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Someone must have pointed out the idiocy of cancelling all the Northern Suburbs -> City buses, and have retained some of them during peak hour.  So I was very excited this morning.  Although the map page suggests it might only be during the morning peak which worries me, as then how are you going to get home again?  Whether this is just an omission on the map or in the timetable I'm yet to find out...

And yet another lame feature of the new routes, is that the express buses from Gungahlin don't actually go to the city!

Reason #45663:

The search is completely lame. ie, it doesn't fricken find anything!!!  I was looking for a particular email tonight.  Now I'd been in Eudora so I know the search term I was looking for did actually occur in at least one mailbox.  So I dropped out to the Vista search to see if I could find it in other files.  Well the search (including within files) returned *NOTHING* !?!?!?  Not even the mailbox that I'd seen it in.


Earth Hour

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Did the Earth Hour thing again last night.  Well sort of.  Forgot til about 8:20, oops :)

Just turned off lights, leaving on the computers to see by. Also turned off all the fish tank stuff for an hour, which had the effect of putting the timers back an hour a week early, so at least I won't have to reset those next weekend!

So is it true that candles produce more greenhouse gases than low-energy light bulbs?  That'd be funny in a tragic sort of a way ..!  (we didn't use any candles)

Mind Changing

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After trying on some of the jewellery I bought last year for the wedding, I changed my mind and decided to buy a different necklace.  It won't quite match the earrings, but it'll be a bit closer that the other ones I had.

Was also going to cut up my own material for making bomboniere, but decided I didn't have enough and it wouldn't be as nice, so copped out bought some pre-made ones off ebay.

Called four florists today.  One didn't do bouquets, another was booked out, and the other two didn't answer.  That was as much as my Asperger's brain could deal with on one day, so will have to try again during the week.

Busy doing up the order of services.

Still far too many things to organise... :/

One Month To Go...

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After I got home tonight, I heard a rustling in the other room, and Stu said he thought a bird might be in the fireplace.  This is not the first time we've caught a bird in there - last time a sparrow got trapped.  So we looked inside but couldn't see anything.  Eventually we saw it and realised it wasn't a sparrow but a starling.  Eventually it (she?) got out, and made a break for the outside...

Stu caught her and had her pose for photographs..

And then we let her go

Preservative Free

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It's been in my head for a long time that "numbers" in food are bad.  After talking with Ali on Saturday, reading recent articles like "Don't eat anything that doesn't rot", and constant barrages from FlyLady/Leanne about sticking to the outsides of supermarkets, we're now trying very hard to avoid food with numbers in the ingredients.

So in our entire shopping trip yesterday, only three things had numbers in them - a box of breakfast cereal, some hummous and some soy ice cream.  One is obviously a luxury, one borderline, and one which will take a bit more research to find preservative-free alternatives.  Admittedly we didn't look too closely at the cereal options.

From all of that, as well as some things out of the pantry, after two nights of cooking we have a weeks worth of leftovers to tide us over til at least the weekend, probably longer.


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Really must figure out how to blog from my Blackberry...

So Friday we tidied house and did fishy-type things before heading for the Big Smoke. 

Stopped in Goulburn for lunch, and got an alternative view of the Big Merino.  And strangely enough this was the only photo I took all weekend!  How unlike me! :)

Big Merino backside
Dropped in on D&Y, and even remembered to take my toaster oven, which me little brother fixed for me... he rocks!  Had afternoon tea there before heading to my parents'.  Dropped off my Lego cake-topper and picked up pinking shears and had a very Stu-unfriendly dinner which he suffered over for the next day or so :(

Then headed up to J&G's where much wii-ing was to be had.

Needed to point out that Sydney roads are horrendously bad.  The physical state of them that is.  The car rattled and bumped like you wouldn't believe. Had forgotten how awful some Sydney roads are.

Saturday we went on a shopping mission to Bondi Junction.  Stu got the hiking shoes he was after.  I tried on some too, but they didn't have as good arch support as my runners, so didn't get any.  We even ran into John, which was pretty cool.. as I thought it might have been nice to have lunch with him but it was all too hard by the time I thought of it.  Oh well.

