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Saturday night plan a fell through on account of the weather, and so did plan b.  So when plan c fell through I kind of collapsed and the black dog might have found me.

Today was spent on jigsawing, as well as various blog entries (you might want to check out the February archive for old entries) and photo sorting.

Did our food shopping, and I used up the rest of the massive zucchini and the huge squash, along with a small zucchini and a potato to make a pasta-free lasagna.  It was layered between a sauce of mince, two tins of tomatoes, most of a jar of passata and half a packet of baby spinach in one of the lasagnas, and that sauce along with Lana's white sauce in the second lasagna (since Stu is avoiding flour at the moment).  They turned out pretty awesomely, and I might have eaten a little too much!

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