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Some days I swear I wish I could shoot people.

Like the woman on the bus who refused to move over to her side of the seat, forcing me out into the corridor where I'm bashed into with school kids' backpacks.

Or the woman who cut across diagonally in front of me with a pram and then just stopped, wedging me against the side of the walkway.

Or the idiots at the sushi train that dumped their lids back on the train, but jammed them in there so stupidly that they caused a train-wreck when it went around the next bend.

That was just today.

Then there's the lazy selfish people that couldn't be arsed putting fresh food they've picked up back where they got it from when they've changed their minds about it.  So seeing meat and cheese and fresh fruit just dumped amongst drygoods shelves to get warm and rotten.  Such people make me furious.  And not just once either, three times in recent weeks.



Fiona said:

People suck.


March 19, 2008 8:47 PM


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