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Lego seem to have *finally* provided the ability to purchase individual bricks in your desired quantity.  Pick A Brick lets you choose the colour and style and quantity of bricks, to let you make your own custom model, or let you buy a number of bricks in the quantities you need.

The problem?  Well there's a couple of problems.  Mainly that it's still hideously expensive.  12c for a 1x1 brick and up from there.  (Given that my 1200-piece tubs only cost $35, and that you can get Lego on Bricklink for a lot cheaper). 

Also not everything is available.  Well that's not surprising given the sheer vastness of Lego pieces designed over the years.  But not even all common colours are available for common bricks, just the popular and/or recent ones. 

Still it could be useful for my mosaicing to get bulk quantities of some of the rarer colours of bricks.  Like "Earth Blue" and "Dark Red".  But somehow I think I'll be sticking with Bricklink.

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