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I think today was worse than the other day. I'd rant about my boss, but it'd probably sound irrational. Let's just say I'm sick of his rudeness and the fact that he just doesn't like me.

One of Josh's axolotls died today which was very sad (on his birthday of all day). I'm worried that they might have gone out and gotten another one.. yay, let's just put a perfectly happy animal in a tank where the ammonia is through the roof. I can see multiple fatalities coming up. :(

Dropped into BigW on the way home. I knew I had a couple of dvds in my bag, but I thought they were in the back pocket. As I left the store, of course they checked my bag as usual but didn't say anything. Then when I got home I found one of the dvds sitting right on top of the section of the bag I showed them. So they checked my bag, saw the dvd sitting on top, but said nothing! How bizarre is that! Maybe they figure that dvds are all electronically tagged and would have set off the alarms.


Dave2 said:

Or maybe you just have an honest look about you. :-)

August 27, 2004 12:21 AM


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