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Much better day today.  That work I needed done by Wednesday morning?  Finished it at 4:30pm.  So that's when I went home.

Watched an Air Crash Investigations episode I'd never seen before - the shooting down of Korean Air 007 in 1983.  Quite tragic how such a simple mistake cost the lives of so many people.


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Had a pretty awful day today.  Woke up at 4:15 and never got back to sleep.

So couldn't concentrate very well on some work I need to get done before Wednesday morning.

And then I got cornered by a developer who wanted me to look at a problem of theirs, and I got stuck with it because other people were away or on training.  Did I mention I have a heap of work I need to do before Wednesday morning?


Came home feeling very stressed to the point of feeling queasy :(

This evening at least was productive - the usual washing, pool chlorinating, kitchen tidying, bathroom cleaning, rubbish removal, leftover eating, as well as some jigsawing.

And carrying on

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Saturday night plan a fell through on account of the weather, and so did plan b.  So when plan c fell through I kind of collapsed and the black dog might have found me.

Today was spent on jigsawing, as well as various blog entries (you might want to check out the February archive for old entries) and photo sorting.

Did our food shopping, and I used up the rest of the massive zucchini and the huge squash, along with a small zucchini and a potato to make a pasta-free lasagna.  It was layered between a sauce of mince, two tins of tomatoes, most of a jar of passata and half a packet of baby spinach in one of the lasagnas, and that sauce along with Lana's white sauce in the second lasagna (since Stu is avoiding flour at the moment).  They turned out pretty awesomely, and I might have eaten a little too much!

On Friday arvo, Jeanine was down for a work meeting, so her and Ken came out afterwards for drinks at La De Da (chosen for its lake views, only to have it rain heh) and then to dinner at the Dumpling Inn, which was lovely.

Saturday morning we went to Black Pepper for breakfast and after that to the Australian War Memorial.  I can't remember ever really properly going.  I think I might have been once but I don't have any detailed memory of it.  We arrived just after opening at 10am and stayed til nearly 3:30pm!

Entrance to the Australian War Memorial
Australian War Memorial

A kangaroo in Egypt!  The mascot
Kangaroo in Egypt

Messerschmidt Bf 109G-6
Messerschmidt Bf 109G-6

A Lancaster bomber called "George"
Lancaster bomber - George

This Airco DH9 was one of the first planes to fly from London to Australia.  After the war the Australian government offered £A10,000 for the first Australians in a British aircraft to fly from Great Britain to Australia.  These guys came second out of six (the other four didn't finish).

The cavernous air intakes on a MiG-15
Mig air intake

Roden Cutler's medals
Roden Cutler's medals

The Shellal Mosaic.  After having seen a bunch of these in Israel and Jordan it was pretty cool to see one in Australia.  This one was taken from Gaza in 1917.
Shellal Mosaic

An Enigma machine!  I was amazed to see one of these in Australia.
Enigma machine

This saucepan was damaged in a house in Rose Bay when a Japanese midget submarine shelled it in 1942
Damaged saucepan

Inner courtyard
Australian War Memorial

One wall of the Roll of Honour
Wall of Remembrance


The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Roof of the Hall of Memory.  I always thought this was designed so the sun would shine through it at precisely 11am on the 11 November, but I can't find any documentary evidence of this.  And it'd be an hour different now because of daylight saving.
Roof of the Hall of Memory

View of the parliament houses from the War Memorial
View of Canberra

Eternal Flame, strangely it was donated by the Australian Gas Industry in 1988
Eternal Flame

Ken and Jeanine
Ken and Jeanine

We found grandpa's battalion's plaque
2/1st Battalion

Bridge of the HMAS Brisbane
Australian War Memorial

The memorial is quite a sombre place, and this sign as you leave the exhibits sums that up.

Australian War Memorial

January Jigsaws

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Jigsaws completed in January

Buttons (already posted)
Buttons jigsaw

Swans.  Took me *ages* to complete this rather awful jigsaw.  All black and white and grey.  Apart from the beaks.
Swans jigsaw

And then a few jigsaws I brought home from mum and dad's after Christmas.  So have done them and donated them to the jigsaw repository at work.

Train jigsaw

House and tree jigsaw

Alps jigsaw

Shows and Stuff

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If I went to everything that's going on this weekend I'd be pretty exhausted .. hrmmm

Possible dinner with Ken and Jeanine on Friday, Canberra show, possible club night, Paul Kelly and Neil Finn Sunday night.

