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So me little brother was in town tonight so him and Shane and Chris and us decided to meet at Central Cafe.

Except it was closed!?!?!?

Apparently for renovations but seriously, WTF???!!?

So we wandered up the road to the Golden Ocean Chinese Restaurant.  Where even after we'd all turned up, it was still a good half an hour before we got *any* service.  It was so epic fail it wasn't funny.  The food was average, but definitely won't ever be going back!

Ceiling Cat!!

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Ceiling Cat is watching over us :)

Ceiling Cat

Getting colder!

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Finally turned the heater on in the house for the first time last night.
And wore my jacket to work for the first time this year.

And since I have nothing more interesting to say today, here's a photo of my lunch:

Bento lunch

I hate CSS!!

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ARgghhh!  CSS is enough to drive anyone to tear their hair out!!

Been working on a template thingie for displaying photos in a polaroid kind of a style.  Terribly frustrating. 

Which is why I'm not a web designer.. I'd probably give myself an ulcer :/

Weekend away

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Had rather a late start on Saturday.  We headed out around 12pm to do our shopping, but of course being Anzac Day, shops weren't open til 1pm.. not even Coles (which I thought might have opened round 12).  So had to waste a bit of time before doing our shopping.  Stocked up on supplies, came home, got ready, and eventually headed out the door round 3:50pm. 

Had a nice easy drive down to the coast, arriving just after 6pm.  Whereupon it was decided it was beer o'clock.  We cooked a store-bought quiche for dinner (I mustn't have been with real men ;) ).  Eventually got in the spa and stayed there for the next five or so hours.  Ooops.  :)  DC mostly kept up with me drinking-wise.  Not quite, but I was still impressed :)

Quiche (3.6 servings per package??? who divides quiches up like that??)

Bottlecaps Mine, DC's and Stu's efforts (one Quadruppel beer is the same alcohol content as two heinekens)

Sunday was a bit of a sleepin (as you do).  Spent a good chunk of the day doing a jigsaw of Neil's.  And later played some Super Mario Galaxy.  It was ok, but was really only one player so not as much fun (oh, played a bit of Lego Star Wars too, but really don't *get* it). 

Malua Bay

Dinner was a lamb roast with lots of veggies, and our wedding cake for dessert.  And a Mount Majura Pinot Gris, which was very fruity.  Watched Mythbusters and Iron Chef and Rockwiz and then fell asleep when Dave put on Keating the Musical.  So abanoned that and got in the spa.  Where we turned off the lights and sat and just watched all the stars.  Was extraordinarily pretty.  Stu and Dave saw the same shooting star, but I missed out :(  Was determined to stay there til I saw one, but in the end Dave wanted Ben to get some sleep, so I got booted :)

Today we played some Mario Kart, went for a walk then cleaned up, and left for home.  Dumped our stuff then headed straight back out again, this time to Ding's for a very civilised dinner.  He'd been cooking up a storm all afternoon - he did a pretty amazing paella with mussells and calamari and prawns and crab and chicken and saffron.  Jo also did a highly nomorific salad.  Definitely ate far too much :)  And had some Mount Majura Pinot Noir.  And then there was dessert.  !!  Definitely need to have more dinner parties.  Need to get a dining table...

Anyways.  So that was the weekend.  Think I need a weekend to recover from my weekend...

Yass nomms

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Headed out to Yass tonight because an old friend of the family was in town.  Annie made some yummy pizzas and a scrumptious nectarine crumble.  Still feeling fairly full :)


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I've been challenged to drink a slab of beer this weekend ..... reckon I can do it...?  Don't know what the price of failure is.....
Tonight N&A and Gaelian came over for our first anime night. 

Watched a couple of episodes of some thing set originally in Osaka but then in parallel universes that played out like a computer game.  Weird.  Can't remember what it's called and Stu's gone to bed.
(Magical Shopping District Abenobashi Stu says)

Then pizza arrived.

Then we watched Tonari no Totoro.  Which was the obvious choice after going to the Ghibli museum a couple of weeks ago :)  Stu made fun of it for being too sweet.  The english dubbing was a bit icky, but the "dubtitles" were worse.  So we stuck with the english speech so we could at least watch the movie (my biggest complaint with Appleseed Ex Machina was that I couldn't actually *watch* any of the movie cause I was so busy trying to read the subtitles).

