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So very (VERY) early Wednesday morning I pointed my car in the general direction of the Southern Cross (which was still visible in the predawn light, even with the full moon blazing) and headed for the snow. After stopping at Maccas in Cooma for brekky (two hash browns and a bacon and egg mcmuffin) and at Rebel in Jindabyne to hire some ski gear, I caught the 8:40 ski tube from Bullocks Flat and was on the slopes by 9am.

View from Blue Cow terminal

I did a couple of small runs at Blue Cow to get the hang of the skiing thing again. It was still a bit icy, but the sun was shining and the sky was an amazing blue.

Blue Cow terminal

Then wandered over to Pleasant Valley which is probably my favourite area in the whole place. Nice gentle slopes and very few bumps, so I could go fast without feeling like I could get out of control.

Pleasant Valley skiier

Top of Pleasant Valley

So did a few runs there and then headed over to Guthega for a bit.

Road to Guthega

Ended up on the middle traverse by mistake, which has a few "ups" in it. When I got to the second major up, I thought this is silly, and took the alternative route - down Schnaxl, a double blue run. Noone had used the run all morning and it was very steep and icy, but wide enough for me to zig zag down it without too much trouble. Did a few more runs at Guthega before heading back.

Norweigan Trail at the very back of Guthega, very pretty, and almost deserted

Someone said this was Mt Kosciuszko

Most difficult!  This would have been The Screw

Did another couple of runs through Pleasant Valley and then down Copperhead Road and across to Interceptor (noone there!)

Valley from Interceptor

Interceptor skiier

Went down Discovery Trails and then headed across to Smiggins. Quite enjoyed Smiggins. Did quite a few runs there, and met up with some school teachers from Bega who'd brought their year 3 and 4 kids on excursion. Did a few runs with them before they quit for the day.


Then I wandered back to Perisher, across Front Valley and up Forester. Down through Happy Valley and up Mt Perisher.

Top of Mt Perisher

At this point it was 3pm and I was starting to feel very tired. I had some cheese and chocolate, rang Stu, and thought of my plan for the rest of the afternoon. However, getting down off Mt Perisher in my exhausted state proved difficult, and when I got to Pleasant Valley the snow was very heavy and slushy. Had a third and final stack where my ski got buried so deep in the snow I had to take it off just to get it out. So thought I'd make my way back to Front Valley and go home. Except at the top of the hill I could see my destination but it felt too hard to get there. I made my way very slowly down. Half way down a very kind lady offered to lead me down, which was lovely of her. Just following someone gave me the motivation to keep going and not stop every few metres. So then I got back on the ski tube and came home.

It was crazy hot weather. The beanie never made it on my head, and my gloves came off mid morning. I had two of my sloppy-joe jumpers on and a gore tex jacket, and was wishing I'd only worn one jumper!

Food of the day was maccas for breakfast and dinner, with mini cheeses and mini boost bars for continuous energy.

The drive down was quite peaceful. Got to see the very full moon set. I was a bit tired for the drive back, but got to see the golden moon rise again. A coach was on my tail out of Cooma, so I let it pass and then sat on its tail for the entire trip back to Canberra (it was doing exactly 100 and it's much nicer to be following someone at night than be leading). Oddly, the radio had "Can't Fight the Moonlight" on the way down, and "Dancing in the Moonlight" on the way back :) Four dead wombats and a few dead kangaroos which was quite sad. Never seen that many wombats hit, usually it's just the roos.

After two days, it's really my shoulders that suffered the most pain. All that silly traversing nonsense. Legs hardly suffered at all. Silly really :)

Ski Bunny

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Went to the snow today, but too exhausted to blog about it... will try tomorrow :)

Kransky Day

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Today for lunch we felt like Don Cheese Kranskys. Yummm.


But with anything so unhealthy, you need something healthy to balance it out. Yummm.


Vampire Moon

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So tonight Australia enjoyed a total lunar eclipse. The last time I saw one of these was in 2000. This time I had a better camera, but still not as good as I would like for this sort of thing. And, I left my tripod at home, so I had the camera sat on top of a wheelie bin. doh!

