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Have arrived in Hakata/Fukuoka - at our first hotel with internet access.  Will be going out for dinner soon, so will upload first few blog entries tonight or tomorrow morning.

Having a blast!! :)


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Japan blog goes live on the web


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After work Chris came and picked me up and we went for a wander.  First to the Light House for a couple of beers, then onto the Prince Palace for dinner.  Ate and drank and were very merry.  Back here for another beer and a lot of chatting.

But it meant that my carefully prepared night of last-minute planning and organising was suddenly lost .. oops..  but totally worth it :)


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Trekked out to a college today for lunch.  Every week the kids put on a restaurant-quality lunch for a bargain price.  So four of us went out.  And rolled back to work.  Lots of fun :)  Would definitely go back again.

Final days

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Really not long to go now.  Spent all of tonight reading Japan travel stuff.  Put a few more things on my map, which is a pain because the maps have already been printed!

Really quite tired too.  Didn't help that Stu had to get up at stoopid o'clock this morning (4:45am) and I only got broken sleep after that.

Really going to have to tackle the remaining items on my todo list tomorrow...
Cause I'll never remember them next time.

  • SNMP is part of add/remove programs or whatever the equivalent is in Vista
  • SNMP is configured through the services control panel
  • You have allow computers you want to connect to SNMP in the security tab of the SNMP service properties
  • You have to allow your firewall software to allow the connection from the other computer (in my firewall this was in at least two places grrrr)
Useful link

Sedate Sunday

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Well we had plans.  We were going to do food shopping.  We were going to go to the book fair.  We were going to go out to dinner.

In the end we only went out to dinner.  The rest of the day I spent fighting with Google Maps to get our itinerary finalised and maps organised for printing.  Also had a look at the online JR trip finder thingie and got a whole stack of possible train trips organised.  Only to find that JR changed their fares and timetables in March, but the utility said it had data from December.  Doh!  So the trains I've looked up might not be right.

Dinner was nice.  We met up with Helen and Ian at the Asian Cafe in town.  The initial service was a little slow, but once they took our order the food came very fast.  And it was really really good too.  We got five things and they were all excellent.  But then tried to find somewhere to buy ice cream for dessert.  Walked all around Civic but nothing was open (although we probably could have gotten something at Cafe Essen or My Cafe).

And so ends another weekend.  A week of frantic work ahead of me ....
Damien and Amanda

Damien and Amanda

Damien and Amanda

Damien and Amanda

Damien and Amanda

Damien and Amanda

Damien and Amanda

Damien and Amanda

Damien and Amanda

Damien and Amanda

Damien and Amanda

Damien and Amanda

Damien and Amanda

Damien and Amanda

A beautiful day ..

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It was a gorgeous day today.

So I spent most of it inside on or fighting with the computer.


So I actually took 570 photos at Damien's wedding.  Stu took another 267. Will post some tomorrow.

Spent the afternoon alternating between getting insanely frustrated with our net connection that can't connect properly to Google Maps, and cleaning the pool.  With Google Maps, more often than not we just get a SYN_SENT and then nothing else.  So we tried removing the wireless router that was in series with the other router.  So far it seems a bit more reliable.  So spent the evening adding heaps of places into the Tokyo section and sorting it out.  Our Google Map has enough on it to keep us occupied for about six months... not quite sure what we're going to get to see from it in just two weeks...

Tonight I watched Skyfire from the balcony.  Really must go in one year to watch it up close..


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Was Damien's wedding today.  I think I took about six hundred photos, in my role as "official" photographer.  Can't wait to download them all, but not tonight - far too tired! :)  But it was a very pleasant evening.  Had dinner at Bella Vista.  Ate far too much!  Very very full!

12 days

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Twelve days since I had a comment on my blog.  That's how boring it is.

