Leaving Home

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I left home today for the last time ever.  The family home.  Mum had lived there for forty two years.  I lived there for twenty six and a half years.


Although was too busy to feel much sadness during the process of removal, but did have a sad walk through at the end.

The end of an era.  The family home that noone else has lived in.  Now sold and to be rented out.


But David and I did amuse ourselves by poking fun at mum .. "you've never moved have you?" .. because really she hadn't - not with a whole house of furniture and *stuff*.  Little things like rubbish bags and cleaning equipment she kept wanting to pack and send away and we're like, no you need to save those because you *will* need them.  heh.

So got mum moved in at the other end, and stayed til about 3pm unpacking boxes with Aunty Di.  Then I came home.  I never want to leave the house again.

Then I got depressed again at deadbeat ebayers who *still* haven't made any sort of contact with me.  I hate people.

I did finish decorating the Christmas tree though which made me feel a bit better.  It sparkles.

But the most recent one: people that buy stuff on ebay that don't bother to contact you after a week, even after repeated emails to them.  Or people that buy stuff on ebay, keep saying they'll be there "tomorrow" and then never turn up.


In other news.

I've been having more Christmas parties - a big work one that went late and was a lot of fun.

Then instead of a nice relaxing weekend, I had to deal with aforementioned sucky people, as well as lots of other people trying to coordinate pickups remotely at mum's.  And this was down at the coast, without a computer, and I didn't have my ebay password and it was all a super huge stress.  Really really didn't want to have to go away that weekend, but it was S&K's combined 40th and we've been terrible relatives this year so thought we'd better go.  So had to go via the club, then headed down.  Stayed at Dave's house (thanks Dave!) but just did some jigsaw while Stu collapsed, then we watched some Veronica Mars and had pizza for dinner.  Didn't even bother with the spa.  Next morning was the party, although it didn't really get going til we had to leave.  Left there and headed straight to Sydney (we had to take two cars down the coast).  Sigh.  

Got to Sydney and didn't even get to dump my stuff - had to go straight to the new place to meet the uncles etc, then we went out for dinner which was quite nice.

Home, dealing with annoying ebay people, collapse.  Didn't get to sleep til like 1am though :(

And then there was chaos in the city today which made things .. interesting ..


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Last night I posted all mum's stuff to the Canberra Freecycle group.  And got a much better response than from the Sydney south one.  The new Sydney Freecycle is hopeless.  It loses mails and I can't get it to send more than a daily digest.  So I'm not surprised if other Sydney freecyclers have given up on it.

So tonight we filled up my little car full of tables, mounted prints, paper, boxes, boxes, boxes, *bits*, more *bits* and *stuff*.

One more week of this nonsense then I'm not going anywhere for a long time.

Today alternated between crazy busy and waiting for people to do things.

Tonight we freecycled the old amp and speakers (the dude was a bit dubious about the speakers) then had lamb roast for dinner.  Then out to Mum's new flat (she got her keys today) to drop off the tv cabinet, china cabinet and mirror.  We built the china cabinet (mostly, need a hammer to finish it off) and suddenly it's like 9pm.  Grunt.  So came home to sort through freecycle and ebay emails (the freezer sold for $200, the tallboy $5.50, go figure) and realised I haven't done any of the sorting I wanted to do downstairs.  Sigh.

Too tired for this crap (even though I got a really good night's sleep last night).

Had a lovely lunch with @StuartCRyan last week.  Came home Wednesday night with a car filled up with stuff to give away or sort through (including all Dad's slides and physical photos).  Thursday after dinner and washing we went over to Kit's for a few drinks which was fun.  Friday I watched Air Crash Investigations and much of Gladiator while tidying up the dungeon for the car load of stuff.

Saturday I'd originally been going to help out with the big Christmas party, but I decided a few days out that I really needed a day at home for my sanity's sake. I have just had so little time at home in the past two months that I think I might have died if I hadn't stayed home.  So I was up early and spent the morning tidying up the dungeon, then emptying my car.  In the afternoon I did more sorting, cleaning and put up the Christmas tree.  I got nearly 10000 steps without even leaving the house.

In the evening we went to Mishi's for lots of eating and chatting and a bit of Pirate Fluxx, which I won two games of, and Mishi won a game.

Today I'm back in Sydney.  We went to Ikea to pick up a china cabinet, and she bought a mirror as well.  Then back to Taren Point to pick up her tv unit.  Squeezed the whole lot into my car.  Hatchbacks are pretty awesome really.

