Take Two

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Had our "internal" farewell at lunch today - just a trip to the pub. But it was so much nicer and more relaxing and I had a couple of beers and John came and it was just so much better.

Threw out about 50cm of paper today. Emptied out my old boss' filing cabinet. Most of the stuff in there was filed in around 1999 by an admin temp we had at the time. Virtually nothing had been filed since. So I tossed pretty much all of it. It was an awful lot of fun :) I also tossed 3/4 of the stuff I had in my personal filing drawer. Very liberating :) And in two years time someone will say "whatever happened to xyz document?" and I won't be there to say I tossed it .. mwooohahahaha. I'd post a photo but Stu is about to call (have a mounting pile of photos I need to blog .. one day...)

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