Not much of a day

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Last night was ok but today was a bit of a disaster.  Had a bit of a slow start, thinking we'd be going out for breakfast.  But we didn't because the sweetie wasn't feeling well. So got all my news feeds caught up and did a bit of jigsaw when hurty started.  Worst I've had it in a long time.  Even made me throw up. *sigh*.  So that wasted the whole middle of the day.  I was feeling delicate afterwards and felt like KFC, so talked the sweetie into going and doing our shopping as well.  Except the mall is a nightmare on the weekends, and today was among the worst it's ever been.  So the poor sweetie felt like crap within a few minutes :( In the end did our shopping at Jamo, then came home.  

Didn't really achieve much tonight either, other than finishing all the South West Rocks trip blog entries, and making this Mars Bar slice of Lisa's.  I swear we're going to get diabetes just looking at the thing.  It's got like half a kilo of sugar in it!  Yipe!

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