Weekend in Point Form

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  • Got pissed off at the games club at work, to the point where I lost patience that night and left early in disgust
  • The boy arrived and it was soooooo good to see him
  • Slept in
  • Wandered down to the shopping centre to get breakfast/coffee/supplies for the evening meal
  • Bought Stu some cyps (can't remember what sort) and some multifasciatus (over $200 worth of fish all up)
  • Kept the fish alive all weekend in eskys on my desk with a fan heater and airstones
  • Got some guppies Stu brought up with him
  • Guppies were almost all dead by Sunday night, only one left now
  • Watched Toy Story
  • Watched several episodes of Star Trek
  • Had some lovely ling fillets and fresh asparagus in hollondaise sauce that Stu cooked up
  • Patched servers
  • Trekked out to the beach for lunch and a walk
  • Took lots of touristy photos at the beach
  • Hung my Hogwarts lego mosaic on my bedroom wall
  • Got incredibly frustrated with my dodgy-brothers dvd which has some electrical fault in it
  • Watched A Bug's Life
  • Tried the Dominos garlic and cheese high top crust, which wasn't as good as other crust offerings (specifically the cheese and bacon one)
  • Watched more Star Trek
  • Got very sad over all the dead guppies
  • Said a sad goodbye to the boy
  • Patched more servers
  • Bewildered over the dvd that was being dodgy all weekend, then decided to start working perfectly for a while
  • Watched all the special features on the Bug's Life dvd
  • Waited for word that the boy arrived home safely .......


    Missy said:

    A Bug's Life? Hmm, seems I was discussing that with someone recently. Hmm. ;-)

    July 17, 2006 8:02 AM


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