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Spent a good portion of today labelling my USA photos. Did six days. hrm, many more days to go. Even if I do a day for day, it'll take five weeks to finish.

Went to Sami's AMS concert tonight which was fantastic as always. Aside from sitting behind the world's most obnoxious kid. They even did a PVC-pipe act, my favourite of all the acts they've ever done over the years.

Of the two corys I bought yesterday, one is dead and the other will probably be dead by tomorrow. I'm very sad :( Poor little fishies. Dunno what's killed them, perhaps all the crap on the bottom of the tank at the moment, which has been accumulating since the last two corys died (they're the best little tank cleaners around). Going to have to pull all the plants up and scour the gravel of all the mildew that's been growing. urgh.

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