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38.1C :(

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Hit 38.1C tonight - going up, not down :(:(

Felt like crap all day. As a consequence got absolutely nothing done (except getting through quite a lot of book 2 of the Mallorean).

Cause if it is then that means I'm sick, which is annoying cause I never get sick. gar. Chucked earlier which is always fun. Not. That's twice in two weeks for no good reason. Not happy Jan.

Well after two double vodka and vanilla cokes, I sat down to watch the black angels lay another batch of eggs. I'm now convinced that they're both females. I may take up Fiona's offer to borrow their male. After watching them eat their flyaway eggs I suddenly had a hankering for eggs for dinner. These were leftover from the pre-olympics do we had at work the other week (the leftovers of an egg and spoon race). Yum. Love fried eggs.

So then it was 9:30 and I thought I'd put on the handball. I've never actually seen any handball but Luc keeps talking about it and saying how great it is, so thought I'd have a look. My first thoughts were "a cross between basketball and soccer". Followed a few minutes later by the commentator saying "it's like a cross between basketball and soccer, or water polo without the water" .. silly really.

FQ TOPIC: Olympic

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FQ1: Which Olympic events are your most and least favorite?
Least is easiest - boxing - a completely stupid sport. Favourite summer Olympics sport would be gymnastics. I like lots and lots of the winter Olympics sports.

FQ2: In what Olympic competition would you have the best shot at a gold medal?
Pfft! Absolutely nothing! But the only sport I ever really played was hockey so I guess I could be in a hockey team.

FQ3: If you could add or invent a new Olympic sport, what would it be?

FQ PITCHMAN: Propose why your home town should host the next Olympic Games (your choice Summer or Winter).
Well actually we had the last Olympics and it was declared the best Olympics ever, and I'm sure everyone in Sydney would be glad to have it back again.

By the way, Australia is the best country in the world. No really. ok, second after the Bahamas if you consider the medal tally by population..

Daily Rant

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Sucky day to finish off a sucky week. Paged at 5am. Didn't bother going back to sleep but got up to go install a card in a disk array. That wouldn't work because Dell are too hopeless to tell us it wouldn't. I did make one or two things work before killing a computer completely when trying to flash its bios. Then to top it all off I couldn't even play a nice game of unreal because my desktop computer simply turns itself off after ten minutes of playing. It was all too much and I just came home.

Maybe I'll just have a little vodka and coke and try and forget about it all.

Damned Dell

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Did you know that you can't mix Ultra 160 EMM cards with Ultra 320 EMM cards?

We have a 220s with four ultra 160 disks and an ultra 160 EMM card. We said to Dell, "we want to upgrade it, put new disks in, and a new EMM so that we can split it between two different servers". So they sold us 7 ultra 320 disks and an ultra 320 EMM. Apparently nobody bothered to check whether 160 and 320 EMMS will work together. Well according to the documentation they don't.

So now we either need to source a 160 EMM, or upgrade the old one to a 320 and hope it all works.



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I think today was worse than the other day. I'd rant about my boss, but it'd probably sound irrational. Let's just say I'm sick of his rudeness and the fact that he just doesn't like me.

One of Josh's axolotls died today which was very sad (on his birthday of all day). I'm worried that they might have gone out and gotten another one.. yay, let's just put a perfectly happy animal in a tank where the ammonia is through the roof. I can see multiple fatalities coming up. :(

Dropped into BigW on the way home. I knew I had a couple of dvds in my bag, but I thought they were in the back pocket. As I left the store, of course they checked my bag as usual but didn't say anything. Then when I got home I found one of the dvds sitting right on top of the section of the bag I showed them. So they checked my bag, saw the dvd sitting on top, but said nothing! How bizarre is that! Maybe they figure that dvds are all electronically tagged and would have set off the alarms.


I was actually going to borrow one of Josh's lego soccer balls, setup a few craters and some space lego minifigs and have "Soccer in Space" but I forgot to borrow the soccer ball! doh!

