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So yesterday I rearranged the fish. I caught the kribs and put them in the smallest tank from Daniel. I then moved the two black angels back into the big tank. The two white angels attacked the bag ferociously for a while before I released the black ones. They all survived though, and the black ones seem to be much happier back in the big tank. They're no longer sulking on the bottom of the other tank.

So we have:
Tank 1
* four angels
* one betta
* three glass catfish
* one siamensis
Need to get a couple of corys to keep the bottom of the tank clean

Tank 2
* nine neon tetras
* one betta
* two juli corys

Tank 4
* two kribs

Tank 3 is now empty, pending me deciding what to do with it. I'm sure Daniel would have me turn it into a Lake Malawi cichlid tank hehe.

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