A beautiful day ..

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It was a gorgeous day today.

So I spent most of it inside on or fighting with the computer.


So I actually took 570 photos at Damien's wedding.  Stu took another 267. Will post some tomorrow.

Spent the afternoon alternating between getting insanely frustrated with our net connection that can't connect properly to Google Maps, and cleaning the pool.  With Google Maps, more often than not we just get a SYN_SENT and then nothing else.  So we tried removing the wireless router that was in series with the other router.  So far it seems a bit more reliable.  So spent the evening adding heaps of places into the Tokyo section and sorting it out.  Our Google Map has enough on it to keep us occupied for about six months... not quite sure what we're going to get to see from it in just two weeks...

Tonight I watched Skyfire from the balcony.  Really must go in one year to watch it up close..

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