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It's been in my head for a long time that "numbers" in food are bad.  After talking with Ali on Saturday, reading recent articles like "Don't eat anything that doesn't rot", and constant barrages from FlyLady/Leanne about sticking to the outsides of supermarkets, we're now trying very hard to avoid food with numbers in the ingredients.

So in our entire shopping trip yesterday, only three things had numbers in them - a box of breakfast cereal, some hummous and some soy ice cream.  One is obviously a luxury, one borderline, and one which will take a bit more research to find preservative-free alternatives.  Admittedly we didn't look too closely at the cereal options.

From all of that, as well as some things out of the pantry, after two nights of cooking we have a weeks worth of leftovers to tide us over til at least the weekend, probably longer.

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