Although with all that stress I'll just as likely do none of it.. hrmmmm

The Paul Kelly and Neil Finn concert on Sunday could be good.  If I had someone to go with :/

Then there's Verticool coming up, which I'd love to do, but the $880 suggested fund raising is a little daunting.. bit off-putting actually .. makes it all too hard.. and it sounds like you can't really just go in it for the fun of walking up the stairs .. *sigh*

And work was just as crappy as I expected it to be.  Possibly even a bit worse :(

By Jupiter!

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Was opening a window tonight and saw the moon next to Jupiter.  Looked so cool I took a bunch of photos.  An hour and a half later and they're even closer together so took a few more.

By Jupiter!

Issues at work are making it super stressful at the moment.  Undoubtedly affecting my blood pressure.  :(

New Fish

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Now that summer's winding down, I thought it might be time to try again with more fish.

Stu needed to get a new sucking catfish for the Lake Tanganika tank so we got one that had already been in harder water. 

I got four more baby angels (when I bought five last year, four of them died within a week :( I think perhaps it might have been some dodgy food I gave them).  There are two banded ones like this, and two mostly black ones.

New angel fish

And I also got a betta for the Macquarium


What else ...

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Saturday: breakfast at Black Pepper, food shopping, jigsawing, house stuff, computer stuff, Angel and Buffy

Sunday: jigsawing, house stuff, computer stuff, Andrew over for Mario Kart (he won out of 16 races), Ticket to Ride (I won), lamb roast, Buzz (Stu won one and I won another) and Wii Olympics (gave up on the London one cause it's retarded and went back to the Beijing one).

Polgara the Sorceress

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This week I finished "Polgara the Sorceress" by David and Leigh Eddings.  I borrowed this off Chay last year and have been reading slowly before bed.

This is a "prequel" to the Belgariad and the Mallorean and fills in the space between the first Riva Irongrip and Garion.  So a rambling story of three thousand years or so :)

I quite enjoyed it even if it did spend an awful lot of time in Arendia.  Although I'm sure at one point in the first set of books Belgarath didn't seem to have much idea that Polgara was the Duchess of Erat and how much money she had, but in this book he would have known all about it.  But anyways.

Will have to find the Belgarath the Sorcerer book at some point ..

As seen at the mall.  Expensive but looked pretty awesome.

Chocolate bouquets

Edit: the little stand selling them was gone the next day

Kerry brought these over yesterday - a *massive* yellow zucchini and squash  .. yipe!

Massive vegetables

Star Wars Traceroute

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As seen on Boing Boing the other day

D:\>tracert -h 80
Tracing route to FIN []
over a maximum of 80 hops:
 13 240 ms 240 ms 241 ms
 15 287 ms 278 ms 277 ms Episode.IV []
 16 280 ms 298 ms 341 ms A.NEW.HOPE []
 17 285 ms 280 ms 281 ms It.is.a.period.of.civil.war []
 18 277 ms 296 ms 399 ms Rebel.spaceships []
 19 279 ms 279 ms 277 ms striking.from.a.hidden.base []
 20 368 ms 356 ms 281 ms have.won.their.first.victory []
 21 344 ms 282 ms 304 ms against.the.evil.Galactic.Empire []
 22 310 ms 338 ms 365 ms During.the.battle []
 23 336 ms 336 ms 286 ms Rebel.spies.managed []
 24 309 ms 313 ms 371 ms to.steal.secret.plans []
 25 379 ms 392 ms 440 ms to.the.Empires.ultimate.weapon []
 26 300 ms 287 ms 287 ms the.DEATH.STAR []
 27 303 ms 284 ms 290 ms an.armored.space.station []
 28 289 ms 281 ms 360 ms with.enough.power.to []
 29 390 ms 401 ms 423 ms destroy.an.entire.planet []
 30 290 ms 287 ms 286 ms Pursued.by.the.Empires []
 31 370 ms 389 ms 450 ms sinister.agents []
 32 340 ms 327 ms 377 ms Princess.Leia.races.home []
 33 334 ms 293 ms 309 ms aboard.her.starship []
 34 290 ms 297 ms 281 ms custodian.of.the.stolen.plans []
 35 278 ms 284 ms 281 ms that.can.save.her []
 36 280 ms 276 ms 283 ms people.and.restore []
 37 282 ms 281 ms 278 ms freedom.to.the.galaxy []
 38 278 ms 280 ms 280 ms 0-------------------0 []
 39 280 ms 284 ms 285 ms 0------------------0 []
 40 286 ms 287 ms 301 ms 0-----------------0 []
 41 361 ms 389 ms 403 ms 0----------------0 []
 42 278 ms 282 ms 278 ms 0---------------0 []
 43 286 ms 276 ms 282 ms 0--------------0 []
 44 299 ms 281 ms 282 ms 0-------------0 []
 45 279 ms 283 ms 281 ms 0------------0 []
 46 282 ms 279 ms 282 ms 0-----------0 []
 47 367 ms 289 ms 349 ms 0----------0 []
 48 386 ms 400 ms 404 ms 0---------0 []
 49 402 ms 403 ms 286 ms 0--------0 []
 50 285 ms 280 ms 281 ms 0-------0 []
 51 280 ms 277 ms 281 ms 0------0 []
 52 284 ms 286 ms 284 ms 0-----0 []
 53 283 ms 283 ms 282 ms 0----0 []
 54 284 ms 284 ms 280 ms 0---0 []
 55 286 ms 285 ms 285 ms 0--0 []
 56 288 ms 323 ms 358 ms 0-0 []
 57 381 ms 373 ms 372 ms 00 []
 58 282 ms 339 ms 346 ms I []
 59 284 ms 279 ms 283 ms By.Ryan.Werber []
 60 281 ms 284 ms 285 ms When.CCIEs.Get.Bored []
 61 285 ms 282 ms 284 ms read.more.at.beaglenetworks.net []
 62 290 ms 286 ms 284 ms FIN []
Trace complete.

