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Saw this at Woosang's and thought it was pretty cool...

The dude makes me somewhat jealous .. :)

Really, all weekends should be like this one. Totally first class. Me don't wanna go home/work tomorrow....

Stu's Fishies

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Cyprochromis leptosoma (Utinta)

Neolamprogulus multifasciatus

Julidochromis transcriptus

Fundulopanchax gardneri (Akure)


Pretty guppies

Good Day

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Had a lovely day today. The type of weekend day that you should have every weekend. Snuggling with the love of your life, going for a drive to little country towns, taking cool photos, watching Star Trek, going shopping, cooking nice food, watching movies, drinking wine and mint baileys, and going to bed with the love of your life.


Well it seems that yes, you can in fact run windows firewall on boxes running NLB. This is presuming that your NLB is setup correctly. After logging a call to Microsoft (and talking to someone who had never setup NLB before - grrr) I eventually rebuilt my test boxes from scratch and setup NLB in the prescribed way, as opposed to copying what we have in production. Turns out our production servers are incorrectly setup too. Which is surprising because they *work*, and have done for years, and Luc set them up based on the way servers are setup for the entire organisation (!)

So anyways.

Next week we'll be reconfiguring the production servers, and then will try enabling the firewall on them again...


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Well the webserver is back online, but it appears they may have rolled back to the old server... oh dear.. I wonder what went wrong...


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My blog will be offline for a while overnight while they copy everything to a new server .. hopefully it will all be working again in the morning.. :)

1. Elaborate on your default icon.
Presumably it means my livejournal icon, which is just a picture of Stu and me. My Gravatar icon Gavin took a few years ago when he was still practising his portrait photography and was using me as a guinea pig.

2. What's your current relationship status?
Happily in love with Stu

3. Ever have a near-death experience?

4. Name an obvious quality you have.
er... I'm good at massages...

5. What's the name of the song that's stuck in your head right now?
Wake Up, by Alanis Morissette

6. Name a celebrity you would marry:
Sorry, I'm already taken :)

7. Who will cut and paste this first?
Woosang said me.. I wonder if it was me.. hehe .. who will paste? Who knows!

8. Has anyone ever said you look like a celebrity?
Don't think so

9. Do you wear a watch? What kind?
Yes. It's a Citizen, and has the date *and* day on it - really rare in a ladies watch. It was a graduation present from my parents.

10. Do you have anything pierced?
Both my ears

11. Do you have any tattoos?

12. Do you like pain?
Only if it doesn't hurt too much (which is flipping why I have "Wake Up" in my head)

13. Do you like to shop?
Sorta. Depends what for.

14. What was the last thing you paid for with cash?
mmmm meat! My dinner tonight actually

15. What was the last thing you paid for with your credit card?
Some wine and vodka :)

16. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?
Either someone from Dell or Microsoft .. can't remember which..

17. What is on your desktop background?
At home a picture of Stu, at work one of Mt St Helens

18. What is the background on your cell phone?
Just some default blackberry background

19. Do you like redheads?
er.. sure

20. Do you know any twins?

21. Do you have any weird relatives?
Yeah, all my immediate family :)

22. What was the last movie you watched?
Pirates of the Caribbean 2 at the movies, Bowling for Columbine on tv

23. What was the last book you read?
All the way through? That would have been the Half Blood Prince at Easter. But still trying to get through Cordelia's Honour .. I *will* finish .. one day ..


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Crick = creek
Martian bastard = mars bar
Rake = lake
Crouds = clouds
Hurro = hello
Twain = train

There were tonnes more, but that was two years ago and I've basically forgotten them all now.

The word of the holiday was definitely "confluence". We saw or came near several of them.

Well Subway, after having stopped their loyalty sticker program in America last year, and in Queensland a few months ago, are finally phasing it out in New South Wales too. They won't be giving out stickers here past the end of July, and you'll have until the end of January to redeem them.

End of an era really ...

I discovered this today when I found a baby krib jammed in amongst the filter sponge :( so this probably explains what's been happening to all the babies. There's only three left with the parents now (and three in the baby chamber). I shoved some moss stuff in around the filter intake holes, so that might stop the rest of the babies getting sucked to their deaths....

