Shiny Sink

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Keeping the sink shiny (or at least all the dishes done) has not been a problem. I've been doing this for years in an attempt to keep cockroach numbers down. Incidently, keeping all my dishes washed made no difference whatsoever to cockroach numbers in my kitchen, but two applications of hydramethylnon in January and I haven't seen any in there since.

But I digress.

Keeping the bed made is the shiny sink of the bedroom. So they say. Easy, never been a problem. The bedroom is always easy to keep tidy.

No the problem has always been the study. My computer desk. The chest of drawers next to this desk. The other big table with the fish tanks on them. They are my biggest ever hotspots. So I realised these surfaces had to be the shiny sink of the study. It's now in my get-home-from-work routine to make sure these surfaces are completely tidy. Every day. With these clean, other surfaces will follow.

So the theory goes.....

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