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I blinked and today disappeared.

The plan was to work through labelling my USA photos. The reality was spending most of it out of the house or doing boring houseworky stuff.

I did buy two new fish - a couple of cory catfish for the big tank.

Man I'm tired. Doesn't help getting only 6 hours sleep after a video night at Evilhouse East. I'm wondering whether I should keep going to them, they mostly play movies I have no interest in whatsoever. Last night they played "Friend", a Korean movie which I thought for the first three quarters was going to be a waste of two hours of my life. It got *slightly* better right near the end when I finally started to make sense of who was who and where they fitted into it. The alternative was Bowling for Columbine which I would like to have seen but the other guys had seen it recently, doh!

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