Theme Thursday did sport this year, and I posted a very cool photo of the Sydney Olympics as seen through binoculars. But the link was removed because I didn't actually click the button. doh!

And here we are in the middle of the next Olympics. Wow doesn't time fly! doh!

So here's my entry for this week's Thursday Challenge, "Quidditch", which should definitely be an Olympic sport, but isn't. doh!


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Krib Babies

I actually think I have closer to 100 baby kribs. But it's rather hard to count them.

Josh and Rachel just got axolotls for Josh's birthday, but one of them has fungus on its gills, probably from stress from the big ammonia spike. Have given them some of my filter wool which should hopefully have bacteria in it to break down the ammonia a bit quicker than just letting it happen by itself.

Man I'm tired, and it's only Wednesday :/

Well after a thoroughly sucky day, beginning at 5:37am with godzilla waking me up (damned flipping ftp), upgrading firmware on a production file server raid controller (always a nervous moment, as you never know if the machine will see its hard disks when you're done), finally being able to build an array on aforementioned file server (which wouldn't work previously because the firmware wasn't new enough and the raid manager software didn't want to play), to being completely overwhelmed by the amount of crap I have to juggle in my brain (it overloaded completely at lunch time and refused to play anymore), to feeling grumpy and lonely and unloved all afternoon (nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I think I'll go eat worms), to still being bummed out about losing the two corys (are we there yet?), tonight my kribs brought their babies out to explore the tank.

That's right, I have baby fish! A couple of dozen of them, the size of pin heads. Very exited about finally being a fish mother. This was after visiting Daniel's place last night - they have babies from about five different species of their fish <jealous>

Wonder how many of the babies will survive, and what to feed them etc. Gonna have to do some research methinks.


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In response to the Theme Thursday abandonment, SpunWithTears has taken the baton and run with their own version - the Thursday Challenge.

This week's theme is "Anything". So I thought I'd put up what I have as my desktop wallpaper at the moment - Crater Lake in Oregon. One of the highlights of our recent USA trip.

Crater Lake, Oregon

Across, Up, Down

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Spent a good portion of today labelling my USA photos. Did six days. hrm, many more days to go. Even if I do a day for day, it'll take five weeks to finish.

Went to Sami's AMS concert tonight which was fantastic as always. Aside from sitting behind the world's most obnoxious kid. They even did a PVC-pipe act, my favourite of all the acts they've ever done over the years.

Of the two corys I bought yesterday, one is dead and the other will probably be dead by tomorrow. I'm very sad :( Poor little fishies. Dunno what's killed them, perhaps all the crap on the bottom of the tank at the moment, which has been accumulating since the last two corys died (they're the best little tank cleaners around). Going to have to pull all the plants up and scour the gravel of all the mildew that's been growing. urgh.


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Finally went and looked up definitions to geek code tonight.

Mine is:

Version: 3.1
GMD/S d- s--: a C+++$ UL P++>++++$ L+ !E--- W+++$ N !o- K--? w++++$ !O- !M- !V-- PS !PE Y? PGP+ t++ !5 !X !R- tv+ b+ DI+ !D G e++ h+ r--->+++* x>+++

(generated here)

and my Blog Code:

B6 d+ t+ k+ s u-- f+ i o++ x e+ l+ c+


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I blinked and today disappeared.

The plan was to work through labelling my USA photos. The reality was spending most of it out of the house or doing boring houseworky stuff.

I did buy two new fish - a couple of cory catfish for the big tank.

Man I'm tired. Doesn't help getting only 6 hours sleep after a video night at Evilhouse East. I'm wondering whether I should keep going to them, they mostly play movies I have no interest in whatsoever. Last night they played "Friend", a Korean movie which I thought for the first three quarters was going to be a waste of two hours of my life. It got *slightly* better right near the end when I finally started to make sense of who was who and where they fitted into it. The alternative was Bowling for Columbine which I would like to have seen but the other guys had seen it recently, doh!

