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Happy Birthday?

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Six years ago today I got my iPhone 5.

It was my "halloween" phone, this is the first photo I took on it:

Halloween 2012 

So I thought I'd mark the occasion by getting a new phone.

Except Optus didn't have any black or silver 64GB phones, only gold ones.  And it's $15/month more for a 256GB phone.

So I left in disgust.

Friday David and Kat came to stay which was nice.  We couldn't decide what to have for dinner, so went to the shop for inspiration.  While staring at the fridge some random came in so David asked "what's for dinner?", to which she said, pasta with chicken, cream, sundried tomatoes, and D&K were like "can we come to your place?" haha.  Did pick up some stuff and made creamy bacony porky pasta.  After dinner we finished the jigsaw I'd been working on for the week (all that was left was sky that took a third of the jigsaw).  And we put on Flying High because Kat needed to see it.  Except she wouldn't watch it.  Oh well.

Saturday morning we started a new jigsaw before they wandered off.  Didn't have a particularly efficient day.  Did some food shopping but that was about all.  Thought we'd have a nice quiet evening.  Watched Wall-E (because we don't have Ratatouille).  After the movie I tried to use David's G7X in stars mode, but I couldn't get it to focus.  I completely lost it.  My brother can get the most amazing photos out of that camera, but I can't even operate it in point and shoot mode.  Such a failure at life.  Which was sad because the sweetie had come out to sit with my while I was doing stuff, which was really nice, but I couldn't deal and went to bed.  And then woke up at about 1:45am and stayed awake for the next three or four hours.  Hurrah.

Sunday I was pretty much a zombie, so again, nothing got done.  Such a waste of a weekend.  I shoulda gone petanquing.  

David and Kat came back in the afternoon, complete with broken ankle.  Kat had rolled it on uneven ground on Saturday night.  They got it treated at Goulburn Base Hospital on Sunday on the way back here.  We finished the jigsaw we started on Saturday and watched some Good Place and had roast pork for dinner, and I slept a whole lot better.

Monday evening I think I managed to achieve more in an hour than I did all weekend.  Silly really.

Tuesday evening was hurty, which was remedied with wine and pizza, and a drink with Kit and Pete, one of our last ever at their place.  Sad times.

Turned on the cooler tonight for the first time this season.  I think it's going to be a hot one....


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Got something in my eye this morning and it wouldn't go away.  It seriously felt like someone was poking me in the eye for three hours straight.  Made it very hard to concentrate.  My eyes are very tired now.

After a few short weeks in a row, this whole going every day thing is a little hard! ;)

We did have a very quiet weekend.  I was going to say I didn't leave the house, but I did go get some supplies, and climb a mountain on Sunday morning before Stu was even awake.

Other than that it was just All The Things.

We caught this spider back in April in our van.  I think she's a wolf spider.  With babies!

Wolf spider with babies

Afro spider!

Afro spider!

A Few Stumpy Photos

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These things have been accumulating all year.

Stumpy in bed


Stumpy snuggles

Stumpy and a snail

Stumpy hanami

Wednesday night was a work trivia night.

We won.


Although we got a reprieve - before they announced first and second place they said that as an incentive to actually win, they were going to make the second place getters run the next one.  hehehe :)

Last night was bbq at Serena's for her birthday which was attended by her housemates and Anita.  Was pretty fun but didn't have a late night which was good.

Today is just doing all the things, although I've been going a bit slowly so not getting All The Things done, just some of them.

Long Weekend. Again.

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I could get used to them.

Friday took a random day off and got things done.  Mostly planning and tax type stuff.  And got the pool looked at.  And went food shopping.  Watched Star Trek Into Darkness in the evening.

Saturday was more of the same.  In the afternoon went to Casey Jones for Wello's 40th birthday drinks/snacks thing which was quite nice. Stu had been out at the club and was originally planning to stay the night but decided to come home.  So we went to Scott's where the N-Gang was all having pizza.  Unfortunately it was a super late night as these nights often are.  

So was pretty tired all day today.  Got stuff done in the morning though (including loading up the green bin and more tax stuff).  Spent several hours in the afternoon watching dad's WWII documentaries and finally finished checking Vic's Lego.  Just a little bit of filing of the last of the pieces and then it will be time to start collecting pieces to construct sets!

Watched Cheaper by the Dozen in a couple of parts over the weekend, and Finding Nemo tonight.

And in Better News..

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Last night got eight hours of decent sleep, so was still tired this morning but felt a lot better.

And tonight I finished labelling our East Asia photos.  Really want to get photos into the blog by the end of the year.. see how I go...

Thursday night we started up watching through the next series of movies - the Pixar movies.  Except I only have ten out of the twenty of them on dvd/bluray.  I haven't even seen a few of the more recent ones.

So Thursday was Toy Story, Friday was A Bug's Life, Saturday was Toy Story 2 and Sunday was Monsters Inc.

Saturday I had a *super* productive day doing All The Things.  Sunday wasn't quite as productive but still got a lot done.

Sunday evening we had the leftover chocolate and cream with chocolate fondue for dessert.

Chocolate fondue for two

The last three nights I've had the *worst* insomnia.  Saturday at least I was able to get back to sleep for a little while in the morning.  But Sunday night I woke up at 2:20am and only got about three quarters of an hour more sleep.  Last night I woke up at 2:30am but *never* got back to sleep.  I was very tired on Monday and a complete zombie today.  Fun times.  Not.

Oh and yesterday I got swooped by a magpie for like the first time ever (except that one time I was with DC but I blame that on him cause he always gets swooped heh).  