In the evening Ralph and Ali and Luc and Liz came over with various kidlets and George did a massive roast in three ovens!  We played Emporer-Scum as that was the easiest game that scaled well to eight people.  I went from middle to third to fifth to Scum, then back to third.  Stu went out as Emporer :)

After the others left, we played more wii, and had wii-shoulder the next day to prove it :)

On Sunday I went to church with J&G while Stu recovered.  Then a quiet afternoon.  Stu went and visited Tim and Dave and Dave gave us a jackstone!  Which are devilish little things to make.  I went with J&G to A&M's where much wine was drunk and food eaten. 

And then sadly it was time to come home.  I lost it going past the airport.  I *miss* Sydney, and Sunday night dinners, and my friends and living next to the airport.  *sigh*  Managed to stay awake til Sutton Forest, but after that I collapsed and didn't regain consciousness till our street.

Today was spent recovering and tidying and shopping and honeymoon planning.

And have to go back to work tomorrow :(

Pick A Brick

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Lego seem to have *finally* provided the ability to purchase individual bricks in your desired quantity.  Pick A Brick lets you choose the colour and style and quantity of bricks, to let you make your own custom model, or let you buy a number of bricks in the quantities you need.

The problem?  Well there's a couple of problems.  Mainly that it's still hideously expensive.  12c for a 1x1 brick and up from there.  (Given that my 1200-piece tubs only cost $35, and that you can get Lego on Bricklink for a lot cheaper). 

Also not everything is available.  Well that's not surprising given the sheer vastness of Lego pieces designed over the years.  But not even all common colours are available for common bricks, just the popular and/or recent ones. 

Still it could be useful for my mosaicing to get bulk quantities of some of the rarer colours of bricks.  Like "Earth Blue" and "Dark Red".  But somehow I think I'll be sticking with Bricklink.


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Got a giggle over this, as seen on Boing Boing or ZGeek or something...

What would internet forums look like if people could travel in time...


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Some days I swear I wish I could shoot people.

Like the woman on the bus who refused to move over to her side of the seat, forcing me out into the corridor where I'm bashed into with school kids' backpacks.

Or the woman who cut across diagonally in front of me with a pram and then just stopped, wedging me against the side of the walkway.

Or the idiots at the sushi train that dumped their lids back on the train, but jammed them in there so stupidly that they caused a train-wreck when it went around the next bend.

That was just today.

Then there's the lazy selfish people that couldn't be arsed putting fresh food they've picked up back where they got it from when they've changed their minds about it.  So seeing meat and cheese and fresh fruit just dumped amongst drygoods shelves to get warm and rotten.  Such people make me furious.  And not just once either, three times in recent weeks.



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So the price of gold is trading at over $1000USD/ounce.


For years whenever I paid attention it was around the $300-$400 mark.  Then just as we're getting engaged, the price skyrockets.

So now our wedding rings are going to cost a small fortune.


btw, thinking all of this is far too hard and expensive.  Shoulda just eloped.
So recently I've been reading through the archives of Bête de Jour as recommended by Dave a while back. On one particular post I read through all the comments. First up I noticed a comment from Penelope who is a reader of Delmer who is a reader of Dave's. So not hugely surprising (since Penelope reads Dave's too). But much more surprising was seeing a comment from Suburban Hen. Surprising because I've never linked there, and yet she is there. So she would have found another path there. SH linked to some Javaira's recent posts and this morning I was reading "Patricia's" responses to them. It still spins me out how things people say on their blogs end up half way round the world touching other people's lives.

They say everyone is linked to everyone else on the planet by "six degrees of separation". I reckon it'd be much much less in the blogosphere..

Cake Topper..

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Lego Wedding Cake Topper


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Busy picking music to be played at our wedding reception... It's harder than it sounds..


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Borrowed Annie's exercise bike on the weekend.  At an average of 15km/h and only about 150 calories burnt, I don't expect rapid or huge weight loss... but a couple of kilos in the next six weeks might be nice...


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Had Damien over for dinner tonight.  Aside from a very naughty potato bake it was all vegan.  Including a delicious apple crumble Stu made with apples that had fallen off our neighbour's apple tree into our front yard :)


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Well the bulk of our invitations got mailed out today.  Still a few people left we're still trying to find addresses for. 

Now can go back to planning the *rest* of the wedding....
I have to apologise to my friends who I just can't invite to the wedding.. There's a whole stack of people I'd really like to invite but just can't because of numbers.  Also it's a case if I was to invite one person on these lists, I'd need to invite several more.  As it is I'm already worried about offending people :( 


At someone from Stu's work's recommendation, we made a special trip out to Fyshwick to look in the Fyshwick Newsagency.  They close at 12:30pm.  We arrived at 12:38pm.

