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more on that later :)

Where were we? Friday?

Well Friday the boy came up early and we went out to dinner with various current and ex cia peoples. Was a very pleasant night at the Bavarian Beer Cafe.

Bavarian Tasting Platter

Pork Belly

Kazza Blogography

Saturday we had a bit of a slow start but eventually got going and headed down the coast to Werrong Beach. Was about a 30 min walk inbound. Not too crowded and not too rough so headed out for a swim. It was.. hrmm.. *bracing* .. but after getting used to the water it was pretty good. Swam for a bit, then had a sunbake, then a 40 min walk outbound back to the car.

Then it was a trip to the far other end of Sydney to J&G's new place in .. South Gosford.. heh :) Had dinner there and it was all very nice and then came home cause we were quite tired.

Today it was an interesting day at church - we had actual roast lamb for a Passover feast celebration.

Then it was back here to do some scraping and cleaning, before sending the boy home ( :( ) and going off to dinner at A&M's.
Except I managed to get myself the hiccoughs. Which is *really* annoying. Have not had them in prolly fifteen years. And quite over them. Already. Really!!

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