Sedate Sunday

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Well we had plans.  We were going to do food shopping.  We were going to go to the book fair.  We were going to go out to dinner.

In the end we only went out to dinner.  The rest of the day I spent fighting with Google Maps to get our itinerary finalised and maps organised for printing.  Also had a look at the online JR trip finder thingie and got a whole stack of possible train trips organised.  Only to find that JR changed their fares and timetables in March, but the utility said it had data from December.  Doh!  So the trains I've looked up might not be right.

Dinner was nice.  We met up with Helen and Ian at the Asian Cafe in town.  The initial service was a little slow, but once they took our order the food came very fast.  And it was really really good too.  We got five things and they were all excellent.  But then tried to find somewhere to buy ice cream for dessert.  Walked all around Civic but nothing was open (although we probably could have gotten something at Cafe Essen or My Cafe).

And so ends another weekend.  A week of frantic work ahead of me ....

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