The moon on its way to being eclipsed

The moon mostly eclipsed

Very close now

Quite dark, harder to focus, and quite red

The lower edge is brightening up now

Sunlight returns

Half way back

Mostly back

Unfortunately at this point I needed to change batteries, only to find that my spare battery was also completely flat.. mega doh! So now I'm without camera for the rest of my time here. Will have to steal Stu's methinks.

Food of the Day

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Continuing in my food commentary for the week. Today we had toast and marmalade for breakfast, cheese and chocolate for morning tea. Heated up the leftover chicken curry from the other night and had the last kangaroo steak sliced and cold, with some cheese and some apple for dessert. And tonight we had our obligatory roast pork with lots of roast veggies, and some awesome crackling. Yum. :)

Didn't have any plans for the day. Ended up mostly just doing my jigsaw and watching videos. We did get out for a walk which was nice. A slow walk anyway :) Hoping the weather stays clear tomorrow night for the total lunar eclipse.

And then I find out today that Stu can see the tower from his front door!! I never knew that in the year and a half he's been here. The fact that most of the year the view is obscured behind foliage is beside the point.

Tower from Stu's place

Whoever it was at CW that decided to cancel Veronica Mars should be shot. Or cut into little pieces. Or something equally horrific.

So we're watching episode 20 and she walks off after voting, and I'm like "ok, where's the next one?" and Stu says there is no next one.. and I'm like WTF????? They can't just end it like that!!!! There was no closure!! What a bunch of bumheads!!! It was an awful let down :(

So that made me quite grumpy.

And then I read that Warner is having trouble with music licensing and doesn't look like they'll be selling the dvds here any time soon *sigh*

In other nonsense

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I'm the first to admit this blog is boring. Heck I'm still surprised that after four and a half years anyone actually reads it.

However, the advantage of it being boring is that I rarely get any sort of hate mail or idiotic comments. Except today I got one complaining that my blog is full of crap. Which made me giggle, because, well, yes it is, but if you think so, why on earth do you bother to read it? It was on an older entry though, so presumably they came from a google referral. Remind me to check the logs later.

In other nonsense. Well let's talk about food shall we? There was the Red Rooster we had today before going out in Scotty's new boat. There was the toffee apple I had while we watched some Veronica Mars. Then there was the delicious steak I cooked and ate while we watched some more Veronica Mars. And don't forget the dark chocolate Maltesers and Mint Intense Lindt square I had for dessert. There we go, is that a crappy enough entry for you? :):)

Saw this the other day and thought it was worth a pic...

Red light camera

Flying fish

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Funny how that whenever corys swim into open water it looks as if they're flying. Don't know what it is about them. Maybe I'm just always used to seeing them at ground level...

My mission for today was to sort out fish stuff. All of it. There were piles. And more piles.

Piles and piles of fish stuff

So dragged everything out of the various rooms they'd been scattered in and sorted everything into categories. At which point I ran out of steam :)

Stu was up to travelling, so we went to the Hub for lunch and then to Magnetmart to find some storage containers. We got four smallish containers that held a decent chunk of the stuff, just not the bulkier stuff. Will have to deal with that another day.

Tonight Stu cooked a chicken curry which was a tad warm but not too bad, and we watched Funny Videos and some more Veronica Mars.

Plus One

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C plus one. Quiet day. Stu mostly rested. I stocked up on supplies and tidied up the kitchen. Tried to figure out how I'm gonna fit living here. Think have thought of homes for most things.. except the fish tanks, which we have far too many of!

Had some yummy kangaroo steaks for dinner and watch some more Veronica Mars season 3, and the end of Bridget Jones Edge of Reason.

Not doing a Google Maps challenge this week, my computer here is too hard to use for that sort of thing.


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So yesterday at 3pm I declared that I was not here, and proceeded to pack up my 2' tank at work. Instead of the hour I estimated, it took me an hour and forty minutes to get out the door. Jodi refused to help on the grounds that she didn't want to assist me packing up to leave... heh.. quite sad really.. Then it was home to packup the multies. Finally got out the door a bit after 6pm and headed off to Canberra with a car chock full of fishy stuff.

