Long waits, skiing and cleanups

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Had a frustrating lunch waiting in post office queues, trying to fill in bank deposit slips in a bank branch with no pens, and rain to make it all interesting.

Spent most of the rest of the day researching quota software.

I didn't mention last night that I'm going skiing! It couldn't have been easier. I did a Google search to find a mob to go with. Then I just called them up and said "I want to go" and they said "cool what's your credit card number" and that was it. Too easy. Sadly I'm going by myself because I don't have friends that ski. Actually I have three. Two of them I may have gone with but they both piked to due family and boat committments. The other was going on a "family holiday" and I was told in no uncertain terms that if I to the same resort as them in the same week I'd get in trouble. yay. And George sided with them which annoyed me. But I was not going to let this great snow go unskiied, so stuff them all, I'm going by myself.

And trying to clean up all the crap in my flat. There's just too much stuff that doesn't have homes, so it all piles up in heaps that must then be sorted through.

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