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So last night I couldn't post cause the webserver was down. The only thing of vague interest that happened yesterday was that I found that it takes a very long time to shut down computers if you have set them to clear their page file on shut down and the machine is very old. We have an old Dell 2400 with 3x9gb disks in a raid 5. With the "clear pagefile on shutdown" security option set it took five full minutes to shut down. Turned it off and all is well. Silly thing is, newer servers work just fine with this setting. Oh well.

So then I get home and the webserver is not responding. Call Campbell, as we haven't been paged yet. He had a joyous night at the exchange while I foolishly didn't turn off the pager and it woke me up every half hour until I finally turned the damned thing off at 3am.

Today was a bit of a non-event. We had a last minute lunch outing at which I ate a terribly big lunch. 10pm and I still haven't felt hungry. Might have some cheese so I don't wake up *tomorrow* at 3am :) Also spent three hours labelling some of my USA photos. Didn't get very far. Spent most of the time looking at maps and street directories of Sydney and LA to figure out what I took pictures of.

The smallest tank is just about setup for the kribs. Not sure if the filter will be good enough, there's still a lot of crap around. Or the light, just using a halogen desk lamp to try and make the plants grow enough to soak up the nitrates.

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