OMFG!  Not backdating!! ;)

Monday.  Slept ok.  Ok day I guess.  In the evening I got up to labelling the photo of sad bean!  This was a baked bean Stu had at breakfast one morning on our UK 2010 holiday.  It had a crease and a couple of specks of pepper at just the right spots to make the bean look like it had a sad face.  Stu couldn't bear to eat sad bean, and I don't like baked beans, so that poor little bean didn't get eaten, which was even sadder!  I might have had a little sad ten years later just labelling the photo I took of it :(:(

Sad bean is sad!

Up to episode 7 of Against the Wind.

Tuesday.  Hurty woke me up and kept me awake for an hour and a half.  But otherwise slept ok. 

<work rant snipped>

But look!  Itty bitty Cape Weed flower!

Itty bitty Cape Weed flower

Leftovers for dinner, UK labelling and episode 8 of Against the Wind.

Wednesday.  All the stoopid.  I don't even remember what now.  I ranted to Stu over a drink at Beirut Bunker Bar and pushed it from my memory.  

Beirut Bunker Bar Canberra

Stopped in at the markets on the way home to go to the chemist, and the sweetie even cooked dinner! :)

I thought this looked pretty cool - looks a bit like the Matterhorn!
Markets Matterhorn?

Thursday.  Filled with rage at someone watching Bathurst near me at work without a headset - not even at their desk, but in our area because their own desk is outside the exec offices and that would look bad.  And three or four conversations going on around me meant for NOISE and I seriously nearly lost it.  Fortunately I have the bestest boss ever and he went and muted Bathurst for me so I didn't go postal.  Watched the second episode of the French sun documentary.

Neil and I saw these at lunch on Thursday.  Not a huge amount of information on the Beam website, you need to download the app to find out useful stuff, you know, like where you can ride them.  45c/minute introductory rate to ride one.  Wonder how well they'll last.  I wouldn't mind taking one for a trip around the lake :)
Beam scooters

Friday.  Deleting all the things!  Did a massive cleanup of routes in the morning, and cleared out a big decommissioned app in the afternoon.  In between I had lunch at Herbert's with Tony and the Chrises.  Big lunch, so dinner was a small serving of popcorn (needed some fibre to counteract all the meat I had at lunch).  Watched Arrietty in the evening, which we last (first) saw at the movies in 2012.  The movie is based on the "The Borrowers" books which really annoys me as a title because they're not borrowing, they're *stealing*.  Just sayin!

Saturday.  Slept well.  A day of All The Things.  We did do a quick Bunnings run and food shop.  I'd already voted during the week so didn't get a democracy sausage (I think a lot of places aren't doing them anyway), but Bunnings has started up their sausage sizzles again, but they load the sauces for you.  So not quite as pretty as a photo as my actual democracy sausage featured on Atlas (Gastro) Obscura :)

Bunnings sausage

Stu cooked dinner which was lovely of him - grilled eggplant with a sauce of miso, mirin, and sake.  Quite yummy.

Sweetie's eggplant

In the evening we watched the first episode of season 3 of Discovery.  I enjoyed the first season, but the second season just got way too convoluted and hard to follow.  The first episode of this season was fine, hopefully this season won't be as complicated as the last.  Up to episode 9 of Against the Wind.  

Sunday.  Today.  For once I'm not backdating.. craziness I know!  Woke up at 3:45 to go to the loo but didn't get back to sleep for hours.  At 4:51 I got up to have some cheese because I was hungry.  Apparently just a little bit of eggplant and rice isn't enough to keep me full all night.  I did eventually get a bit more sleep, including have a dream that I was staying at Dooce's house, and it was *massive* and Stu for some reason was sleeping in some other building on the *campus*, and I was talking to Leta about what life was like being the daughter of such a famous blogger.  So a pretty slow start.  Did a few things on the todo list.  I was going to do some more Lego part picking of Vic's sets, but by the time I'd gotten the files organised and found the sets and gone through them for what they had already it was after lunch.  Then we went and visited Annie/Stu/Immy, and then came home and did cooking and photo processing and blogging and suddenly it's nearly dinner time.  Hrmmmmm.


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So we have a new local!  Herbert's at Evatt.  When you Google Herbert's Evatt, some of the results are for Herbert Evatt, who the suburb was named after.  Learn something new every day ;)

Tony has been going there quite a bit over recent months.  It's been super popular over the covid period, with people working from home and going there for lunches and dinners - he's had to book in advance just to get a table.  With people going back to work now, and now that it's not so "new", business has dropped a little, and with covid capacity restrictions easing it's easier to get in.  So couple of weeks ago I met up with Tony and Jess and Keira for lunch. 

Their favourite brewer is Tumut River Brewing Company and they have several of their beers on tap! 

Herbert's at Evatt

When we were in Tumut in August we heard about TRBC's Fifty Shades of Purple, which Herbert's had on tap, so I finally got to try it!

