Tuesday Twosome

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Lacking inspiration I went in search of memes to play

Trying Tuesday Twosome:

Back To School.....
(What you prefer now or preferred when you were in school)

1. Cafeteria or sack lunch:
Well I always preferred "tuck shop" food to homemade sandwiches, but rarely got it. Nowadays I eat out for lunch every day.

2. CliffsNotes or read the book:
I suppose I really should do a Google search to figure out what that means

3. Uniforms or wear whatever you want:
Uniforms aren't bad cause then you don't have to think of what to wear. However these days I wear jeans and a t-shirt every day, so it's kind of like a uniform anyway

4. Math or Science:
I liked both of them

5. Homework or detention:
blegh neither. Although I never got detention and always did my homework, even if at the last minute!

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