Finally we watch an episode of Speed Grapher, which was a bit "huh?" and a little to resemblant of Eyes Wide Shut heh.


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Been trying to figure out who owes who what for hotels in Japan. 
Trickier than it might sound when multiple people paid, deposits were paid on some hotels but not others, some were paid in AUD and others in Yen etc.
Plus then there was the borrowing of cash from peoples which needs to be calculated.

Messy :)
Just a couple of the movies I took in Japan that I YouTubed tonight..  :)

Blah de blah

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Got the house a bit tidier.  Cleaned the kitchen only to mess it up again (although not too badly) for dinner.  Watched some House.  Read hundreds of news feeds, but still have thousands to go.  Dusted and vacuumed.  Have no idea what is attracting the meeces. 

Not much else to report.  Boring day really.

Mostly food

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(and the national emblem, but that's food too ;) )

This is for Chay..  this was dinner I cooked last night.  Bunged some pasta in to boil.  Cut up some big portabella mushrooms and fried them in butter.  Tossed a punnet of mini roma tomatoes (cut in two and mashed a little in the pot) into a saucepan along with a big dollop of garlic and some store-bought pasta sauce. Mix, top with cheese, heat up some garlic bread if desired..

Portabella nom

Portabella nom

Went for a walk this arvo.  Lovely thing about Canberra is having kangaroos on your doorstep..

Mob of kangaroos

Mob of kangaroos

Scott and Kerry and Jake came over tonight.  They brought a mini roast and even their own oven, which looked pretty funky, and was very bright..


Apart from that didn't do too much today aside from house work, hurrah!


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  • work was very unsettling this week
  • had to go in to rebuild a server last night.. was very sleepie, but at least the overtime money will be good
  • on call again.  One week in three is too often IMHO
  • watched STIV: The Voyage Home tonight.  One of my favourite Star Trek movies.  It was more similar to the book than the other movies had been, but there was still more detail about some things in the book
  • house is a mess, hope to clean it up somewhat this weekend
  • cooked a yummy pasta dinner tonight with these scrummy portabella mushrooms
  • we need a real server that we can attach the skype phone to and have decent storage
  • Stu needs new batteries for his UPS


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It was a little dusty this arvo...


So dusty, couldn't see Mount Ainslie from home..

Put on the pool cover, and can see what the previous owner meant about it being almost more trouble than it's worth..

I told myself I was going to go to bed early tonight and read some of Stu's book club book.

But after algaeciding the pool, doing washing, cleaning bathrooms, cooking dinner, rotating photos, opening all my snail mail, watching House, unpacking, reading news feeds, downloading bank statements, figuring out what was on bank statements and generally running my poor little puta out of memory, it's suddenly 10:37pm.  Doh!!

The pool is nearly overflowing from the rain today, which is somewhat annoying since I spent ages yesterday topping it up.  Be a major waste of water if it does overflow.

I'm nearly half way through looking at all my photos of the trip and rotating the vertical ones.

Now really must go to bed, since I have a bit of a sore throat, and getting sick again now would be no fun whatsoever...

Epic Tired

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Can't keep my eyes open for some reason.. can't possibly have anything to do with the fact I only got about 1-2 hours sleep last night..?!

Is nice to be home.  Nice to have the big screen and nice keyboard.

Facing the reality of life is not so fun.  Especially the idea of going back to work tomorrow.. :(

Oh no!

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So I got an email from my mother today.  She has found my blog!! eeep!!  That is somewhat scary....!!!
Don't expect too many of these, working with images on the eee pc is too painful.. :)

Group at Himeji Castle


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This post may be classified as 'TMI', read at own risk ;)

So last night around 2:15am, I woke up with diarrhoea-like bowel cramps.  Which was a little odd, because I would normally get those in the morning after a night of drinking and only when I got vertical.  But I'd eaten relatively well yesterday, even got plenty of greenery.  So went off to the loo.  And then my eyes started itching.  And then my lips got tingly.  And my nose blocked up.  It was similar to the feeling I get in my face after I throw up.  It was pretty intense.  Stu said it sounded like a histamine reaction.  But I have no idea what from.  I don't have any food allergies that I know about.  And this was six hours after eating.  Is this normal? Anyone else had anything like this..?
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