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Shower Saga

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Well my shower saga started some time before I bought this place, when some idiot gentleman smeared crappy sealant all over the tiles in an attempt to prevent leaks. This sealant first yellowed, then allowed mould to grow under it.

In December 2004 I scraped off the worst of it, but still had a long way to go. When I found out Stu would be visiting, I got the whole bottom half finished.

Skip to this year and I'm about to move out, so thought I really should get the damaged grout fixed.

So I scraped off the rest of the sealant.
With a metal paint scraper.

And then I scoured with steel wool.

And a final soft scourer wipe down.

The result was reasonably good, but the old grout is damaged and impossible to clean.

So the tiler came yesterday and made it all *pretty*.

Today I used a bit of vinegar to wipe off the excess grout from the surface of the tiles. My shower has never ever been cleaner (except when it was first done)..

So here's a bit of a timeline of the stages....

While scraping off the worst of the sealant All sealant removed Finished shower

Woke up a bit after five feeling the after effects of last night. Might have gotten back to sleep except I remembered I hadn't unpacked the fishies from their baggies last night after I brought them home. So got up and did all that. Then did a final wipe down of the shower. Then went shopping (cause needed cash for the tiler and thought would pick a few things up).

All of this before 8:30am. (!)

So tiler dude came to regrout the shower and I tidied up the flat, and had some people come and take away both my couch and the hobby table. Which is a huge relief cause I didn't think they were going to get taken (Freecycle let me down) and I didn't want to move them.

The rest of the day was packing and organising and scanning.

Here's two of the cooler things I scanned today...

Triple M's Dr Dan logo. I traced this from a newspaper ad and coloured it in. I think I did this in about 1989.

Triple M's Dr Dan logo

A fractal expanded from the one in the book of Jurassic Park. The idea is you draw a small line. From the end of that line, you pivot 90°, giving you an L shaped line. You then take the end of that and pivot the L 90° giving most of an S. And so on. You end up with a kinda S-shaped fractal. I colour-coded as I went so I wouldn't get lost.. although that didn't help near the end and I did stuff it up.

Jurassic Park Fractal


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So many lasts today. Now finally after much alcomohol it all hits me and I'm very sad... *sigh*

Take Two

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Had our "internal" farewell at lunch today - just a trip to the pub. But it was so much nicer and more relaxing and I had a couple of beers and John came and it was just so much better.

Threw out about 50cm of paper today. Emptied out my old boss' filing cabinet. Most of the stuff in there was filed in around 1999 by an admin temp we had at the time. Virtually nothing had been filed since. So I tossed pretty much all of it. It was an awful lot of fun :) I also tossed 3/4 of the stuff I had in my personal filing drawer. Very liberating :) And in two years time someone will say "whatever happened to xyz document?" and I won't be there to say I tossed it .. mwooohahahaha. I'd post a photo but Stu is about to call (have a mounting pile of photos I need to blog .. one day...)


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Had a farewell thingie for me today. Not many people from outside our unit came. This made me sad. I think I'll go eat worms. Well perhaps not, some unexpected people did come, and Luc said some nice things about me, and I didn't even have to give a speech.

Incredibly weary. Things would be easier if I was planning to keep everything and not get the place done up. Then I'd just pack it all instead of trying to keep tabs of a dozen people and what they are picking up and when.


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I shut down conspiracy today. Well the website is still active, I just moved its dns and files elsewhere. But I finally turned off the box that it's been running on for about 6-7 years. This computer happened to be my second computer, that I bought in 1996. ! A pentium 166 running NT4. They wanted the rackspace back, turns out that rackspace is more expensive that disk space nowadays :) The whole reason I set it up in the first place was not clutter up godzilla with all my photos. Now they don't care that I'm taking up a few gig on one of their servers. I should probably move my blog across to it also (it's 289mb all up including logs), to keep all my websites in the one place, all managed through a funky cPanel interface.

Just another good thing coming to an end this week..

Frigging Smile!

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So I borrowed a couple of wedding magazines off Jess last night. The one thing that really annoys me about them is the models don't frigging smile! Almost the entire content of the magazines are "glamorous" but basically unhappy-looking barbie dolls, with impossible proportions. Really quite irritating.

I did have to do a double take when I got to one photo and went .. hang on .. I was just there.. it was taken in the bar of the Bavarian Bier Cafe..!

I'm gonna look nothing like a modern-day bride. At least not like in the fancy-shmancy magazines...

