Green Eggs and Handball

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Well after two double vodka and vanilla cokes, I sat down to watch the black angels lay another batch of eggs. I'm now convinced that they're both females. I may take up Fiona's offer to borrow their male. After watching them eat their flyaway eggs I suddenly had a hankering for eggs for dinner. These were leftover from the pre-olympics do we had at work the other week (the leftovers of an egg and spoon race). Yum. Love fried eggs.

So then it was 9:30 and I thought I'd put on the handball. I've never actually seen any handball but Luc keeps talking about it and saying how great it is, so thought I'd have a look. My first thoughts were "a cross between basketball and soccer". Followed a few minutes later by the commentator saying "it's like a cross between basketball and soccer, or water polo without the water" .. silly really.

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