Fifty Shades of Purple by Tumut River Brewing Co

It was purple when they first tapped it - Tony got to try the first glass!  But it was quite blue by the time I got to it.  It makes your whole mouth turn blue!

Blue tongue!

I was going to be going out for a birthday barbeque in the evening so I thought I'd go for a light lunch and order off the starters menu.  I got four mac and cheese balls which were quite yummy, but huge!  I was actually *full* all afternoon!  Whoops!

Herbert's Mac and Cheese Balls

Last Friday I met up with Tony and the Chrises for lunch again.  They still had some Fifty Shades of Purple left, so had some of that, as well as a Ginja Ninja.  This time I thought I'd order off the starter menu again and got the lemon chicken skewers.  Also delicious, but I was *full* all afternoon - whoops!

Herbert's chicken skewars

I'll have to get the sweetie there some time.  Would be a great place to drop in for a drink after work.  And if they start doing breakfast on the weekends we could do brunch there sometimes :)

I had a few more photos in this folder I was going to post, but since David did the jigsaws not me (other than a bit of help here and there) I probably shouldn't.

Which makes for a pretty lean post for this quarter.  I've just been so fricken busy.  Who says the pandemic lockdown gives people more time?!?  Not me!!

I think this was an opshop find of David's.  Moraine Lake in Canada (been there!)  I did it, then pulled it apart and let David do it.  Someone had spilt something on some of the pieces which was a bit sad.  Pretty easy jigsaw to do because a lot of piece variety and easy to tell orientation.

Moraine Lake jigsaw

Another opshop find of David's I think.  This was of Milan Cathedral rooftop, which I would have been to this year if it weren't for Covid :(  While secondhand, it had actually never been opened so we were the first to do it.  David started it first but hated it because the piece quality was abysmal - when you placed a piece, several other pieces would come adrift.  I called it a 5000 piece jigsaw, becuase you had to redo all the pieces like five times each.  He didn't quite rage quit, but he didn't bother to do the sky.  I pulled it apart but kept the sky separate - little point resorting it all.

Milan jigsaw

This one belongs to Duncan at work.  It was also brand new when I did it.  Actually I started it wayyyy back before the pandemic lock down.  It was nearly finished when I left it, and I only pulled it out again a few weeks back and finished it off.

Stamps jigsaw

See, the date is 22.6.80!  Why you change just this one to your birthday?  Whyyyy? :)

Why you do dis Mum?

Backdating, cause I'm a slacker ;)

Tuesday.  Woke up at 5am for over an hour.  Meh day at work.  Taco Tuesday.

Wednesday.  Woke up at like 4am.  Crazy intense day of meetings.  Rollout planned for the afternoon didn't work.  Part of it we had no idea why, another part we realised before we started it wasn't going to work so didn't go ahead.  Meanwhile all my other work is slipping.  Hrmm.  After the failed rollout Neil and I went to the Labor Club (first time since last year!) and debriefed over a bottle of bubbles.  We actually came up with some ideas.  For dinner I cooked chicken thighs, with a lemon/butter/thyme sauce inspired by @phonakins.

Lemon thyme chicken

Lemon thyme chicken

Had a game of Kismet with Kit and Pete, that Pete won, but no UK photo labelling.

Thursday.  No slide scanning other than finishing off yesterday's roll (*going* to work sux!!  Doesn't leave me nearly enough time in the mornings (or evenings)).  Watched the second episode of Against the Wind.

Friday.  Woke up at 4:40.  OK day.  It was actually pretty quiet (some hardware problems had a lot of people offline that would usually be sending me work).  In fact I wandered off for an hour and a half in the afternoon to get stuff done around the house.   See, working from home is much more efficient.  I can flex off for an hour or two when the workload is light.  If I was *at* work I'd have to hunt around for things to do.  Not that I don't have any shortage of things to do, my todo list is a hundred years long, but sometimes on a Friday afternoon you'd rather just be tidying the house.  Did a Bunnings run and some food shopping (omfg Coles was closed! Some eftpos issue affecting their stores nationwide, so we went to Aldi, and fortuntely they had a caramel mudcake that I wanted to get for David's birthday), and may have had the Scottish Restaurant for dinner.  Watched episode 3 of Against the Wind.  Had to laugh and the really bumpy camerawork while they were following people walking/on horseback - no steadycams in 1978!!  

Saturday.  Slept in til 6:20!!  Felt so much better.  Got ready then basically just started prepping lunch.  There might have been a slightly epic lamb roast for the little brother's birthday lunch :)

Lamb roast for David's birthday

A few peeps came over to wish him a happy birthday :)

David's birthday

David's cake

I might have eaten too much ;)  

Watched some more Against the Wind, but I have to keep stopping it to go look up the history (the series was based on actual events).  In the evening we watched David Attenborough's Witness Statement, which was completely depressing for the first half.  There was more of a message of hope in the second half.  Stop breeding.  Check.  Go solar.  Coming soon.  Eat less meat.  Need to work on that one.

