vodien, a Singapore company, and this week my website had significant outages.

On Tuesday night it went down some time in the evening.  The whole host was offline - no response on web, mail, ftp or cpanel ports.  Another site that I know about on that host was also down (graphixactivewear - the site they stuffed up the config for, which has broken people's rss feeds for any reader that tries https first).  I couldn't get to sleep.  This had every chance of not being just a regular outage, but a deliberate act to shut the server down.  Maybe other people were contacted to move their hosting but I wasn't?  I'd backed up my blog database relatively recently (only a month ago), but having to reconstruct it without the old one being online would be all kinds of stressful.  And my mail would start bouncing too.  

First thing Wednesday morning I checked on it.  The uptime on the server was fifteen minutes.  So I frantically started backing everything up.  I backed up the mysql database again.  And I tarballed my whole blog directory and downloaded it.  I screenshotted cpanel configs for future reference.

At work I asked Tony who he hosted with these days.  He said his club uses VentraIP - not cheap but good customer service and excellent up time.  So I had a look and they were actually even cheaper than the company Stu had recommended, and included unlimited addon domains (the other mob wanted $10/month per addon domain).  I read around the support pages, and with cpanel hosting it looked like they'd do everything I needed.  I had a bit of a chat online to confirm a few things, and as an added bonus, they were offering a half price special - for what I wanted it would only be $5/month for max of first twelve months, $10/month after that.  

Friday night I signed up!

I setup as the main domain and as an addon domain.  Then I started fiddling around with - if I was going to break something it may as well be the less important one!  

I thought I would try staging the transition.  Move mail over first, then web.  Exept cpanel on Vodien wouldn't let me change my MX record - it would only let me change an A or CNAME record.  hrmm.  ok well let's try something else - create a test website just for fun, pointed over at VentraIP.  Except the DNS entry I created never ended up in DNS.  Currently it seems the cpanel integration with DNS is not working properly.  And I can't manage DNS with Vodien itself, because it's not hooked into the old CIA/Enetica DNS servers.  I could manage DNS on Vodien if I pointed at their nameservers, but that's not going to help cpanel.

So this morning I setup the way I wanted it for mail, but still pointing web back at CIA.  Then I changed the nameservers for to point at VentraIP's name servers.  Well other than the fact I struggled to find this option because it was unintutive, once I did it it worked swimmingly, and quite quickly too.  I sent myself a test email from Gmail and it worked!  Was able to see it on VentraIP's webmail!

So now to configure Eudora.  I use the lastest version -  From 2006.


It only supports up to TLS 1.0, but VentraIP only support from TLS 1.1.  Grunt.  I tried it with Thunderbird and it worked fine, but really didn't want to transition all my mail.  But, internet to the rescue, there's a Sourceforge project called Hermes which has updated dlls for TLS.  Had to tweak things a little (eg changing the pop port in the ini file, and set SSL to Required, Alternate Port) but eventually got Eudora to download my mail!  Hurrah!

Then I spent the rest of the day getting my blog updated so I can do another snapshot/database backup.  

This will likely be the last entry I post on this host.  Now the drama of trying to move this blog begins.  If you post any comments I'll still get them, and if I could be bothered I'll try and reconstruct them on the new host later, but if not, they may be lost on the site.  If I'm not too worn out from it all, and if everything "works", I may take this opportunity to upgrade to the last free version of Movable Type, and get a mobile-friendly template installed.  We shall see!

Tuesday morning I felt like I was too freakin busy to go to work.  The housework just never ends.  And then at work I'm too busy to go home.  So. Much. Work.  Then after work it's catching up last night's photo labelling, cooking dinner, dusting, vacuuming, washing up, more photo labelling.  By 8pm I just feel like collapsing - is it bed time yet??  I certainly didn't feel up to fighting with my phone to get videos I'd taken off it.  When I was in bed I checked my mail on my phone but it wouldn't connect.  Which was the start of drama that's been going on all week, and I'll put that all in another post.  But I could not get to sleep that night.

