East Asia 2017

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So recently I decided I really wanted to get my photos for our cruise up on the blog by the end of the year.  And all the photos labelled.  Well the labelling took months but I got there in the end.  And it took forever to whittle down the photos to under fifty per day to have on the blog.  Again, got there in the end.  Once the photos were selected, htmlifying them and getting them online was relatively quick.  I could have waited til the two year anniversary of leaving, but instead, it was in fact twenty one months ago today that we left.  

So here's the photos:

East Asia 2017

Pixar Continued

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So this week have managed to complete more of the Pixar series, seeing The Incredibles 2 and The Good Dinosaur, which I've never seen before, and Brave, Finding Dory and Inside Out, which I have.  The Incredibles 2 was pretty good (bits of it reminded me of Mr Mom heh), but The Good Dinosaur was somewhat preposterous (dinosaurs as humans and a human as a dog.. strange stuff).

Still missing Ratatouille and Coco (we watched Monsters University only recently).  

Also, Friyay!

A Little Hairy

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On the weekend the sweetie cut off over a foot of hair.

Cause it was getting a little ridiculous...




I had to do one last Cousin Itt...

Cousin Itt

A bit shorter now..

Shorter hair


Lost hair

Hot. Sweaty.

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Stoopidly humid day today, which meant the cooler didn't work all that well.  At least it felt that way.

I was super busy all day too.  My todo list was over a page long.  I did do most if it though which was good.

Said goodbye to Kit and Pete, although I'm still feeding George, Petal and Vicki at least until tomorrow heh.

Stu chopped a foot of my hair off today.  Quite freaky to say the least.

We pumped and siphoned all but about 10cm of water out of the pool today.  

We finished season 5 of Rake tonight.  I have to say this season was just too .. silly ..  I mean I know the other seasons were silly too but this just seemed a bit over the top.

The Silly Season

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Wednesday was first work Christmas party.  It was ok but nothing special.  Didn't get too silly.  Although some of the guys did, getting in a little late the next morning :)

Friday was "my" Christmas party.  Almost 60 people this year!  Getting out of control haha!  But everyone had a great time.  Well maybe except DC who got hit with *something*, no idea what.  And I did forget the Coke Zero.  And cooking oil.  I didn't stay til the end on account of the sweetie wanted to get home (and we needed to help Kit pack the truck).  I did catch the very same duck again :)  (she even came back a few minutes later and ate out of my hand so couldn't have been too traumatised!)

Just me and a duck

So yeah last night was helping load the truck.  Kit doesn't have a lot of *stuff* but Pete does and it's mostly awkward big stuff that doesn't fit in boxes.  I collapsed about 10:30 but there was still a lot in the garage to try and get in. 

Had lunches with the Chrises on Friday.  

Mine. Mine. Mine.

Seagull at Lighty

Ok so it's only been a few days, I really do need to give it longer.. But I attached my phone to my computer tonight to check out the date modified stamps on the files that are there.  Only one has been modified since I turned off all application access to my photos.  But that's one more than none.

So I looked into ways of preserving the timestamps when copying.  Robocopy does it.


This is where Apple sux even more.

You can't connect to the phone with a drive letter or UNC path.  Seems they present the files to the computer as "Picture Transfer Protocol" which doesn't support it.  Although PTPDrive might be an option.


Maybe I shoulda gotten an Android and be done with it.

Misc Pics

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Just a few pics that have been floating around..

I enjoy Heather Armstrong's writing, and have been reading her blog for probably eleven or twelve years since Chay introduced me to it.

But I HATE having to go to her website to read it.  Just look at this crap.  Where's the actual content?  On this page there is literally one line of content.  The rest is adverts and links to other posts.  And the adverts aren't subtle either, they're animated in-your-face monstrosities.  Urgh.  Hate it.

Hate Dooce

A poppy that actually grew as a weed in one of my pots out the back.


This is pretty cool.  A model of Belconnen Mall in Belconnen Mall!  From when it was first built in the seventies.  Remeber Venture?  And Franklins?

Belconnen Mall in Belconnen Mall

Belconnen Mall in Belconnen Mall

I love Canberra.  These guys just minutes from work!


These miniature roses never really did very well .. until we removed the oak tree and gave them some light.  They totally went off this year.

Miniature roses

Gak Gak Birds

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I call masked lapwings "gak gak birds" because.. gak gak gak gak gak... whenever you get anywhere near them.

The other week a pair setup a nest.. in the middle of a public car park. 

So I know these guys nest on the ground, but surely they could have found somewhere more.. private..

Silly birds..

Gak gak birds

Gak gak bird eggs

Sadly the day after this they abandoned their nest.  Guess the stress of it all got too much.

Gak gak bird egg


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When Neil and I saw there was a Ryan McNaught Lego exhibition coming to Canberra, we bought tickets as soon as they became available.

This was a hint at the mall:

Brickman, Canberra

On the day we'd booked our tickets, our breaker box caught fire.  This caused me no end of stress.  But it all worked out in the end and we got to go see it.

Pro tip:  book tickets for a school day - no annoying kids!!  And no crowds!!!

Sydney Lego mosaic

Giant begonia

Little old lady who lived in a shoe

Lego movie stage

Lego Movie director


Collosseum showing current day ruins, and its heyday

Small sculptures

Hot air balloon in Lego

1961 Ferrari made of Lego

1961 Ferrari made of Lego

The Brickman's Bounty

Walking the plank

The Brickman's Bounty

The Brickman's Bounty

The Brickman's Bounty

The Brickman's Bounty

A Roulette

Jetstar Deathstar

Jetstar Deathstar

Jetstar Deathstar

Jetstar Deathstar

Jetstar Deathstar

Jetstar Deathstar

Jack and Rose on The Love Boat

The Love Boat in Lego

Shark on The Love Boat

Bridge of The Love Boat

Engine room of The Love Boat

The Love Boat in Lego

The Space Shuttle in Lego

Sean Connery James Bond Lego mosaic

Cartoon character Lego mosaics

Lego X-Wing

All the James Bonds in Lego mosaics

Notice the ring-in above?

Johnny English Lego mosaic

Saturn V rocket in Lego

R2-D2 and C-3PO are going to the moon

Lego Opera House

Lego Opera House

Father and son off to the opera.  With Jabba.

Audience in the Opera House

101 Collins St Melbourne

Elvis the helicopter

Qantas A380 in Lego

I saw a couple of these little green guys around.  Turns out there was a competition to see how many there were.  I counted something like 25 in my photos.  I think.  I forget.

Green spaceman hitching a ride on the A380

Neil and I had a great time, all the more awesome with no kids or crowds.

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