Have I ever mentioned how much I hate lotus notes?

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I hate it with a passion sometimes. Especially when you're trying to do a simple @mailsend to include a doclink. I have this one database that simply will not send doclinks. It either sends the mail without the doclink, or doesn't send the mail at all. Frustration beyond belief.

Not to mention the ridiculousness of microsoft. XP sp2 has a bunch of new policy settings to manage the windows firewall. However they haven't release the ones for the servers yet. Which means if you want to manage how XP SP2's firewall is rolled out, you first have to install a beta on a client, grab the adm files from the client, and stick them on your production server, before sp2 is released to the world so your clients don't go off getting it by themselves before you've had a chance to download it to your sus server.



Skinderma Pro said:

Yes Notes sucks... big time. Of course notes admins and proponents will say "notes is more than just email", etc. What they don't consider is the impact on productivity. The impact of productivity for notes users as opposed to outlook users is scary... crashes, freezes, intolerance to blips across the network, inconsistant and cryptic GUI design. I've been using notes for over 10 years and absolutely hate it. Show my the application that cannot be used effectively unless you have training and I'll show you lotus notes. Fortunately my company is upgrading us all to outlook in the not-too-distant future then it will be bye bye stress.

March 31, 2010 5:04 PM


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