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Scary ... the sweetie was in bed reading one of his manga comics, and asked me if I recognised a building in it (in Shinjuku).  And I'm .. yes.. that was where we were trying to find dinner but didn't know where we were going and trying to negotiate the bus interchange and craziness of the station and we (Andrew and I) were getting quite grumpy cause of low blood sugar levels and I took a photo of the Citizen clock at one end (it was 7:50pm).. 


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Went to the Canberra Show today with Nat and Andrew.  Pictures tomorrow - I'll be up past midnight if I try to do them now.

We're also going to see Cats in Melbourne with Nat and Andrew in a few weeks, hurrah! :)


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I knew this was coming in March, but didn't think it'd give me so little warning :/

Windows is a big poo

Bridge to nowhere

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When I got the Winter Olympics for Wii, I was constantly annoyed by the graphic of a suspension bridge to nowhere.  It came out of the hills and terminated at the top of a tree.  Since this came up between every event I kept seeing it and it was really annoying.

Turns out it's part of the official poster and graphics throughout the Vancouver Winter Olympics.. how dumb...

Winter Olympics poster

Pawn of Prophecy

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Finished Book 1 of the Belgariad by David Eddings today.  I read the Belgariad and the Mallorean several years ago (mid 2003-2004 - I was even blogging then heh) - Sami lent them all to me and I thoroughly enjoyed them.  And I'm thoroughly enjoying reading them again :)

Of course I really should be reading some of the other books I've borrowed... oops..
Yesterday morning (well actually Friday night), the sweetie decided we should go out for breakfast.  So after making sure servers were working after patching reboots we went to Black Pepper in Belconnen.  Wasn't too bad.  I had eggs benedict with some really yummy bacon, although I don't think I'd have it with the farmhouse muffin again.

Recycled posts

Black Pepper Belconnen
Eggs Benedict at Black Pepper

After brekky we went for a walk to the Hub to see if they had any Japanese coffee-in-a-cans that Stu still misses about Japan.  Then for a wander round the lake to look at the swan that was there.

Black swan
Black swan
Belconnen Arts Centre

Spent much of the day trying to sort out four and half thousand photos that haven't been filed since around September last year :/

After their film group night, Nat and Andrew came over and we played some Wii.  First up Mario Kart (eight races, always fun), then some Kirby Airride (the general racing wasn't too bad but the mini-maps were too painful to control), and then some Mario Kart Double Dash from the Gamecube (like Mario Kart but with two characters on each cart and a few different tracks, a few the same, a little weird but still fun).  Which took us well and truly into tomorrow (today)!

This morning I went along to Kerry's baby shower.  A room full of strangers was really not my idea of fun :/  They played a couple of baby-shower type games (a version of Pictionary was the most fun, of course heh), but I ran away again when it came to "playing dressups" and a tea party relay.  Potty's colleague Danielle was nice though, and she's due shortly after Kerry.

Baby shower
Baby shower
Baby shower
I wanted to upload the rest of the photos I took to conspiracy, but the server disk is pretty much full, and I can't FTP anything :(  Wondering if I should finally move my blog somewhere else .... :/

Came home and did some more photo sorting, and we put quite a few books into shelves too.

Watched an ok doco on the Titanic disaster.. really must get Stu to watch the 1998 version... heh

And had a dip in the freezing puddle to cool off from this stoopid heat.. bring on autumn!!


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Seems like the disk on the server my blog is on is full (well, *almost* full).  So weird stuff could happen if you try and comment until they get around to fixing it...


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Live on NASA TV - the space shuttle leaving the international space station..


Flight Control

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A big influence for me getting an iPhone was Flight Control.  My brother first showed me this game and I was instantly hooked.  Everytime I was anywhere near anyone with an iPhone I had to play this game.

At work they have a file going on people's top scores.  I used to contribute until I was responsible for poor team morale (it was a different team) by posting my high scores.  

Today I completely shattered one of my own high scores - going from 166 to 460!!

Flight Control 460
I was pretty stoked :):)

But tonight I went online to see what other people around the world have gotten.  It was a little bit freaky.  Like the first video I found that was over 10000.  Or the next one I found that was over 50000 !!!  And finally looked at the Cloudcell scores - some dude got over 80000 on the default airport!  Somehow I don't think I'll get anywhere near that.

Current standings:
Default - 179
Hawaii - 193
Aircraft Carrier - 115
RFDS - 460


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I finally finished!!!

Well.  Not exactly.  I still need to upload photos to conspiracy, and there's a few pages I want dedicate to food, hotels, Engrish and manhole covers (!) that I'll do on conspiracy.  

But if you wanted a good summary of our Japan trip last year, here it is!

It's not going to be all in one page for too much longer, as any Google searches pointed at it will kill my traffic (there's 14mb of images!!).  In a few weeks I'll split it up so the front page of the blog is just an index page.

Two more days!

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Day 13 and Day 14 photos are on the blog ..

Only two more days to go!!

Day 12

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Day 12 of my Japan photos are on the blog..

Got a reasonable amount done around the house tonight, including washing, washing up, some bathroom cleaning, Full House, kirigami, Monty Python doco .. helps getting home on time and in a good mood...


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Long weekend and very little time at home.. doh!!

Yesterday morning Stu got up relatively early and we went into town.  