So Wednesday I was super tired.  Brain was all mushy.  And no photo labelling in the evening either.

Log lizard

Wednesday night I slept somewhat better.  But Thursday the vacuum cleaner died.  Again.  David tinkered and fixed it.  For now.  Up to 1900 slides.  Then work.  Then pizza.  Then watched the original Parent Trap.

Friday I over slept!  ok so only by like half an hour.  In the evening we watched part 1 of The Dismissal.  Really well done, I mean how on earth do you make politics *interesting* but they did.

Today was doing hosting stuff in the morning, photo processing, and then *hours* catching my blog up from the past few weeks.  

Also, if you're one of those crazy people that read my blog by going straight to the site, note you will need to go back to the archives as I've gone a bit over the page!

Six Months

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I download photos from my Canon today.  For the first time since April.  And processed the photos.  For the first time since January.

In six months I've taken all of 155 photos on that camera.  Hrmmm.

I keep telling myself it would be different if I had a new camera.. that was still better in low light.. that could deal with difficult lighting as well as my phone.. 

The Canon 600D Dad got in about Feburary or March 2012.  I inherited it when he carked it.  So it's over eight years old now.  Still works fine, is just aging... 

I'd like to go back to mirrorless.. better idea of what you're going to get once you take the picture, and a lot quieter...  

I took this one morning at the end of January. 

Haunted sun

Got to see the DC-10 Air Tanker at the airport when I flew up for Ryan's birthday.

912 Air Tanker

Stikeez!!  This is all but two of the specials.  Kaibrya has a bagfull she'll send me if we ever go back to work, I might get lucky and get one of them in that.  I took this just before lockdown in March.


Rainbow in April


Happy tree in April

Happy tree

Black cockatoos in April.  Look at what the vandals are doing to this tree!!

Black cockatoo

Black cockatoo

Mess made by a black cockatoo

These were taken on a walk in late April

Red tree hill

Belco view

This first one took months.  3000 pieces and seemingly all browns.  I knew it wasn't going to be much fun when I got it.  I wouldn't have ever chosen this for myself, but a guy at work challenged me, so what can you do!?  I think I started it in January.  Once we'd slogged our way through enough of it, it was possible to do the Ravensburger trick of flipping half of it round 180 degrees and doing the top half on top of the bottom.  So it took months for the first half, and just a few days for the second.  We finished it over the Easter long weekend.

This is at the beginning of the weekend.

Bombardment of Algiers jigsaw

This shows how the pieces would line up flipped to the other side.  I did use this technique a little bit in some of the sky, but even know exactly what shaped piece you need, there'd still be a couple of hundred pieces that all looked the same to choose from.

Bombardment of Algiers jigsaw

I did all the sails on the ship on the left in a morning.

Bombardment of Algiers jigsaw

Filling in the left

Bombardment of Algiers jigsaw

All the sky (well, the standard shaped pieces anyway)

Bombardment of Algiers jigsaw

Once all the dark stuff was done, all that was left was plain sky.  So I cut it in half - see the line - to flip the top around onto the bottom.

Bombardment of Algiers jigsaw

Like so

Bombardment of Algiers jigsaw

Closer view

Bombardment of Algiers jigsaw

Even closer

Bombardment of Algiers jigsaw

And the next day it was done!

Bombardment of Algiers jigsaw

To have a fun break, I got out the cupcakes jigsaw.  I've done this before so let David do most of it.  I'm debating whether I should give it away or not - it's so fun.

Cupcakes jigsaw

Then we started another section of the Disney behemoth.

Annoyingly, the colour on the left matched the colour on the right so closely I kept putting in the wrong pieces.  

Just look at this crap!

Annoying jigsaw

This is actually wrong!!

Annoying jigsaw

Did a lot of this by sitting one half atop the other.

Peter Pan jigsaw

Had a break in between and did a jigsaw of Alpensee.  It didn't have the exact lake name on the box, but figured it out from Google Earth and found where the photo was taken from.

