A couple of cool things I scanned today..

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Woke up a bit after five feeling the after effects of last night. Might have gotten back to sleep except I remembered I hadn't unpacked the fishies from their baggies last night after I brought them home. So got up and did all that. Then did a final wipe down of the shower. Then went shopping (cause needed cash for the tiler and thought would pick a few things up).

All of this before 8:30am. (!)

So tiler dude came to regrout the shower and I tidied up the flat, and had some people come and take away both my couch and the hobby table. Which is a huge relief cause I didn't think they were going to get taken (Freecycle let me down) and I didn't want to move them.

The rest of the day was packing and organising and scanning.

Here's two of the cooler things I scanned today...

Triple M's Dr Dan logo. I traced this from a newspaper ad and coloured it in. I think I did this in about 1989.

Triple M's Dr Dan logo

A fractal expanded from the one in the book of Jurassic Park. The idea is you draw a small line. From the end of that line, you pivot 90°, giving you an L shaped line. You then take the end of that and pivot the L 90° giving most of an S. And so on. You end up with a kinda S-shaped fractal. I colour-coded as I went so I wouldn't get lost.. although that didn't help near the end and I did stuff it up.

Jurassic Park Fractal

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