Vista is Retarded!

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Reason #45663:

The search is completely lame. ie, it doesn't fricken find anything!!!  I was looking for a particular email tonight.  Now I'd been in Eudora so I know the search term I was looking for did actually occur in at least one mailbox.  So I dropped out to the Vista search to see if I could find it in other files.  Well the search (including within files) returned *NOTHING* !?!?!?  Not even the mailbox that I'd seen it in.



Kevin Spencer said:

I just got a new laptop at work with Vista stickers on it. I simultaneously thought for a second that (a) I'd finally get a chance to see for myself how bad Vista is and (b) my work IT dept must be nuts for making us use Vista in the first place.

Not to worry, they wiped Vista and put XP on it. So I'm still none the wiser about Vista after all.

April 4, 2008 2:45 AM


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