Weekend at the coast

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So Friday night we left work early and headed down to the coast.

The eastern side of the Great Dividing Range, especially closer to the coast, is remarkably green at the moment.

Arrived in Bateman's Bay around sunset.

Sunset over the Clyde River

Got to the house, but decided to go back to Batehaven for dinner.  Went to Ra-Cha, which we'd been to before (where previously we waited *forever* for takeaway service), but this time it was better.  Ordered too much food, considering that I'd had a big lunch and several wines and beers.  Oh well. 

Got back to the house and was bedazzled by all the stars!  So much better than even Canberra. 

Got settled in, then played some Mario Kart on the Wii with Dave.  I did pretty craptaculour to begin with, but then got the hang of it and was mostly equalling Dave and even won a bunch of races! 

We'd been waiting around for the spa to heat up, so when it finally did we hopped in.  Except it was far *too* hot!  Oops.  The cold spa next to the main one offered some relief so was pouring water from that one all over myself heh.  Stayed up til about 1:30 and chatted (well Dave did most of the talking heh).

Saturday morning at 6:30 it was raining, so that didn't bode well.  But by mid morning it had cleared up beautifully so we went for a walk down to get the papers.

Malua Bay

View from the house

Came back and then just vegged out.  Stu mostly read and slept.  Dave and I played Wii Play and did a 750 piece jigsaw in 2.5 hours.

Naughty jigsaw

Later in the afternoon we went for a walk to buy ingredients for dinner.

Malua Bay

Going for a walk

The weather started closing in, and saw this cool waterspout out in the ocean..


By the time we'd gotten dinner and got back to the house it had started raining.

Stu cooked dinner and we all got stuck into some beer.  I lost three games of pool to Dave before deciding I'd rather play him on the Wii where I had half a chance of beating him ;)

Much beer goodness and Stu's good cooking later. 

The spa had cooled down significantly by later in the evening, making it just pleasant.  So we all hopped in.  And stayed there til 2:45 .. oops!  The poor dog (who doesn't like to miss any action) was completely wasted from trying to stay awake with us!

Sunday was grey and miserable, so we just stayed in and did pretty much nothing.  Did the big sudoku and some crosswords.  Played Wii.  Had leftovers for lunch.

Then cleaned up and came home.

So it was just a lovely relaxing weekend.  A bit tiring on account of staying up half the night ;)  But very peaceful.  Definitely need to do it again some time!

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