Sunday nights

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I hate Sunday nights. From about 5pm as it starts to get dark I have this feeling of loss as the weekend draws to a close. The impending dread of work the next day. The feelings of lack of achievement of getting things done. It's worse in Canberra in some ways, because I know I have to get up very early the next morning and drive for three hours.

I did actually get some stuff done this weekend, so it's not all bad. Replacing one set of "lego dust" with another, with the purpose of having it all out at once to be photographed, so it can be dismantled and I can also dismantle the Hogwarts mosaic and move onto new things.

I've spent a good couple of months now on and off looking for an answer to a very simple question:

Can you use windows firewall on servers running NLB?

Well it seems that only one other person on the internet has asked this question, and they didn't get a very satisfactory answer. Certainly nothing I can really work with.

The problem *seems* to be something to do with gateways. With the firewall disabled, everything works fine. However with the firewall enabled, only the non-NLB ips respond.. the NLB ip address doesn't respond (blocked by the firewall) - however it *does* work from machines on the same vlan.

I think I'll be logging a call to Microsoft on this one...

Bowling for Columbine was on the other night, so taped it and finished watching it tonight. It truly paints a frightening picture of America. Which is ironic because a major message in the film is that everyone in America is kept living in fear. The South Park-like video of the white people living in fear is very well done.

The statistics on gun deaths in America are just staggering. Like over *eleven thousand* per year in the US versus sixty-something here and a couple of hundred in countries like England, Germany and France.

I seriously don't get how a country with sooooo much money has problems with so many people on low incomes and next to zero health care unless you have insurance. Surely if they didn't spend all their money blowing up other countries and just taking care of their own people instead, it really could be a great country....


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Grumpy day today. Grumpy with people. Grumpy with servers. Grumpy at not getting enough of the boy all day. At least one thing worked in the end with the server I was working on. Would have been annoying and time consuming to fix if it hadn't worked.

Shiny Sink

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Keeping the sink shiny (or at least all the dishes done) has not been a problem. I've been doing this for years in an attempt to keep cockroach numbers down. Incidently, keeping all my dishes washed made no difference whatsoever to cockroach numbers in my kitchen, but two applications of hydramethylnon in January and I haven't seen any in there since.

But I digress.

Keeping the bed made is the shiny sink of the bedroom. So they say. Easy, never been a problem. The bedroom is always easy to keep tidy.

No the problem has always been the study. My computer desk. The chest of drawers next to this desk. The other big table with the fish tanks on them. They are my biggest ever hotspots. So I realised these surfaces had to be the shiny sink of the study. It's now in my get-home-from-work routine to make sure these surfaces are completely tidy. Every day. With these clean, other surfaces will follow.

So the theory goes.....

Google Earth

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Somehow I got a computer capable of Google Earthing at home.

So I've been Google Earthing rather a lot ....

I've marked hundreds and hundreds of places over the past few months, so the danger is that suddenly Google will disappear .. but at least if it does, my myplaces.kml file has all the latitudes and longitudes to import into whatever else may come along...

Just need to remember to save the file every so often....

Weekend in Photos

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On Saturday night we had some strawberries for dessert. I thought the tops of them cut off looked pretty cool

Looking south from Coogee Beach

Wedding Cake Island

You didn't know seagulls took baths did you?


Heron close up

Hogwarts logo lego mosaic, finally mounted (it's a work in progress, still testing ideas of the best way to mount it)

  • Got pissed off at the games club at work, to the point where I lost patience that night and left early in disgust
  • The boy arrived and it was soooooo good to see him
  • Slept in
  • Wandered down to the shopping centre to get breakfast/coffee/supplies for the evening meal
  • Bought Stu some cyps (can't remember what sort) and some multifasciatus (over $200 worth of fish all up)
  • Kept the fish alive all weekend in eskys on my desk with a fan heater and airstones
  • Got some guppies Stu brought up with him
  • Guppies were almost all dead by Sunday night, only one left now
  • Watched Toy Story
  • Watched several episodes of Star Trek
  • Had some lovely ling fillets and fresh asparagus in hollondaise sauce that Stu cooked up
  • Patched servers
  • Trekked out to the beach for lunch and a walk
  • Took lots of touristy photos at the beach
  • Hung my Hogwarts lego mosaic on my bedroom wall
  • Got incredibly frustrated with my dodgy-brothers dvd which has some electrical fault in it
  • Watched A Bug's Life
  • Tried the Dominos garlic and cheese high top crust, which wasn't as good as other crust offerings (specifically the cheese and bacon one)
  • Watched more Star Trek
  • Got very sad over all the dead guppies
  • Said a sad goodbye to the boy
  • Patched more servers
  • Bewildered over the dvd that was being dodgy all weekend, then decided to start working perfectly for a while
  • Watched all the special features on the Bug's Life dvd
  • Waited for word that the boy arrived home safely .......

