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I am the world's worst procrastinator. If the first step in doing something is the slightest bit difficult that thing just does not get done. So it was with some notes programming I had to do. This task had been hanging over my head literally *all year* because every time I thought about it I thought "urghh" (literally!). Well after fixing the thing I fixed yesterday I was without much left todo, so asked my boss what I should do next. (This in itself is always a dangerous thing to do, because he will always allocate the stuff that I've been trying to put off as long as possible). The response of course was this horrible notes job. As it turned out however, the task wasn't too complicated or even difficult, and I had it done within an hour or two. So all those months of stressing over this stupid job, and it was over and done with in an hour. How tragic is that? I really should tackle other such jobs, both at work and at home, with the same gusto...!

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