Today we waited. And waited. And then waited some more. Ten and half hours of waiting all up. But all is good (as good as can be expected) and Stu is doing ok.

I'm very tired now.


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Some days you're the dog. Some days you're the hydrant.

Today I was the hydrant.


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Been half watching the Freddie Tribute Concert on ABC2 tonight. Well I'd be watching it more except ABC2 is having a bad night here and the signal keeps cutting out. I remember watching it my parents' bedroom .. 15 years ago!!! Holy crap I'm getting old fast. It's cut down to an hour though, with documentary inserts, not the whole thing.

This was after seeing another Queen concert a few weeks ago on ABC2, filmed in Montreal in 1982.

I was first introduced to Queen in 1986, when we learnt Bohemian Rhapsody in year 7 music. It was one of my favourite songs for years.

Then in 1991 I met my first boyfriend who was a *huge* Freddie fan - to the point of naming his car Freddie, and doing Freddie dances in front of his video. I got into Queen then in a fairly big way, collecting cds and videos. My boyfriend was not impressed. He thought I shouldn't be a Queen fan because of him. And then he got annoyed because I picked up Greatest Hits I and II on cd for like $15. Shrug. He was an idiot anyway.

In 1998 (Nov 25) I saw Brian May live at the Capital Theatre. I actually only heard about it that day on the radio, and rang up on the spot to get a ticket, and trundled along by myself to it. I was soooo sick that night (had the flu), which made belting out the songs somewhat more difficult ;) But it was such a special night, because it was the closest I was ever going to get to a Queen concert.

Here's something I did when I was much younger and had the time...

Queen Logo

Finally forced myself to vacuum today (although my plans to wash my sheets and go for a walk to the shops were spoilt by the rain), and so with a clear floor felt the urge to do some more decluttering. Oops. Because of course by the time I ran out of steam my bedroom floor was covered in *stuff*. Oh well. Will get there eventually ...


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Took my wedding dress to get altered today. She isn't planning to take it up at the waist tho, but instead the hem .. hope it turns out ok..

Of course she thought I was completely insane for wearing black shoes.

But we already knew I was insane.

I swear these are getting easier .. although perhaps only if you've been to them. Dave2, David, you should get some of these ;) and whatever happened to Kevin, he gave up after like two weeks... hrmm..











Answers from last week below:

So trundled along to another cia poker night. Omigosh it was frustrating. Because I was this >< close to getting my money back (actually coming out $20 ahead). Bennett and Vic and I were all down to a big blind's worth of chips each. They got lucky in their rounds. I didn't. And that was the end of me. So, fourth. Again! *sigh* :) But still had a good time and Kirk went on to win, although he almost didn't see his winning flush on his final hand, very funny :)

Autism Quotient

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I thought I'd be high, but perhaps not that high....

Autism quotient

Take the test yourself

More Birthday Food

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Went out with J&G and the kids tonight for dinner for me birthday. As usual there, we all ate far too much heh :) But it was delicious food. Could roll home afterwards :)

Next time I see them will most likely be in Canberra...

Birthday Food Fare

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* Sultana Bran Crunch (I actually forgot it was my birthday until over 30 minutes after I'd woken up)

Morning Tea:

* piece of smooth cheese
* square of Lindt caramel crunch chocolate


* five slices of pepperoni pizza on thin and crispy base

Pre-dinner Drinkies:

* vodka and vanilla coke


* bechamel lasagna topped with extra parmesan and tasty cheese
* garlic bread
* capsicum, roma tomatoes and zucchini roasted in olive oil and herbs
* toffee apple for dessert (I would have had a Cadbury Creme egg but I was too full - but even the apple made me feel very overfull.. oops! :) )

Lasagna, garlic bread and capsicum, roma tomatoes and zucchini roasted in olive oil and herbs

So Google has reverted to older images of the Sydney CBD. Possibly in anticipation of APEC, and being all paranoid-like. Personally I think it's an improvement. The images they uploaded after Australia Day were a disaster, with an awful mish-mash of buildings and streets that looked terrible. At least now all the buildings are facing the same way. Maybe when they revert to the newer images they'll fix everything up. We can only live in hope.