Alpensee jigsaw

As a glutton for punishment, almost immediately after I finished that, I started The Little Mermaid section.  In some ways it was even tougher than Peter Pan.  There seemed to be unending blues.  It also suffered from colour being so similar on either side you could get things wrong.  I think the stars at the top were the worst for that on this one.

Little Mermaid jigsaw

We started another one after that, but it got put downstairs when we had some people over, and hasn't been brought back since.  

Finally we have one I picked up at the Green Shed the other week.  This was on the stand to be distributed to the shelves, so had only just been dropped off.  Grabbed it as I was queuing to pay.  This was fun because you couldn't put it together until you'd completed each little section of nine pieces, and had to assemble them to allow a maze to be solved.  Quite fun.  I did it by myself, then showed David the finished puzzle, then pulled it apart for him to do.

Maze jigsaw

Maze jigsaw

Maze jigsaw

Maze jigsaw

Maze jigsaw

Nepean Dam

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So last Sunday I added another Sydney Dam to my list and dropped in to see Nepean Dam.  Just a few minutes off the Hume Highway it's very easy to get to.  And *crowded* on a Sunday!

Nepean Dam

Nepean Dam

Nepean Dam

Nepean Dam

Nepean Dam

Nepean Dam

Nepean Dam

Nepean Dam

Garlic scrolls

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Last of the food porn for today, I promise ;)

Stu's favourite side from Dominos at the moment are their garlic scrolls.  I had a go at making them the other week but they were fairly dry.  Need to do a bit more experimenting ;)

Just some olive oil spray, powdered parmesan (I think), shredded parmesan, and garlic powder.

Garlic scrolls

Nice, but yeah, a little dry.

Garlic scrolls

I very possibly haven't made these since 2006.  Last Saturday I made the full recipe, but I think I should just get a 200g tube of sweetened condensed milk and stay with the halved recipe.  Also, yay for all Mum's old self-raising flour - 4 cups is quite a lot!


These choc bits will be fine right?

These will be fine right..

Dough ball

Balled out

Ali's choc chip cookies

I took some to Sydney with me the next day, but completely forgot about them for dessert Sunday night.  Oh well.

This was the third thing I've made from the Women's Weekly Gratins and Bakes book.

This one I measured the liquids (although really needn't have bothered) and winged it for the rest.

Again, fairly similar to regular bakes, but the blue cheese topping at the end added flavour.  

I first tried blue cheese in 1987 and HATED it.  I don't think I had any more for at least twenty five years.  I still won't eat it fresh, but I'm growing to like it if it's cooked.

Blue cheese potato bake

Blue cheese potato bake

Is the juice worth the squeeze?  Yes I think so.  Was very easy and quite tasty and the leftovers didn't last long!

This was the second thing I've made from the Women's Weekly Gratins and Bakes book.  

There's very little I can make from there at the moment, having to not use tomato and all.  So the other week when we had some gluten free pasta in the house, I made this.

I really didn't follow the recipe too closely - I kinda winged it with most of the measurements - and we didn't have any parsely so skipped that.  But it turned out pretty well.

Broccoli bake

Broccoli bake

Broccoli bake

Is the juice worth the squeeze?  I think so.  The base of it is very similar to any other veggie bake I would make, but the parmesan/breadcrumb/lemon rind topping was very nice.  


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My domain name,, turned 18 today.


As a gift, my hosting provider turned it off from last night til this morning, and had it offline again for a good chunk of today.


In 1997 I started working for CIA.  They started Host1.  They merged with Webcity.  Together they started Enetica.  

This day eighteen years ago, Guy registered for me.  It turned out to be the first domain to go through under the new system.  I was even in the newspaperTwice!

Since then the merged companies started up new hosting brands and eventually got bought out a couple of years ago.  I literally can't even remember who by.  But a month or two ago they got bought out by Singapore company Vodien.  

Which brings us to the outages in the past 24 hours.  I simply can't trust their hosting anymore, so it's time to move on.  

I dread the thought of moving this behemoth of a blog.  It's going to be epic...

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