Azkaban take two

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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

I saw Prisoner of Azkaban again tonight. Enjoyed it a lot more the second time round, was less hung up on all the things that annoyed me the first time and appreciated the fun things a lots more. Like the whomping willow bashing up birds and losing all its leaves at once, and Hermione altering things in time a bit more than in the book. I still felt a bit cheated with pretty much all of Lupin's thread though. He shows he knows how to use the map, but gives no explanation why. The meaning of who Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs are isn't explained. And the twist with Peter Pettigrew is hinted at too early and then badly handled in the shrieking shack.

We also saw I, Robot and the Chronicles of Riddick last night at Evilhouse (thanks to Simon and his lovely collection of movies hehe). I, Robot wasn't bad a second time around, but it was taped in a cinema and a couple of times a dude gets up to leave and comes back again. Don't think I've ever seen a bootleg copy of a movie like that. The Chronicles of Riddick was very average. Didn't realise til I got home it was actually a sequel (to Pitch Black). Not that there was a lot of plot to the movie to lose track of anyway.

Starting the feel the effects of a 3am bedtime and a 7am wakeup call from godzilla which crashed again.

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