I swear I'm glad I don't have to put up with that group (or more specifically one of its moderators) for much longer.

Just had another one of my posts rejected. No reason why. I'm *guessing* that they don't like my suburb anymore (they used to).

Far out I'm pissed off. And I can't complain about it to anyone. Complaining is not going to get my message out, just hinder it.

I don't have time for this nonsense. Was hoping to get rid of some things this weekend, and now she's not likely to moderate again til some time tomorrow when it's too late for responses.

No soup for you! Frigging nazi.


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I'm stressed :(


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more on that later :)

Where were we? Friday?

Well Friday the boy came up early and we went out to dinner with various current and ex cia peoples. Was a very pleasant night at the Bavarian Beer Cafe.

Bavarian Tasting Platter

Pork Belly

Kazza Blogography

Saturday we had a bit of a slow start but eventually got going and headed down the coast to Werrong Beach. Was about a 30 min walk inbound. Not too crowded and not too rough so headed out for a swim. It was.. hrmm.. *bracing* .. but after getting used to the water it was pretty good. Swam for a bit, then had a sunbake, then a 40 min walk outbound back to the car.

Then it was a trip to the far other end of Sydney to J&G's new place in .. South Gosford.. heh :) Had dinner there and it was all very nice and then came home cause we were quite tired.

Today it was an interesting day at church - we had actual roast lamb for a Passover feast celebration.

Then it was back here to do some scraping and cleaning, before sending the boy home ( :( ) and going off to dinner at A&M's.
Except I managed to get myself the hiccoughs. Which is *really* annoying. Have not had them in prolly fifteen years. And quite over them. Already. Really!!


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I'm back to scraping sealant off my shower tiles. Even though I did the worst of it a few years ago, most of the top half still has yellowing sealant coated all over the tiles. It doesn't have so much mould in it because it doesn't get as wet, but I decided I want to regrout my shower before I leave, and I'll need to clean up the tiles first. Such a pity I only have a few weeks left ... this one's gonna be close...


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So had a bit of fun looking for Steve Fossett tonight.

Did about 100 hits. But the images they have to work with aren't that great. They're quite dark. And if the plane nosedived in a heavily wooded area the chances of seeing it are incredibly low.

Try seeing anything in this:

The most interesting pic I saw was this:

There's 70-odd thousand "hits" left .. wonder if they'll find anything :)

Miscellaneous Photos

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Only driving past this another 14 times (well 28 really, plus whatever extra trips I may need to make...)

My Finger, Pull

Blind Man Driving

I stole the minifig's cap

Minifig capless

Does anyone know what these are?

Comments are back!

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They did in fact upgrade Zeus last week, and have fixed my problem, so the little image thingie is working again yayyyy :)

At some point I'll need to figure out how the comment spammers are getting around it, and also get it going for JC (I haven't forgotten!)


So comments have been broken since yesterday. The script that generates the image of the number is giving an internal server error. Probably they've turned off Perl GD or something silly like that. But whatever.

But overnight I got a comment spam!!!!!! How the hell did that happen?? I've long suspected there's been a way around the captcha, because of the number of comment spams that still get through - too many for spammers to be typing them in manually (and the ips are all different anyway). This confirms it.

Which means I'm gonna have to look into some other way around it. Except I'm sure any other method will require having to upgrade my MT installation :(

Comments is broked

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Comments are broken. The image generator thingie is broked. Quite possibly perl GD isn't working. But no comments is preferable to five hundred comment spams by morning.. sorry ..

Flu and other tales

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So I have this dilema: I can't get to sleep easily on my back or side, but if I lay on my tummy my nose either drips like a leaky tap, or alternatively, blocks up completely whereby I'm forced to breathe through my mouth, resulting in puddles of drool on my pillow.

Enough fun imagery so far? heh

So I lay awake in bed for another couple of hours last night, feeling completely miserable because I couldn't stop coughing, couldn't breathe, and therefore couldn't sleep. Not to mention every position simply *hurting* my head and neck. Not fun.

Today I ran out of pain killers and, even more disastrously for tonight, tissues. So it was off to the local shopping centre. Which I *hate* doing on a weekend. Even when I'm not sick. Things were only mildly traumatic getting there, I found a parking spot right by the entrance to the car park (you always want a spot near the exits, not the popular spots by the shops - is good to be able to make a quick getaway).