FQ TOPIC: Culinary

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FQ1: In addition to the dearly departed Julia Child, who is your favorite food personality?
Jamie Oliver is vaguely cool but possibly a bit up himself. I like Aristos (Surprise Chef - he'd come to people's houses and cook up a storm with whatever was already in their fridges, very cool)

FQ2: What meal would you have this culinary genius prepare for you if they asked?
I dunno.. something involving lots of meat and lots of creamy sauces

FQ3: If they refused, and you could eat at any restaurant you wanted as a consolation, which one would you choose?
The Little Snail in Darling Harbour is pretty good. On the other end of the price spectrum, Tum's Thai in Randwick is fantastic also.

FQ KITCHEN: Share with us a favorite recipe or cooking tip.
A strange recipe of my own design:

  • half a thingie of sour cream (200ml)
  • bit of a splash of milk (200ml)
  • few teaspoons of corn flour
  • some shredded tasty cheese (handful or so)

  • mix up sauce and pour over oiled potatos that have been prewarmed for 20 min or so
  • cook for another hour or so until golden
    Kazza's Potato Bake

  • Had a frustrating lunch waiting in post office queues, trying to fill in bank deposit slips in a bank branch with no pens, and rain to make it all interesting.

    Spent most of the rest of the day researching quota software.

    I didn't mention last night that I'm going skiing! It couldn't have been easier. I did a Google search to find a mob to go with. Then I just called them up and said "I want to go" and they said "cool what's your credit card number" and that was it. Too easy. Sadly I'm going by myself because I don't have friends that ski. Actually I have three. Two of them I may have gone with but they both piked to due family and boat committments. The other was going on a "family holiday" and I was told in no uncertain terms that if I to the same resort as them in the same week I'd get in trouble. yay. And George sided with them which annoyed me. But I was not going to let this great snow go unskiied, so stuff them all, I'm going by myself.

    And trying to clean up all the crap in my flat. There's just too much stuff that doesn't have homes, so it all piles up in heaps that must then be sorted through.

    Sleepless in Sydney

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    Watched Sleepless in Seattle with George tonight. We're both hopeless romantics at heart.. kinda like the friends in the movie heh. Was cool seeing Seattle and the Space Needle for the first time in a movie since actually being there. Really need to watch Short Circuit again to see Astoria.

    Had a very frustrating day today looking at ways of managing quotas and reporting on user disk usage. QuotaAdvisor 4.1 (by wquinn) doesn't work on Windoze 2003 server, and it's since been bought out by Veritas, which means paying them $2500-odd for an upgrade. Well QuotaAdvisor has always been a bit crappy, so now I'm thinking it might be time to look at something else.

    I was also looking at some sort of tool to report the disk usage by a user. w2k3 comes with a tool called "diskuse" but it barfs on certain directories which isn't particularly helpful. Not to mention that file ownership is a mystical thing that sometimes bears no relation to reality. Especially if that file is copied somewhere by an administrator, and forevermore is owned by the administrators group, not the user. yay.

    Was even thinking about disk usage by directory. FullDisk is a great utility I've been using for years, but our file server now has so many files that it kills the machine just running it. So it's not the most practical application to run regular reports for people who want to know where all their file server space is going.

    It's all too much really. I really don't want to go to work tomorrow :(

    Tuesday Twosome

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    Lacking inspiration I went in search of memes to play

    Trying Tuesday Twosome:

    Back To School.....
    (What you prefer now or preferred when you were in school)

    1. Cafeteria or sack lunch:
    Well I always preferred "tuck shop" food to homemade sandwiches, but rarely got it. Nowadays I eat out for lunch every day.

    2. CliffsNotes or read the book:
    I suppose I really should do a Google search to figure out what that means

    3. Uniforms or wear whatever you want:
    Uniforms aren't bad cause then you don't have to think of what to wear. However these days I wear jeans and a t-shirt every day, so it's kind of like a uniform anyway

    4. Math or Science:
    I liked both of them

    5. Homework or detention:
    blegh neither. Although I never got detention and always did my homework, even if at the last minute!