More socialising

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Today was hot.  So we spent the day doing really not much.  Because it was too hot to feel like doing anything.  And I was on call and had to do a bunch of work in the morning and a bunch of work in the afternoon.

Scott and Kerry and the kids came over for a swim (timed nicely for when I had to do the afternoon work #grunt).

We were going to go to Beer and Meat on a Stick Day, but Stu didn't really feel up to it. And it was hot.

After dinner went over to Annie's for dessert.  Watched the first half of School of Rock, which was utterly ridiculous, but then we came home and I had to see the end of it, which turned out to be ok, better than the first half heh.

It's hot.  :(


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So had Chris and Geoff from the club over for dinner tonight.

The sweetie cooked a lovely bolognase and then we had a dip in the pool and then dessert and chatted about travel and life and church and other such things.

A lovely evening :)


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Why do people still read my drivel?  I don't have anything interesting to say.  Apart from the odd rant I don't say anything personal.  Even reading my entries from some years back it seems my blog style has changed somewhat.  I think I put more emphasis on getting photos online.  And I talk a lot less about work since moving to Canberra.  In fact during the week I often go for days without posting, simply because nothing out of the ordinary happened, and it seems better to leave the day blank rather than filling it up with fluff.  

So why?  Why are you still here?

Mars Bar Slice

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So this was some of the Mars Bar slice I made, from Lisa's recipe.

Mars Bar Slice

Better Sunday

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Alternated between doing jigsaws, cleaning the house and catching up on blog entries.

Andrew came over this afternoon and we played a couple of games of Roborally, then a few races of Mario Kart, then had a nom nom nom roast pork for dinner, then some Buzz and some more Mario Kart.  Quite a nice evening really :)

Yesterday a bunch of us went to try out the new (as of November last year) Malaysian Chapter.

We got a couple of entrees which were nice enough

Malaysian Chapter

Malaysian Chapter

And for a main I had a chicken sambal nasi goreng - a Malaysian style fried rice.  They asked if I wanted it spicy and I said medium, but it was a tad on the spicy side for me.  Silly thing is I think mine was hotter than Neil's dish, who asked for it hot! heh

Malaysian Chapter

Not much of a day

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Last night was ok but today was a bit of a disaster.  Had a bit of a slow start, thinking we'd be going out for breakfast.  But we didn't because the sweetie wasn't feeling well. So got all my news feeds caught up and did a bit of jigsaw when hurty started.  Worst I've had it in a long time.  Even made me throw up. *sigh*.  So that wasted the whole middle of the day.  I was feeling delicate afterwards and felt like KFC, so talked the sweetie into going and doing our shopping as well.  Except the mall is a nightmare on the weekends, and today was among the worst it's ever been.  So the poor sweetie felt like crap within a few minutes :( In the end did our shopping at Jamo, then came home.  

Didn't really achieve much tonight either, other than finishing all the South West Rocks trip blog entries, and making this Mars Bar slice of Lisa's.  I swear we're going to get diabetes just looking at the thing.  It's got like half a kilo of sugar in it!  Yipe!

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