Darwin and Knight Rider

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Stu and Dave and I toddled along to the Darwin exhibition at the museum today.  It wasn't too bad, but a lot of reading under not great lighting and lots of peoples to negotiate.  Spent around two and a half hours there.  Admittedly I actually learnt rather a lot, not having known too much about the story behind Darwin's life.

Of course I had to go look up the connection between him and the city, and sure enough, wikipedia notes that the city of Darwin was in fact name after Charles Darwin.  So there you go!

Tonight (after several vodkas and radiator fluid) watched an old video of Knight Rider (the recent pilot/movie).  Man it was lame!! I mean I used to love the old tv series, but the old series was exceedingly lame after repeat viewings in recent years.  But this telemovie was even lamer, if such a thing were possible.  And the voice of KITT (Knight Industries THREE Thousand) was just *wrong* !!  For some reason I found the cameo by the Hoff majorly cool!  (that's how lame the rest of the thing was!)  Maybe that's why the rest of the series was never broadcast here......

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