Grey Black Mountain
Got to see the new Canberra Centre parking light system.  This is so totally brilliant.  Rhodes shopping centre should pay attention to this!

Canberra Centre parking light system
Had some breakfast at Gus' in civic then I got a card for the parents while Stu got a hair cut.

Came home and packed, then headed off to Sydney.

Arrived at Luc&Lizzi's around five pm to take a donut photo of Ryan.

Lego laptop
Ryan donut photo
Then headed to the parents' place.  The plan was to go out to dinner so we decided to go to "Tropical Restaurant" Chinese in Jannali.  The food wasn't that bad (I actually really enjoyed the BBQ pork with garlic sauce) and service was pretty quick, but they enraged me by not providing free tap water (you had to buy bottled water or soft drink).  It was a BYO place, although "alcoholic beverages only".  So there was no way to get a free drink of water.  This, while perhaps not illegal unless they were licensed, is downright *rude*.  I refused to buy a drink at all, and will never be going back there.

Tropical Chinese restaurant in Jannali is dodgy - avoid!!
This morning we went to church with the parents.  Then went and got Stu a coffee at a cafe in Jannali.  Then came back for a parish lunch, which my aunties and uncles and some of the parents' friends came along to for my parents' 40th (ruby) wedding anniversary.  Wasn't too painful heh :)

40th Anniversary
Anniversary flowers
Cake topper from my parents wedding cake
Cutting the cake
After lunch and dessert we came back to pick up out stuff and photograph parrots..

Young King Parrot
Then headed home, via the little brother's to say hello and happy anniversary to them.  Had a lovely long hold of Yingarna (she is sooo beautiful!) although didn't take any photos to prove it.

Was later filled with rage at people who don't know how to merge.  Apparently there'd been an earlier accident on the Hume Highway.  We drove maybe ten kilometres in first gear just crawling along north of Goulburn.  Then got to some road works where the two lanes merged into one.  At that point the traffic jam vaporised.  No trace whatsover of it.  How can you go from two lanes at 5km/hr to one lane at 100km/hr ??? Fricken fricken!!  I hate people.  Truly I do.

Traffic jam
No traffic jam
There was actually water in Lake George, but we were pretty exhausted and just wanted to go home, so just took some snaps from out the window.

Lake George and turbines
Now it's nearly midnight.  Because we haven't spent nearly enough time at home this weekend :(  *sigh*

Last night

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Last night we had Nat and Andrew over for dinner and Wii. Did a nomm pasta bake and garlic bread and Bavarian cheesecake and we all ate too much heh.

After dinner we played the epic version of Mario Kart - a single competition with all 32 races!! I actually ended up winning with 371 points - very squee :) Then we played some Donkey Konga which was a lot of fun, until our hands hurt too much heh :) We also played some two-player Flight Control which was hard but fun.

And then it was today...

Day 11 - getting there!

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Day 11 photos in the blog..

Getting worn out...

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Did another three days of Japan photos for the blog tonight - 

I'm still going to have to go back and do conspiracy and label and geotag everything at some point... I don't know when.. it could take years... and then there's the honeymoon photos to do!! Gahhh!!!

The biggest tragedy of doing tonight's photos is that I realised we actually walked right past Gion Corner (where Natto wanted to go see a show) without even realising it! :(

More Japan Photos

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Have updated the Japan blog with a couple more days of photos (three actually now that I look at it) - 

Day 5, Day 6, and Day 7.

I haven't uploaded the additional photos to conspiracy, I'll do that in the next round of photo sorting.  For now I just want have *something* completed.

More sing

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So yesterday had me doing the housework to tidy up and clean before Dave and Alex came over for a late lunch (of nomm pasta bake).  Much beer and wine was drunk over the course of the afternoon.  Then the original plan was for them to go home and put The Mighty Angus to bed, but someone had the idea for us to go over and play Singstar :)  Where of course we drank quite a lot more wine.  And sang lots.  And I got beaten! :)  These guys are pretty good :)  Wasn't a hugely late night, but the effects of ten hours of drinking kinda made itself known heh.  

Today played some wii for a bit, then went over to Scott and Kerry's, then did our grocery shopping.  And watched quite a lot of tv.  

And so now the weekend's over :(


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Was really not feeling like going out tonight.  Had a crap late afternoon at work (upstream servers again, not even my crap downstream ones) and it was rainy and miserable.

But we forced ourselves to go out, and had a lovely curried chicken of Nanette's and had some beer and did lots of Singstar. 

Was a fun evening :)

(did you know how freaking hard "The Circle of Life" is to do on Singstar???)


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It's Thursday and I've had nothing interesting to say in two days.

So go read someone else's blog and their reaction to Vegemite... maybe I should send her some Tim Tams..? :)

Around the interwebs

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Last night I made six-cheese pizzas.  There's colby, tasty, parmesan, mozarella, feta and some mystery softish cheese leftover from work on Friday.  They were epic nom.

Six cheese pizza
Six cheese pizza
(I put olives and capers on Stu's, I just had the cheese :) )

Tonight we finally remembered to go look for the International Space Station.  We managed to see it very briefly as a tiny little moving dot, before it went behind a cloud and then presumably a tree (as we didn't see it again).  

Oh and there was the whole thing about me breaking things in a big way today, which was really not what I needed at the moment.  *sigh*

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