Third Quarter Jigsaws

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This is a Wasgij jigsaw David brought over at one point.  As always these are a lot of fun.

Wasgij jigsaw

Jim bought me this as a parting gift when he left the team.  The birds were a lot of fun and I did those quite quickly.  The blue on the other hand was HARD.  Completely flat colour.  Fortunately there was a good variety in piece shapes so took ages but was at least doable.  The other thing I liked about this jigsaw was the packaging.  The jigsaw came in a sealed snap-lock bag, so once opened, the jigsaw could be placed back in a snap-lock bag - no losing pieces!  So good.

Birds jigsaw

I finished the fourth installment of the Disney 40320 piece behemoth jigsaw at the beginning of September.  I knew as soon as picked out the bag (at random) that it would be this because it was so green.  As always, the picture is not *quite* reality from the movie.  

Jungle Book jigsaw

Jungle Book jigsaw and movie

Jungle book movie still

David and I spent an entire day just doing this 1500 piece jigsaw a couple of weeks ago.  This was a club jigsaw I brought home because they were clearing out the office.  I got two boxes of jigsaws - win!

Cockpit simulator jigsaw

Another from the club office cleanout.  Only three hundred pieces, so just a bit of fun.  Sadly a few pieces missing because the box was not sealed and bits had gone everywhere.  Found some but not all.

Creatures of the Deep jigsaw

This was a fun 1000 piece jigsaw, also from the club cleanout.  The art is by Royce, who did the art for the 24000 piece Life jigsaw.  So I've done some of those planets before!  David and Kat and I did it again together the other day.

Royce Dolphin World jigsaw

This 500 piece one of St Lucia I started last Monday night with the intent I'd get a couple of nights on it.  Except I finished it in an hour.  Whoops.  Also from the club cleanout.

St Lucia jigsaw

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