First stop, the pharmacy. There's about a billion different cold and flu medications. The thing I got last time doesn't exist anymore. Well it does, but it has phenylphrine instead of pseudoephedrine. Cause we can't have the druggies making stuff out of them can we? sigh.

The supermarket stop was ok, although I did buy about three times as many things there that were on my list. Including a chook that I'll roast tomorrow (hey, it was on special! heh).

However coming back to the car, some hothead was trying to reverse into a spot, and someone was in their way behind them. The first I knew of this was when one of them (dunno which) BLASTED their horn just metres from my already throbbing head. With two arms full of shopping I had to endure it. Arrgghhh!! Ouch!! :( What a bunch of bumheads.

Have taken drugs. Hope they kick in soon.

OK so this one might be a bit harder. If my American readers would only play, you might notice a higher incidence of Cascade mountains... :) Dave you should be able to get *at least* two of these ;)







#7 (this one's a double :) )




Answers from last week below:


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  • I don't have to go to work today on account of government paranoia (thanks Dubya) but I'm sick and quite possibly wouldn't have anyway
  • I took like three hours to get to sleep last night on account of having to cough my lungs out and eating too much home-made pizza (and maybe a glass or two too much vodka and vanilla coke), only to wake up at 7:30 starving.

    I didn't want to get up, cause the moving would set off the coughing. But it was unavoidable. So have had breakfast and coughing my lungs up again, and when that settles down, will attempt to get more sleep.

  • Sick

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    I'm sick.

    Was a bit sick last night. Definitely sick tonight.

    Dunno if will go to work tomorrow.. Jodi would shoot me if she got sick just in time for her holiday...

    New Blog

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    Found a new blog tonight. Yvonne linked to a cool ebay auction. In it was a link to the author/seller's blog. I've been reading it, it's hilarious. Remind me never to have kids! ;)

    Where am I?

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    Well yesterday was a bit of a cleaning day and then we wandered out to see a production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, which was quite raw, being performed by high school students and they only having 7 weeks to practise. But it was still a lot of fun (for me) and I sang the entire way through it :) The boys all made fun of it tho.. doh! Afterwoods we made it just in time to get KFC for a late dinner and then came home.

    Today was babysitting day. Took Josh and Rachel to McDonalds for breakfast, then Questacon until we were rescued.. and this was after not getting much sleep last night and then having to get up at the unearthly hour of 6:45am. By 3pm we were completely wasted (actually we were wasted a lot earlier than that! heh). So then jumped in the car and headed back to Sydney, and straight on to A&M's where I had some *very* nice champagne and Alan excelled himself as always with dinner. Then home finally, where I was sadly met by *no* fish - the first time in nearly five years I've not come home to fishies. Very sad. That, and quite a pile of mail, but that did include The Hunt for Red October soundtrack which I'm listening to and it's very cool.

    But now, even without seeing today's photos, I'm off to bed!

    Bobby doesn't drink out of a bowl like regular cats..

    Bobby Drinking

    Jake has a cool spinny-light thingie..

    Whirling Jake

    Took this waiting for the bus yesterday..


    Fishy Fotos

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    I brought my kribbies from work down this trip. They're three years old now, but the less dominant ones don't have their own caves or hidey holes, so have to huddle in the middle of the tank..

    Three year old kribbies

    I also brought my multies down. The only spot we could find to put them was the kitchen bench, which gets some sunlight..


    My black noen tetties have been down for a while, and stu put his cardinals in with them..


    Stu inherited this black widow tetra from a work colleague..

    Black Widow Tetra

    Food Diary continues

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    On Thursday night we headed over to Scott and Kerry's for dinner. Kerry had decided to make a special occasion of it, and had cooked up a storm. There was a fantastic lamb roast with tonnes of roast veggies, wine, and a lemon tart for dessert.

    Friday night we went out to JusQytly with Damien.

    We started with a bottle of sparkling shiraz..

    Sparkling shiraz

    Stu and I shared a tasting platter for entree..

    Tasting platter

    Stu had spatchcock..


    And I had steak..


    Damien had a lamb tart and risotto and the boys shared a walnut and blue cheese salad.

    The food was pretty good, my steak was cooked a perfect medium rare, although it was quite small. The service was if anything a little over enthusiastic. They'd keep refilling our glasses when they were only halfway empty.

    A very pleasant night.

    This morning we finished off the kransky, eggs, strawberries and blueberries...

    Breakfast fare

    Other meals for the last three days have consisted mainly of leftovers that we're still getting through.

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