Sleepless in Sydney

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Watched Sleepless in Seattle with George tonight. We're both hopeless romantics at heart.. kinda like the friends in the movie heh. Was cool seeing Seattle and the Space Needle for the first time in a movie since actually being there. Really need to watch Short Circuit again to see Astoria.

Had a very frustrating day today looking at ways of managing quotas and reporting on user disk usage. QuotaAdvisor 4.1 (by wquinn) doesn't work on Windoze 2003 server, and it's since been bought out by Veritas, which means paying them $2500-odd for an upgrade. Well QuotaAdvisor has always been a bit crappy, so now I'm thinking it might be time to look at something else.

I was also looking at some sort of tool to report the disk usage by a user. w2k3 comes with a tool called "diskuse" but it barfs on certain directories which isn't particularly helpful. Not to mention that file ownership is a mystical thing that sometimes bears no relation to reality. Especially if that file is copied somewhere by an administrator, and forevermore is owned by the administrators group, not the user. yay.

Was even thinking about disk usage by directory. FullDisk is a great utility I've been using for years, but our file server now has so many files that it kills the machine just running it. So it's not the most practical application to run regular reports for people who want to know where all their file server space is going.

It's all too much really. I really don't want to go to work tomorrow :(

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