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    So have been working on my flylady control journal. Completed my evening routine (that's downloading emails, reading blogs, cleaning my desk, feeding the fish, downloading my photos, putting the washing away, cooking dinner and washing up from dinner) by 6:30pm (!!?!??!!)

    Which left my entire evening free. Which was very cool. Vacuumed the flat (just a quickie, no more than ten minutes work there), then not sure where the rest of the evening went. Mostly on backing up my computer I think heh.

    Friday tomorrow.. yayyy

    Chicken Kiev I had for lunch the other day

    50 Questions

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    Stolen from Neil .. it was supposedly 50 questions, but there are *stacks* missing (marked *) ... hrmmmm .. ok, quick google search, found this which has some more.. I have a feeling I've done this before... but who cares.. hehe

    extended entry....

    I think I convinced four baby fish that I was their mother today. I noticed the four little kribs I'd separated were just moping in a corner, so I stuck my finger in there, and sure enough, the babies came to life and started foraging for food. Very cool :)

    Three tiny krib babies

    Pirates of the Caribbean 2

    So a bunch of us went and saw Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest tonight, courtesy of Dell :)

    It was a bit silly of course, probably not as good or as much fun as the first movie, and of course the hanging on until the last movie comes out.

    Not to mention this movie, scored by Hans Zimmer, sounds exactly like The Rock. heh.

    But a free night out, with popcorn and mint choc-tops and everything, is always a very good thing :):)

    Life and Death

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    Late last week I brought four of my little girl guppies home to put into my tetra tank. Saturday morning the two from the bowl were dead, and by Sunday the two from the tank were dead. No idea why. Change in water conditions? Change in temperature? Something toxic in the water? I've never lost a guppy like this - and remember these are hardy little creatures - we've transported guppies on planes and in little baggies in cars for weeks on end with no losses. So it's cause for some concern that I can't transfer fish between tanks. And really sad that I killed these otherwise perfectly healthy fish :(:(

    However when I got to work this morning I found several dozen baby kribs that have hatched into my work tank. Which is way way cool. Except I need to do something to protect them, as the other kribs will eat them if given half a chance. Don't know what the best thing to do would be. At the moment I have a cd in the tank cutting off the most likely point of entry for other fish. Might have to try and get some netting or something....


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    Dinner though was much nicer. Alan and Marylon returned from a long trip away, so a belated first of the month dinner. ... mmmmm roast pork again .. you can never have too much roast pork :):)

    And on that note, I'm off to go talk to the boy :)

    Photos again

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    Some more photos from the past couple of weeks..

    James' dessert the other night -

    Lily with an espresso - really - ! - no ok, it was a Babycino :)
    Lily espresso

    mmmmmm mint baileys!
    Mint Baileys

    Obligatory roast pork photo - we're getting good at them now -
    Roast pork

    Stu's 4' fish tank getting ready for some cichlids -
    Stu's fish tank

    African violets flowering like crazy on my kitchen window sil -
    African violets

    I was presented with a dilema recently: which side to cheese up my country cheeses?

    As you can see, there are two sides to a country cheese -

    Country Cheeses

    On one side (the front) is a little extra salt and a smoother texture. On the other side it's a little more bland.

    Now naturally you would lay out your Country Cheeses right side up and top away. Except then when put them in your mouth with the topping on top, you get the boring bit on your tongue.

    So logically, you should flip your Country Cheeses upside down, and coat the back of them.

    Now what should you top a Country Cheese with? Well dear reader, nothing other than Kraft Cheddar Cheese Spread -

    Kraft Cheddar Cheese Spread

    I suppose you could put butter or margarine or some sort of dip, but my recommendation is the cheese spread.

