La Niña

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Since I moved to Canberra, I've noticed that it's been wetter than usual.  It basically never rains in Canberra, but the past few months it's rained quite a bit.  I was talking to my boss about it one day, and he said oh see for me this is normal - when he moved to Canberra twenty years ago it was like this too.  I remembered back twenty years.  The 1988-1989 La Niña.  Where for the first six months of the year it rained on at least one weekend day just about every weekend.  (I remember because I kept a weather diary that year, and probably still have the diary somewhere).  So I realised it was probably another La Niña year this year.  Wikipedia confirms this

So the year we decide to get married, it's more than likely that it'll rain on our wedding day....


Missy said:

Definitely an el Niña cycle going on...we've had way more snow than average this winter in the Chicago area. I hope it ends faster than the experts predict and doesn't become an overly wet spring and/or hot summer.

I hope your wedding day turns out to be a day with beautiful weather!

March 6, 2008 10:45 AM


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