    Mystical Ball

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    OK so I was bored tonight. By the time it gets to 8:30 it's too late to start any sort of project. So what else do you do when you're bored, you navigate to From there, link to

    Now can someone please explain to me how in the heck that works ?!??!?!??

    OK I've studied it some more and I think I can see how it works. But kinda spooky the first few times it sees what you are thinking. But in truth there's only a small number of answers for any given round, and that symbol is given to each number.

    We also seem to have equalled with China in the medal tally, hopefully Thorpie or Hackett will win in the 200m tonight and we'll inch ahead.


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    ok so I rarely get sick. And when I do get sick I rarely let it interfere with my social life. Which means I get pissed off when other people, or their kids, get sick and pike on doing stuff. Like dinner tonight which was meant to be a somewhat of a birthday celebration, and two of my best friends didn't show up. Yay. All you can do is drink wine and try and forget about it for a while. Thanks to George for the lovely cheese cake though.

    So, a 27 hour birthday essentially. That is, 27 hours from when I first woke up til I finally went to bed. Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes :):)

    Still have no idea what made me sick yesterday morning. Guess I'll never know. Was still feeling icky when I went out for lunch - did the relly bash thing with the parents, me little brother and Yvonne, and Andrew and his parents. We went to an all-you-can-eat buffet in Wollongong. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to eat anything, but as it turned out I had a huge lunch and didn't feel sick anymore afterward.

    After lunch we went shopping, and then back to me brother's, where we watched some Imax dvds, including one on Mt St Helens which was cool cause we were only just there the other month.

    An hour and a half trip to get home later and then I headed straight out again - went with Chris and Ric to a trance party in town. Was lots of fun. Even took a timeout to go to a pub to see Thorpie win gold in the 400m. Finally got home around 5am, and got a few hours sleep in before church :)

    Think I might have an afternoon siesta now though.

    That is the question.
    So much for a happy birthday.. have spent four hours awake feeling like absolute crap. Chucked a couple of times although had to force myself to do that. Dunno what's going on. *sigh*

    OK so I hadn't gotten around to posting an entry for this week's Theme Thursday, and now it looks like it's going to die a neglected death as well. Will have to start meme hunting again.

    Happy Birthday to me

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    Well we'll see anyway.

    FQ TOPIC: Ego

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    FQ TOPIC: Ego.

    FQ1: What is an activity that you can do better than anybody else you know?
    Probably giving massages. James, Alan, Marc and Ric all give good massages too, but they don't seem to be as widely received/famous as mine.

    FQ2: What is a subject where you are smarter than anybody else you know?
    Probably many aspects of windows administration, mainly iis. Which is a pain in the butt when you want to ask someone how to do something but you don't know of anyone to ask.

    FQ3: What is a trait you possess that makes you superior to lesser humans?
    Maybe higher than average intelligence. That's text-book/test intelligence though, not real-world people intelligence.

    FQ FICTION: Which of your many stellar accomplishments should be recorded in the history books? (Can't think of one? Make it up!).

    What with lotus notes and xp sp2 clogging up my brain, it has room for little else.

    Watched Dragonheart with George tonight. mmm meat meat meat meat.. and of course Jason :)

    um. not much else to report. sorry. :)

    I hate it with a passion sometimes. Especially when you're trying to do a simple @mailsend to include a doclink. I have this one database that simply will not send doclinks. It either sends the mail without the doclink, or doesn't send the mail at all. Frustration beyond belief.

    Not to mention the ridiculousness of microsoft. XP sp2 has a bunch of new policy settings to manage the windows firewall. However they haven't release the ones for the servers yet. Which means if you want to manage how XP SP2's firewall is rolled out, you first have to install a beta on a client, grab the adm files from the client, and stick them on your production server, before sp2 is released to the world so your clients don't go off getting it by themselves before you've had a chance to download it to your sus server.


    Where was I?

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    Had a thoroughly sucky day today. I've put in an order for a better day tomorrow. Dunno why it was so bad. Just trying to get my brain around tedious stuff mostly.