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Last week Aunty Di and Uncle Graham were in town, so went over to Chrissie's on Wednesday night for wine and fondue!

Grate up a bunch of gruyere and swiss cheese (Westfield Belconnen has NO delis now, so no emmental was to be had #epicfail #westfieldau).

Fondue grated cheese

Mix with some corn flour and nutmeg

Mix in corn flour and nutmeg

Add to a cup or two of heated white wine and stir

Stir til thick

Scoff the whole lot in short order


Black Beauty

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So a couple of months ago I watched the 1994 adaptation of Black Beauty and really enjoyed it.  So I dug out my mum's copy of the book by Anna Sewell and have been reading it before bed, finishing it the other night.  Short chapters which made for easy bed time reading.  It was actually really similar to the movie.  The movie had dropped the odd chapter here and there and there were a few minor differences, but otherwise quite close.  Maybe I'll get the sweetie to watch the movie with me some time.

Long Weekend

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So I flexed off Friday.  With no power and no internet there were no distractions, so had a super productive morning tidying the house, and I got behind the tv cabinet and tidied up and pulled out a bunch of stuff no longer in use and finally FINALLY put the PS3, Wii and new dvd player into the cabinet, so that's all much more betterer.

Then I picked up Neil and we went to Ryan McNaught's Brick Man exhibition.  As you do.

Then I came home (via work and a bit of supply shopping) and tidied up the rack which had degenerated into a massive mess, and pulled out my computer desk and tidied and cleaned behind that.

David and Kat came to stay and we did a jigsaw and got pizza for dinner (two nights in a row hrmmm).

So a super productive Friday.

Saturday wasn't as productive but did get a bit of stuff done.  Went out to the club in the afternoon and helped Fiona prep and serve dinner for sixty people.  These dinners are getting bit out of control...

Club Middle East night

Club Middle East night

Club Middle East night

Club Middle East night

Club Middle East night

Club Middle East night

Sunday morning was mostly food prep and a bit of tidying.  Had Nat and Andrew come over for our annual hanami lunch which was nice.  And then played Mario Kart all afternoon. 





Went down to Kit's in the evening, took a bit of cheese that turned out to be dinner (big lunch, not hungry), but got talked into staying later and later.  Whoops.

Monday was still trying to keep up with All The Things.  Got some of it done but not all.  Later in the arvo we went over to EffanC's for drinks and dinner, and R&F came too which was nice.  Collapsed into bed for an early night.

Or in this case, no electricity.

There's a reason they used asbestos in electrical cabinets...

So 6:50 on Friday morning the power went out.  Usually this is an old fish tank heater that's getting faulty.  Except the RCD was still switched on.  I flicked it off.  But then couldn't get it to flick on again.  I turned off everything I could in the house but no change.  Several messages and photos back and forth back and forth to David before I noticed the melted plastic...

Melted plastic

At that point we knew it was serious and we'd have to get the professionals in.

Fortunately, FORTUNATELY, we were able to get it looked at the same day.  I shudder to think of going three days without power.  Would have needed to find friends with fridge and freezer space...  The fish would have probably been ok this time as it's a lot warmer than it was in April.

Someone let the smoke out..


Upshot of all of this is now each of the two power circuits has its own RCD, so if a fish tank trips it'll only take out half the house...

The other week when the Queen Mary 2 was in New York, I was waiting for her to sail so I could watch her on the New York Harbour webcam.  Meanwhile another ship departed, and for a moment the camera zoomed back to look closer at the Queen Mary 2.  Later I watched her sail out and under the Verrazano Narrows bridge.

Queen Mary 2 in New York

This morning, @RMSQueenMary2 had this picture of Queen Mary 2 (which we've been on) and MS Rotterdam (which my mum was just on) together in Quebec.

Queen Mary 2 and MS Rotterdam in Quebec

And the other day saw this sadness - the Sydney Entertainment Centre in the process of being demolished :(

Entertainment Centre gone..

This is a Wasgij jigsaw David brought over at one point.  As always these are a lot of fun.

Wasgij jigsaw

Jim bought me this as a parting gift when he left the team.  The birds were a lot of fun and I did those quite quickly.  The blue on the other hand was HARD.  Completely flat colour.  Fortunately there was a good variety in piece shapes so took ages but was at least doable.  The other thing I liked about this jigsaw was the packaging.  The jigsaw came in a sealed snap-lock bag, so once opened, the jigsaw could be placed back in a snap-lock bag - no losing pieces!  So good.

Birds jigsaw

I finished the fourth installment of the Disney 40320 piece behemoth jigsaw at the beginning of September.  I knew as soon as picked out the bag (at random) that it would be this because it was so green.  As always, the picture is not *quite* reality from the movie.  

Jungle Book jigsaw

Jungle Book jigsaw and movie

Jungle book movie still

David and I spent an entire day just doing this 1500 piece jigsaw a couple of weeks ago.  This was a club jigsaw I brought home because they were clearing out the office.  I got two boxes of jigsaws - win!

Cockpit simulator jigsaw

Another from the club office cleanout.  Only three hundred pieces, so just a bit of fun.  Sadly a few pieces missing because the box was not sealed and bits had gone everywhere.  Found some but not all.

Creatures of the Deep jigsaw

This was a fun 1000 piece jigsaw, also from the club cleanout.  The art is by Royce, who did the art for the 24000 piece Life jigsaw.  So I've done some of those planets before!  David and Kat and I did it again together the other day.

Royce Dolphin World jigsaw

This 500 piece one of St Lucia I started last Monday night with the intent I'd get a couple of nights on it.  Except I finished it in an hour.  Whoops.  Also from the club cleanout.

St Lucia jigsaw

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