March sunrise

Nothing much

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Had a (sort of a) colleague (actually a vendor/consultant) of Stu's over for dinner tonight.  Was a very pleasant evening of wine and Stu's cooking and House.  But does mean I got nothing else done tonight.. oops..

So yeah, with that said, nothing much else to say, which makes this a very boring entry. 

Does anyone know how to backup Google's "My Maps" ..?  We've put so much effort into ours that losing it now would be somewhat devastating...
First up, we have a four-legged spider.  !!
Well that's what it looked like walking across the floor.  Like something had gotten a few of its legs (and its head!)

Four legged spider

Here's an early photo from Stu's camera of a cockatoo in a tree in our front yard
Stu's photo of a cockatoo

Mine isn't quite a comparison because I didn't use a flash.  No colour enhancement here.
Kazza's photo of a cockatoo

Stu looked almost professional-like taking photos of the birds :)
Stu the photographer

And then we went to Nat and Andrew's where everyone started comparing the sizes of their .. lenses .. hehe
Crazy camera people


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Had another only moderately successful Japan planning meeting.  In three and a half hours we spent about two and a half hours giggling, and only the last hour seriously looking for places to stay.  Even then not very successfully.  By the end of the night we'd only managed to book one more place of two nights.

I guess we'll get there in the end... hopefully ...!

Two links

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The first, a completely crazy thing Jake sent me last year while we were in our hotel in Narita trying to decide if we were going to go all the way into Tokyo or not. I sent it to Natto today and freaked her out slightly :)

Greater Tokyo train map

And the cutest story ever, that I've not had the heart to mark as read in my feed reader..

Shreve saves a calf
Friday I snapped this:
Under the Bridge

Yesterday was quite a busy day.

Went into town to spend lots of money on the Stubie.  He got an Olympus E-420 digital SLR camera.  He actually wanted an E-620, but that's not due out til April - after our Japan trip.  He also got a couple of pairs of jeans and some underwear.  Had lunch in the Canberra Centre - where I had a full roast pork meal for $8 - and it was very nom-worthy!.  And then we tried to spend a DJs gift card we got for our wedding.  Man that was hard work.  Who knew spending money in DJs could be so hard.  Unless you want to spend $300 of course :/ 

Stu with camera

The rain yesterday was very cool, although we still need more of it!  Hint! Hint!
(in the morning Mt Ainslie was gone, in the afternoon it was decorated with a rainbow)

Mt Ainslie missing

Mt Ainslie rainbow

For dinner we went down Northbourne Ave to find some places in the Entertainment Book to use our card for.  The first place we went to (Zipp) claimed to be fully booked at 7:30pm, even though the place was only about 1/3 full.  hrmmm.  So went up to Breeze.  The food was good enough and the service was quite good, however yet again, we came across an Entertainment Book restaurant that didn't give the deal specified in the book.  We were supposed to get "buy one main course get one free", which would have been worth $28, however they only gave us a $17 discount.  I wanted to say something, but Stu is more allergic to confrontation than I am, so we just gave no tip.  Which made me feel a bit sorry for the dude cause he was actually pretty good.  <mails the Entertainment Book people>

Then we toddled off to see The Reader (via dessert at Baskin and Robbins), and got home very late.

Today was a bit quieter.  Got a bit of house tidying and Japan planning done.  Did our food shopping.

And that was it really. 

Less than two weeks to go!  Wheeeee!!

The Reader

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The Reader
Went and saw The Reader last night.

I had absolutely no idea what it was about before seeing it, aside that it starred Kate Winslet.

So the first half was a little "meh" because I wondered if that was going to be the whole story.

But then it got more interesting where it delved into morality issues. 

It was a bit disjointed (the flashbacks were fine, but they weren't in order) but still pretty good.

The 13840 Steps

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Well according to the pedometer anyway :)

The 39 Steps

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We went along with Dave tonight to see The 39 Steps at the Canberra Play House.  Was a lot of fun, I quite enjoyed it.  The two actors who did all the other roles were great.  It's only based loosely on the book, but wouldn't mind reading it some time.