    I actually got invited to go skiing this weekend. But this weekend would have to have been the worst that could have come up. Any other weekend I may have said stuff the expense and the crowds and just gone. But for about the same price I could go midweek and get five full days of skiing for the same price. So I sadly declined. But I'm definitely going to go this year. Even if I have to go by myself! The snow is just too good to pass up, and with global warming it may never be this good again.

    Had an interesting night though - did a breakdown of all my USA costs to see where all my money went. It was quite interesting. I ended up spending about $7800 on the trip, plus another coupla thousand on cameras and hard drives and memory and shoes and the like.

    Now I think I'll go to bed to recover from kaos waking me up in the middle of the night last night.

    Fish silliness

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    So yesterday I rearranged the fish. I caught the kribs and put them in the smallest tank from Daniel. I then moved the two black angels back into the big tank. The two white angels attacked the bag ferociously for a while before I released the black ones. They all survived though, and the black ones seem to be much happier back in the big tank. They're no longer sulking on the bottom of the other tank.

    So we have:
    Tank 1
    * four angels
    * one betta
    * three glass catfish
    * one siamensis
    Need to get a couple of corys to keep the bottom of the tank clean

    Tank 2
    * nine neon tetras
    * one betta
    * two juli corys

    Tank 4
    * two kribs

    Tank 3 is now empty, pending me deciding what to do with it. I'm sure Daniel would have me turn it into a Lake Malawi cichlid tank hehe.

    Azkaban take two

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    Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

    I saw Prisoner of Azkaban again tonight. Enjoyed it a lot more the second time round, was less hung up on all the things that annoyed me the first time and appreciated the fun things a lots more. Like the whomping willow bashing up birds and losing all its leaves at once, and Hermione altering things in time a bit more than in the book. I still felt a bit cheated with pretty much all of Lupin's thread though. He shows he knows how to use the map, but gives no explanation why. The meaning of who Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs are isn't explained. And the twist with Peter Pettigrew is hinted at too early and then badly handled in the shrieking shack.

    We also saw I, Robot and the Chronicles of Riddick last night at Evilhouse (thanks to Simon and his lovely collection of movies hehe). I, Robot wasn't bad a second time around, but it was taped in a cinema and a couple of times a dude gets up to leave and comes back again. Don't think I've ever seen a bootleg copy of a movie like that. The Chronicles of Riddick was very average. Didn't realise til I got home it was actually a sequel (to Pitch Black). Not that there was a lot of plot to the movie to lose track of anyway.

    Starting the feel the effects of a 3am bedtime and a 7am wakeup call from godzilla which crashed again.


    Why are the Friday Q topics always so hard?? :) I have to *think* which is something my brain always protests over :)

    FQ1: Where did you live out your childhood years?
    I lived my entire life in the one house in Como in Sydney until I moved out of home four years ago. My parents still live there. They actually built the house (well a builder did, but my grandfather designed and drew it). I'd be very sad if they ever sold it.

    FQ2: As a child, what was your favorite toy, book, television show, and cartoon character?
    Toy: probably "Cutie". She was essentially a lop-sided pom-pom, but she went to America with me in 1983 and round Australia in 1984 and 1985. She is still at my parents' place.
    Book: I was never a big book reader. I like Tin Tin and Asterix comics though.
    Television show: I have a lot of favourites from my teenage years, MacGyver and Airwolf would have been top of that list. Astroboy and Starblazers I remember liking a lot from my primary school years.
    Cartoon character: Maybe Astroboy or the Looney Tunes characters - Bugs Bunny and the Road Runner

    FQ3: Charm us with a favorite childhood memory...
    We went on some very cool holidays. America for five weeks in 1983 including all the big amusement parks in LA; Western Australia in 1984; Central Australia in 1985; Lord Howe and Norfolk Islands in 1987.

    FQ PHOTO-OP: Show us a photo of just how adorable you were as a child.
    See right..