    And what better snack can you think of on a lovely winters day -

    Country Cheeses and Cheese Spread

    (My brother will look at this photo and see something very definitely wrong with this picture - you see he will consume an entire jar of cheese spread with his country cheese biscuits - each cracker at least a centimetre thick with spread!! :) )

    urgh. sick of being sick.
    Starting to get better.. I think... although only had four hours sleep last night on account of not being able to breathe :(
    Think will make an attempt at an early night (although Luc reckons sometimes there's not much point going to bed early if you're just going to toss and turn - may as well stay up until collapse from exhaustion) ...
    or something...

    So went to work today. Got done what I wanted to do (I think). Although dcdiag showed some strange things I have to look into.

    Jodi told me I should have stayed home. She will be most put out if she gets sick for her long weekend away. As will Sarah and Craig.....

    Then had an impromptu farewell for Campbell tonight. He is leaving for England on Saturday. We all hope. :) If not there'll be a bunch of us dragging him kicking and screaming to the airport and putting him on a plane.. heh


    adsl is back *finally* (well I had the borrowed modem for a week and half, but that only allowed one computer to connect to the net, my modem lets me connect all of them and my netphone). So I'm most pleased about that :)

    Groan Take Two

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    Second day at home. I hate being sick. Have I ever mentioned that?
    Spent most of the day in bed wishing I could just fall asleep. But alas, no such luck.
    Have to go back to work tomorrow. Otherwise need to go get a doctor's certificate. So will take some Codral and soldier on....


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    Well I stumbled out of bed this morning and had breakfast, but by the time I'd had my shower I knew I shouldn't go to work. Feeling like crap, so went straight back to bed. Except I've been there all morning (aside from drink and toilet breaks) and not been able to sleep :(

    My brain hurts :(

    Had to go back to work today. A thoroughly depressing thought after such a lovely weekend. But instead of reading, I decided to *do*.. and setup a little active directory domain on some old computers, with dhcp and everything. Tomorrow I will turn on firewalls and watch to see what breaks..... heh

    Came home and got a few bits and pieces done, although not any unpacking, which was the only thing I actually had planned to do tonight. Oops. But I did get last week's washing put away, does that count..? :)

    Am feeling like I'm having an immune response. Lots of sick people at work. Worried I'm coming down with something. Took a C/echinacea/Zinc/Garlic tablet and will have some more tomorrow... and an early night tonight....


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    I swear weekends aren't long enough.

    Had another lovely day today. Slept late. Had brekky followed by lunch not too long after. Got lots of tidying done. Watched Lost in Translation on dvd. Went to Scott and Kerry's. Had the most amazing slow-cooked roast pork (and a plum sauce I made from scratch from very overripe plums). Watched some Star Trek. And tried the limited edition Baileys with mint, which tastes just like when I make it with Creme de Menthe heh :)

    And sadly yet another weekend comes to an end. Don't wanna go to work tomorrow *bwwwwaaaahhhh*

    Busy day

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    (That's Stu's title for today's entry heh)

    Well we had a decent sleepin which was nice, although I had a little wine with dinner last night and that was still in the system during the night which made my sleep a little restless). Had some breakfast then did some tidying in the kitchen and before we knew it the hoardes had descended on us for lunch. This in itself is almost a tradition now :) Took plenty more cute photos of the kids. After everyone left we did some more tidying up, getting Stu's house in order some more from the move, putting books into shelves etc. Did some food shopping and then got kebabs for dinner, before putting all the shopping away and going to see Cars. And now I think it's tomorrow... :)


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    So we went and saw Cars tonight. It was pretty good. It started to get a little slow in the middle and felt like it needed to *go* somewhere, but had a lot of humour and some exciting bits too. The funniest funniest bit was the tractor-tipping ;) And the dude that did the voice of Mack parodying himself and his role in Pixar films. Pixar's graphics are certainly improving too - the scenery and light reflecting stuff is just awesome now.

    I kinda liked Jake's assessment of it - not the greatest Pixar film but that's like saying one of Beethoven's symphonies wasn't his greatest heh.

    It was funny walking back out into the carpark afterwards and seeing all the cars, and half expecting them to be animated :)

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