!@#$^ !?!?

Seriously who the f@#% closes at 12:30 on a Saturday??  I was so pissed off.  And they were still inside and just looked at me when I looked hopefully at them.  I swear they will *never* get my business.

Fortunately Officeworks had most of what we needed to get our invitations printed.  The main paper we used is kinda shimmery and looks quite good.  The only downer was not being able to get similarly shimmery backing card.  So it's kinda boring.  We're gonna post them from NSW on Monday.

I also asked Officeworks about a hard drive we'd sent for repair/replacement *last year*.  It had bad blocks on it so we wanted it replaced.  But after we'd formatted it, it doesn't show up as having bad blocks anymore does it?  Officeworks don't understand the concept of removing and recreating the partition before doing this, even after I told them.  After I had talked to them in December, it sounded like they might actually get the drive replaced, but then I never heard back from them.  When I picked it up today, the card in it just said "Tested, ok".  What a bunch of buttholes.  Of course it's more than a year old now, so chances of getting it replaced are pretty low.  *sigh*

And Stu's fish-eating test appears to be a failure :(
The Cuckoo's Egg So I took a break after book six of Anne of Green Gables to read a book lent to me by a guy at work - The Cuckoo's Egg, by Clifford Stoll. 

What a difference!

A book with a plot!!

I'd read the Reader's Digest version of this years and years ago, and so when someone mentioned it at work, someone else mentioned that they had a copy so I asked if I could borrow it.

As it turns out, Stu also has a copy, and he also has Silicon Snake Oil, so I'll probably read that when I've finished Anne of Green Gables. 

But anyway.  Great read.  I could have used a little bit more technical detail but it was obviously targeted at a wider market.  I liked reading about the worm attack at the end as part of the epilogue, and the sprinklings of his home life.  Recommended :)


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Got to Scotty's in time to see most of Spiderman III.  It was both weird and lame.  Although some of the action was decent.  But the whole thing was pretty cringe-worthy.


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We went to the vegan place in Dickson tonight - Kingsland.  Was pretty good.  Had to wait a little while for our order to be taken, but the food was great.  We had mongolian "lamb" and salt and pepper "prawns" which were a little spicy for me, but still good. 

Anyone got any tips for vegan eating in Germany?  Dave?

La Niña

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Since I moved to Canberra, I've noticed that it's been wetter than usual.  It basically never rains in Canberra, but the past few months it's rained quite a bit.  I was talking to my boss about it one day, and he said oh see for me this is normal - when he moved to Canberra twenty years ago it was like this too.  I remembered back twenty years.  The 1988-1989 La Niña.  Where for the first six months of the year it rained on at least one weekend day just about every weekend.  (I remember because I kept a weather diary that year, and probably still have the diary somewhere).  So I realised it was probably another La Niña year this year.  Wikipedia confirms this

So the year we decide to get married, it's more than likely that it'll rain on our wedding day....

Imogen Mae

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We have a new niece... isn't she cute...? :)

Imogen Mae
and all soft and squishy :)


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Seriously just stop!!

I get home, do some housework, cook dinner, eat dinner while watching tv, go for a walk, do the washing up, talk to the mother for an hour (!!) on the phone and suddenly it's 10pm and I've next to nothing to show for the night. 

Went hunting today to find some nice paper/envelopes to use for the invitations.  Looked in like five different places.  Nothing.  Canberra sux sometimes.

Maybe I'll just send everyone an email to invite them to the wedding. 


Productive day

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Had a relatively productive day today.  Well at least I got the first draft of my wedding invitations done.  We also went shopping.  And I cooked a spectacular lamb roast. 

Still stressing about how much I have to do tho.  And figure out a guest list.  Blah.

Cake Topper

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Had a relatively productive morning.  But then went out for coffee/lunch, and started getting stressed about being out all day (which is what so often happens here on the weekends).  So came home and planned and bought materials for my Lego cake topper :)

I was originally inspired by Eric Harschbarger (my hero), and have modified the design a bit.

It should look amazingly cool, aside from the extreme geekiness of it :)

Also did more work on the invitation designs (hampered by my complete lack of creativity).
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