Woke up at 6:15 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep, so quite sleepie now...

And so on

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Had Damien and Amanda over for dinner tonight.  If not for the overly bitter eggplant (home-grown - none of that de-flavoured store-bought stuff) it was a very pleasant dinner.  Had a game of Fluxx before collating music for their wedding next week.  


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Accidently mucked up the 5x5 cube at work the other day, so brought it home to fix

10 hour day at work today.  Hanging for beer o'clock tomorrow.  If I can get enough work done in time :/


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Want!  LOL

Temple Escape

Slowly slowly..

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Had peoples over tonight to book the rest of the accommodation.. except Kyoto proved hard work so now staying in Osaka and doing day trips from around there.  So after three hours we only had one hotel booked.. oops!  But getting there slowly...


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Nothing much of a day.  Did a bit of tidying and cleaning and Japan planning.
Went shopping for a few bits and pieces for dinner tonight.

Which was freakin awesome!  Stu had these two big squashes he needed to cook, so he split them in half, then put them in ramekins with mushroom, garlic and fetta cheese.. epic nom!! 
I did some roast potato as well and some roast garlic.. it was all delicious.

That and some red wine all helped make this evening very pleasant :)


Goundrey cabernet merlot

House and Cuddy

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Please just get it on and be done with it! Seriously!  ;)
Stu and Dave and I toddled along to the Darwin exhibition at the museum today.  It wasn't too bad, but a lot of reading under not great lighting and lots of peoples to negotiate.  Spent around two and a half hours there.  Admittedly I actually learnt rather a lot, not having known too much about the story behind Darwin's life.

Of course I had to go look up the connection between him and the city, and sure enough, wikipedia notes that the city of Darwin was in fact name after Charles Darwin.  So there you go!

Tonight (after several vodkas and radiator fluid) watched an old video of Knight Rider (the recent pilot/movie).  Man it was lame!! I mean I used to love the old tv series, but the old series was exceedingly lame after repeat viewings in recent years.  But this telemovie was even lamer, if such a thing were possible.  And the voice of KITT (Knight Industries THREE Thousand) was just *wrong* !!  For some reason I found the cameo by the Hoff majorly cool!  (that's how lame the rest of the thing was!)  Maybe that's why the rest of the series was never broadcast here......


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After being kept up til 1am by work crap, I didn't think I'd be able to wake up in the morning at stoopid-o'clock.  So I smsed Annie and said I wasn't likely to be going.  But at 5:39am I woke up naturally, so decided to get up and go.

It was pretty cool.  Was prettier than when we went last year because the sun came out!  So got some colour.  Took an entire roll of film (200-odd photos).. here's fifteen of them :)

Canberra Festival Balloon Spectacular

Canberra Festival Balloon Spectacular

My balloon!
Canberra Festival Balloon Spectacular

Here's the Cathay Pacific balloon in its baggie
Canberra Festival Balloon Spectacular

Looking up skirts..
Canberra Festival Balloon Spectacular

Canberra Festival Balloon Spectacular

Canberra Festival Balloon Spectacular

Canberra Festival Balloon Spectacular

Canberra Festival Balloon Spectacular

Canberra Festival Balloon Spectacular

These guys showed off by skimming their basket along the surface of the reflecting pond..
Canberra Festival Balloon Spectacular

The owners/operators of the Cathay Pacific balloon let their kids walk around inside the balloon.  Looked pretty awesome, I'd love to have gone in too!
Canberra Festival Balloon Spectacular

Canberra Festival Balloon Spectacular

Canberra Festival Balloon Spectacular

Canberra Festival Balloon Spectacular


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So I decided today that when the guy I work with is a foot taller than me but only 4kg heavier than me, something needs to be done about my weight (mind you, he's just scrawny, and I can drink him under the table ;) )

Actually I decided earlier in the day that I should have a go at walking home at least once a week.  Fridays would be the best day because of time, and the fact I wear my sneakers to work on Fridays.