Tonight was Carols Under the Stars at Como church, but it was all thunderbolts and lightning, so it was inside under fairy lights which was pretty cool.  

Listed more stuff on Freecycle.


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Had a thoroughly awful afternoon today, trying to figure out where a big and complicated project is up to, and going round and round in circles and going loopy in the process.  Arrgh.  Could really have used a beer at about 3pm.  hrmmmm.

Came home and had leftovers for dinner, then attacked the laundry, bathroom and bedroom, doing another sweep through and pulling out lots more stuff to give away.  One of the silliest things we found was a bottle of Stingose that expired in .. well I'll let you figure that out from the picture..


Not that bad really in the grand scheme of things ;)

Friday was first big Christmas party.  Had dinner at Sanur's afterwards, followed by tv at Justin C's (Snog, Marry, Avoid and The Hobbit).

Saturday we did food shopping for the club Christmas party, which we catered the mains for.  We did lamb, pork and turkey roasts, with roast veggies, a potato bake, and frozen carrots and peas/corn/beans.  Pretty sure everything turned out ok (certainly it got demolished in short order).  We've never cooked for so many people, so that was all a bit scary.  And we realised the oven isn't as big as we thought it was.

Today I came up to Sydney.  Kept Mum on track as she went through all the kitchen cupboards pulling out stuff she doesn't want.  Documented it all and got it all up on freecycle (take stuff please!!).

Also, I really hate Sydney humidity.  Give me Canberra climate any day. 

Oh, also, idiots should be shot to put the rest of the world out of its misery.  I was getting petrol at the BP at Marulan today.  This service station has heaps of room between the bowsers, so you can easily pull into the front slot if it's free, and the person in the back slot can easily get around them afterwards.  I love service stations like this, they rock, and make for much more efficient use of the pumps.  But this butthead pulled in behind me while I was in paying, he didn't take the front slot.  He just was there waiting behind me.  And I'm like - take the front slot you idiot.  But he didn't.  He just sat there getting angry.  In fact I hadn't even sorted myself out when he beeped me to get going.  Like how stupid can a person be?  I was tempted to just sit there and take even longer.  Because if you're too stupid to use the pumps properly, then you deserve all the pain you get.  I hate stupid people.

Being thrown back in

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Yesterday was lots of email sorting.  Lots of seeing where everything is up to.  Lots of working frantically to get everything done yesterday.

Last night we went to Kinh Do for dinner (because the Dumpling Inn is closed for months boooo).

Dumpling Inn closed

Crispy skin chicken with butter soy sauce.  Off the specials board.  Nice but it had broken bits of bone all through it.

Kinh Do

Cauliflower fritters

Kinh Do

Caramelised pork - yum!

Kinh Do

The little brother came over quite late, and Ben came up as well, so a fairly late night.

If you didn't notice the radio silence, we might have snuck in a little trip to Hong Kong and Taipei.

So there's been trivia nights (that I ran), balls (that I had to organise/prepare for), work, holidays to plan, holidays to sort photos for, and two trips to Sydney for good measure.  We've Freecycled *heaps* of stuff, and I've brought two carloads of stuff back to Canberra for people that wanted things here.  I've barely been at home the past two months.  Ingress and exercise suffered most.  And my flex time - been in the red for a month and struggling to stay afloat.  I have a tonne of pics I want to upload.  One day...  

Here's one though, a spiny-leaf stick insect.. soo cute!

Spiny leaf stick insect

Halloween Ball

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As usual, I'm amazed at the effort that goes into these things.

Work ball

Work ball

Raining Cats and Dogs

Work ball

Batman and a witch

Work ball


Work ball

Entree was a choice of pork belly (very yummy, I tried a bit of Stu's)

Work ball

Or smoked cutlets (which had a nice smokey flavour but weren't really hot enough)

Work ball

Mains was scotch fillet (which I didn't get to try)

Work ball

Or chicken, which was nice enough, and the veggies had a little bit of a spice kick

Work ball

Dessert was either soft-set meringue

Work ball

Or passionfruit tart, which was very nice

Work ball

I don't think I looked particularly Elsa-like

Work ball

Turns out the lead singer of the band is from our work as well!

Work ball

Louise totally channelled Anna the whole night (sadly I didn't get any good photos of her dancing)

Work ball

zOMG even Neil danced!  Must have been about the first time ever ;)

Work ball

Work ball

The light made my train look pretty cool

Work ball

All in all a great, if expensive! night

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