Food Diary continues

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On Thursday night we headed over to Scott and Kerry's for dinner. Kerry had decided to make a special occasion of it, and had cooked up a storm. There was a fantastic lamb roast with tonnes of roast veggies, wine, and a lemon tart for dessert.

Friday night we went out to JusQytly with Damien.

We started with a bottle of sparkling shiraz..

Sparkling shiraz

Stu and I shared a tasting platter for entree..

Tasting platter

Stu had spatchcock..


And I had steak..


Damien had a lamb tart and risotto and the boys shared a walnut and blue cheese salad.

The food was pretty good, my steak was cooked a perfect medium rare, although it was quite small. The service was if anything a little over enthusiastic. They'd keep refilling our glasses when they were only halfway empty.

A very pleasant night.

This morning we finished off the kransky, eggs, strawberries and blueberries...

Breakfast fare

Other meals for the last three days have consisted mainly of leftovers that we're still getting through.

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