So I walked home.

6km, 72 minutes, 8500 steps later...

The balls of my feet are still sore - definitely need to wear better socks if I'm going to do it again..

Where's Fifi???

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Last year on Fifi Box's birthday I listened to Triple M's podcast of the morning show to hear what went on on the day  and reminisce about Sydney.  But today I tried the same thing and it appears she is gorrnnne!!  All the google links to her on the site are broken.  Epic fail!!
Got together again tonight and finalised the itinerary, maximising the time we actually get to spend travelling together.  Decided where we'll be each night, and even booked two of the cities.  But it was getting late by this time, so rest of the accommodation booking will be done next week.
For some reason last night I had the urge to build five intersecting tetrahedrons.  I'd built one before, but wanted to do a smaller, coloured one for work.

So did some research, and stole a piece of four different coloured papers and a white and brought them home tonight.

Here's the old one and all the paper cut up.  The ones on the right were the offcuts.

Five intersecting tetrahedrons - the beginning

One tetrahedron..

One tetrahedron

Two tetrahedrons..

Two tetrahedrons

Three tetrahedrons..

Three tetrahedrons

Four tetrahedrons..

Four tetrahedrons

And finally, five intersecting tetrahedrons!

Five intersecting tetrahedrons

So Friday night we left work early and headed down to the coast.

The eastern side of the Great Dividing Range, especially closer to the coast, is remarkably green at the moment.

Arrived in Bateman's Bay around sunset.

Sunset over the Clyde River

Got to the house, but decided to go back to Batehaven for dinner.  Went to Ra-Cha, which we'd been to before (where previously we waited *forever* for takeaway service), but this time it was better.  Ordered too much food, considering that I'd had a big lunch and several wines and beers.  Oh well. 

Got back to the house and was bedazzled by all the stars!  So much better than even Canberra. 

Got settled in, then played some Mario Kart on the Wii with Dave.  I did pretty craptaculour to begin with, but then got the hang of it and was mostly equalling Dave and even won a bunch of races! 

We'd been waiting around for the spa to heat up, so when it finally did we hopped in.  Except it was far *too* hot!  Oops.  The cold spa next to the main one offered some relief so was pouring water from that one all over myself heh.  Stayed up til about 1:30 and chatted (well Dave did most of the talking heh).

Saturday morning at 6:30 it was raining, so that didn't bode well.  But by mid morning it had cleared up beautifully so we went for a walk down to get the papers.

Malua Bay

View from the house

Came back and then just vegged out.  Stu mostly read and slept.  Dave and I played Wii Play and did a 750 piece jigsaw in 2.5 hours.

Naughty jigsaw

Later in the afternoon we went for a walk to buy ingredients for dinner.

Malua Bay

Going for a walk

The weather started closing in, and saw this cool waterspout out in the ocean..


By the time we'd gotten dinner and got back to the house it had started raining.

Stu cooked dinner and we all got stuck into some beer.  I lost three games of pool to Dave before deciding I'd rather play him on the Wii where I had half a chance of beating him ;)

Much beer goodness and Stu's good cooking later. 

The spa had cooled down significantly by later in the evening, making it just pleasant.  So we all hopped in.  And stayed there til 2:45 .. oops!  The poor dog (who doesn't like to miss any action) was completely wasted from trying to stay awake with us!

Sunday was grey and miserable, so we just stayed in and did pretty much nothing.  Did the big sudoku and some crosswords.  Played Wii.  Had leftovers for lunch.

Then cleaned up and came home.

So it was just a lovely relaxing weekend.  A bit tiring on account of staying up half the night ;)  But very peaceful.  Definitely need to do it again some time!

RIP Lisa

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Unfortunately the battery is nearly flat on the eee pc so cant post much - oops
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