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(and the national emblem, but that's food too ;) )

This is for Chay..  this was dinner I cooked last night.  Bunged some pasta in to boil.  Cut up some big portabella mushrooms and fried them in butter.  Tossed a punnet of mini roma tomatoes (cut in two and mashed a little in the pot) into a saucepan along with a big dollop of garlic and some store-bought pasta sauce. Mix, top with cheese, heat up some garlic bread if desired..

Portabella nom

Portabella nom

Went for a walk this arvo.  Lovely thing about Canberra is having kangaroos on your doorstep..

Mob of kangaroos

Mob of kangaroos

Scott and Kerry and Jake came over tonight.  They brought a mini roast and even their own oven, which looked pretty funky, and was very bright..


Apart from that didn't do too much today aside from house work, hurrah!

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