Sunday.  Mostly decent sleep.  Just did All The Things all day.  Managed to chip one of the good bowls while doing the washing up which gave me an epic sad.  I searched and searched everywhere for that chip but never found it.  I was hoping to minimise the impact by supergluing it back on, but it vanished off the face of the earth :(  In the evening we shared a bottle of McGuigan's shiraz that I bought on our Hunter Valley trip in 2012, and funnily enough I was wearing the same tshirt Sunday as the day I bought it :) 


Watched the first episode of a French documentary on the sun, and episode 6 of Against the Wind.

Beef Brisket

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Getting my recipe refined/simplified.  This was from when I cooked it two weeks ago.

This has a liquid rub of
~1 tbsp bbq sauce
~1 tsp worcesteshire sauce
~1/2 tsp liquid smoke
mixed and rubbed on the brisket to make a sticky base for the dry rub

Then a dry rub of
1 tbsp smoked paprika
1 tbsp cumin powder
1 tbsp brown sugar
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
1/2 tsp chili powder

That was about a 1kg piece of brisket.


So ugly but so good!!


Served with spiced cauliflower - salt, pepper, paprika, cumin and roasted for about half an hour

Spiced cauliflower

I think I skipped a week.  These were from last Thursday.

Belconnen Floriade

Belconnen Floriade

Belconnen Floriade

More flower porn ;)

Evil periwinkle

Maple flowers

Nasturtium flowers

Thyme flowers

Poppy flower


Banksia roses

Banksia roses

Backdating, cause I'm a slacker! ;)

Monday.  Slept well.  Ok day at work, although I felt like I was waiting for everyone for stuff, and I was just in limbo.  Leftover brisket and salad for dinner.  Got kitchen cleaned and UK photos done by 19:30 so got stuck into blogging.  An hour and a half later and still not caught up.

More golden fields

Tuesdsay.  Went to the chemist at lunch.  But the markets are closed Monday/Tuesday which made for an eerie place to go.  But they did have Floriade there too!

Deserted markets

Deserted markets

Floriade at Belconnen Markets

Floriade at Belconnen Markets

Floriade at Belconnen Markets

Floriade at Belconnen Markets

Floriade at Belconnen Markets

Floriade at Belconnen Markets

Wednesday.  Woke up at 4:30 and never got back to sleep.  Another day of stoopid meetings.  Was going to wait for the sweetie, but I'd had enough by 4pm and went to meet the sweetie for a drink, followed by dinner at Happys.

Rain drenched poppies

Happy's salt and pepper squid

Happy's shandong chicken

Thursday.  More expensive drinks at Pot Belly.

Friday.  Woke up at 3:30, think I only got about fifteen minutes more sleep just before 6am.  Hurrah.  Lunch with Tony/Jess/Keira at Herbert's, but I'll stick that in another post.  In the evening headed into Belco for C's birthday pot luck barbeque.  A whole crowd of "neurodiverse" people, such as are her friends :)  A very pleasant evening by the lake, and we were among the last to leave, and still managed an early night :)

Birthday bbq at the lake

Birthday bbq at the lake


Saturday.  Logged into work to try and finish off some work I didn't have time for on Friday (too much stoopid) but Notes had crashed, so it was a sign to just shut it all down.  Then we headed out to the club.  Stu read a book outside while I did another coat of primer on the main benchtops, and started some more of the cabinetry as well.


The boys had stained the dick as well

Oiled dick

Happy hour started super early (like 15:30!) and Rob and Lyn brought *heaps* of food, which ended up being our dinner.  We avoided the various parties around the place and had a nice quiet evening by the fire (not that we needed the fire - the day had been super hot!).

Sunday.  Woke up at ~1am and didn't get back to sleep for like four hours, and then only had a little more.  Heard people going home from parties at 3am new time (2am old time).  Headed home in the morning (we could have stayed another night but Stu thought we should go home). 

Found out all that yellow stuff around Canberra is Cape Weed, an invasive species from South Africa.
Fields of Cape Weed

I was so tired it was a bit of a nothing day.  All I managed to achieve was towel washing and jigsaw.  Had roast pork for dinner and watched Ponyo.

Monday.  Woke up at 5am (new time, so really 4am old time).  But!  All the things!!  Had a really productive day.  Started watching Against the Wind (more on that in another post).  Did some blogging catchup, although no UK photo labelling.

Back in June I posted a photo of the loco at the Zig Zag railway, apparently taken on Mum's birthday, because that was the date she'd written on her print.  

Except it wasn't on her birthday.

The other week I was scanning Dad's slides of the trip.  All of them from that day were labelled the 22nd June.  For some very very strange reason (why, Mum, why????) she'd crossed out the date on just that slide and written her birthday on it.  Why why why? :)

Why you do dis Mum?

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