    Do it now

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    I am the world's worst procrastinator. If the first step in doing something is the slightest bit difficult that thing just does not get done. So it was with some notes programming I had to do. This task had been hanging over my head literally *all year* because every time I thought about it I thought "urghh" (literally!). Well after fixing the thing I fixed yesterday I was without much left todo, so asked my boss what I should do next. (This in itself is always a dangerous thing to do, because he will always allocate the stuff that I've been trying to put off as long as possible). The response of course was this horrible notes job. As it turned out however, the task wasn't too complicated or even difficult, and I had it done within an hour or two. So all those months of stressing over this stupid job, and it was over and done with in an hour. How tragic is that? I really should tackle other such jobs, both at work and at home, with the same gusto...!


    Computers are my life. Sad I know. But they feed me and they entertain me. Ironically I don't like to use the shift key. I make the effort in this blog and if I have to send an email to someone I don't know very well. But aside from that, I use lowercase wherever possible :)

    Oo oo oo!!

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    The Weather Pixie is back!!!! Yaayyyyyyy!!!

    From their site:

    News Flash: The reason Weatherpixie wasn't working last week was due to a denial of service attack on the server hosting Weatherpixie. This happened whilst the two people who could have fixed the problem were off at a music festival camping in a field with no access to the internet.

    So last night I couldn't post cause the webserver was down. The only thing of vague interest that happened yesterday was that I found that it takes a very long time to shut down computers if you have set them to clear their page file on shut down and the machine is very old. We have an old Dell 2400 with 3x9gb disks in a raid 5. With the "clear pagefile on shutdown" security option set it took five full minutes to shut down. Turned it off and all is well. Silly thing is, newer servers work just fine with this setting. Oh well.

    So then I get home and the webserver is not responding. Call Campbell, as we haven't been paged yet. He had a joyous night at the exchange while I foolishly didn't turn off the pager and it woke me up every half hour until I finally turned the damned thing off at 3am.

    Today was a bit of a non-event. We had a last minute lunch outing at which I ate a terribly big lunch. 10pm and I still haven't felt hungry. Might have some cheese so I don't wake up *tomorrow* at 3am :) Also spent three hours labelling some of my USA photos. Didn't get very far. Spent most of the time looking at maps and street directories of Sydney and LA to figure out what I took pictures of.

    The smallest tank is just about setup for the kribs. Not sure if the filter will be good enough, there's still a lot of crap around. Or the light, just using a halogen desk lamp to try and make the plants grow enough to soak up the nitrates.

    Weather Woes

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    1. The Weather Pixie The weather pixie is dead! She's gone! What's the story? No response from dns server
    2. Decapitation Alert A couple of weeks ago part of our building fell off during heavy wind. Today they were taking no chances, taping off the whole area in front of the building in case more fell off during today's high winds
    3. Blackout Our area was blacked out for an hour today. There go all the computers. And the clocks

    The Others

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    Watched The Others tonight which I taped last night. That's one spooky/scary movie, even though I'd seen it before and knew what happens.

    urgh it's only Monday isn't it?

    Did a water change in the big tank to give me a supply of water to water the plants, clean filters, top up the smallest tank for the kribs etc. It's just about ready for the kribs, just need to put in some more gravel and another rock, and turn on the heater for them. Then I think I will bring the black angels back into the big tank, they look very grumpy in the other tank. But then I'll have a spare 2' tank. Anyone got any suggestions for it? :)

    Yes, yes we are

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    Well after plan A dinner plans looked in doubt, I tried to arrange plan B with Chris, but he wasn't overly enthusiastic and for a while I thought I'd be home all night watching the telly. But as I was pulling apart one of my mosaics I thought I'll just check and see if plan A was still on. It was. So had a lovely night out. Only five of us there for dinner which is a remarkably small number for sunday night dinner.

    Are we there yet?

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    Feeling very unmotivated and blah at the moment. Dunno why. Maybe it's cause dinner got cancelled. Maybe it's cause the weekend is nearly over and I have to go back to work tomorrow. Can I go home now?

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