Google Sydney - mish mash Google Sydney - normal

Have I ever mentioned that I was once on Burgo's Catch Phrase? Seems I've mentioned the auditions.. So. In October 2002 I was on Catchphrase. I happened to be on the same night as Dawn Lewis. I lost. She went on to win the car. I don't feel so bad about losing to someone who was good enough to win the car. There was one other girl who was there at the same time as me who was lucky enough not to have to go up against Dawn. She was on for two nights I think. I wished I was her :) Of course it wouldn't have made much difference. I was wearing contacts at the time and couldn't see across the floor to the monitor to actually see what was coming up. I was at a distinct disadvantage. That, and going up against Dawn :) At least I won something, the other girl I was with didn't even get a single thing. The only reason this came up tonight was that mum was printing some photos and printed the one with me and Burgo and Adriana Xenides, who happened to be co-hosting the week I was on.

Burgo's Catch Phrase with Adriana Xenides

Oh yeah, I turned 12418 days old today. Minor achievement.


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Been half watching a Queen concert on ABC2. That, and digging out stuff for Freecyclers. Hope these ones pick up. Have had quite a few deadbeats the past couple of weeks :/


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ahh.. the weekend... I think I need a weekend to recover.. :)

So Friday night the boy arrived, and we made wholemeal pizzas (exceedingly yummiferous) and watched Star Trek and The Bourne Identity, with strawberries for dessert.

Saturday we made wholemeal pancakes as per my recipe the other day. Without a blender or lemon juicer. (!) So had to whisk the batter with a fork and squeeze the lemon by hand.. really not recommended! But they turned out really well, and not lumpy as I thought they might be based on the consistency of the flour that went into the batter.

Then we meandered up to the blue mountains at rather a high velocity. M5-M7-M4 and we're at the Nepean River in about 40 minutes. The wattles are starting to look pretty now..

Wattle on the M4

When we got to Leura, we thought we'd take the scenic route. Ended up at Leura cascades (after passing a sign on a restraunt for a Wayzgoose, I'm sure Stu would want that blogged hehe). Walked down to the cascades..

Leura Cascades

Next it was up to Echo Point to do battle with tourists for a piece of railing.

It was very windy..


Obligatory Three Sisters shot...

The Three Sisters

Next I thought I'd torture Stu, both mentally and physically...

Giant Staircase

The Skyway was even running in the insane wind...


The view at the end of the walk is good though..

Jamieson Valley

And the Scenic Railway arrived just as we did

Scenic Railway

Stu was very brave taking the railway up. Woulda been better going down for his first time, but no intention of ever doing the Giant Staircase *up* heh

View from the train

It only gets to a maximum angle of 52° but it feels a lot more vertical than that

Scenic railway points dowwwwnnnn

So then it was a mad dash back to the car, cause we only paid for two hours parking :/ In fact the whole thing felt very rushed and stressful because of that. Next time (hrmm) will park at the Scenic Railway end, which has bucketloads of free parking ..

So then it was back down the hill to Striker's for a bbq for his birthday.

When Jess arrived, she hit the ground. I joined her.

Jess and Kaz on the ground

Jess' glow in the dark apple

Glow in the dark apple

Jess and I doing Cousin Itt. Very impromptu so I didn't get to brush my hair into place..

Cousin Itts

Lots of yummy food..

Yummy potato bake

More yummy food

No garage is complete without an anvil..


Or pistons..


Then we dropped Jess home and made it home quite late.

This morning we slept in and finished watching the Bourne Identity. Then off to my parents for a roast pork lunch.

Found some relics from my childhood while cleaning out one of my old cupboards of stuff I really should take to Canberra .. not this tho!

Height chart

Or this.. which has been in my cupboard for as long as I have memories..

Cyclops brumby

Stopped at San Souci on the way (sort of) home

City over the bay

We're going to Lord Howe Island in one of these..


There's some really cool trees..

Cool trees

And finally home where we spent nearly two hours pulling apart my big original fish tank - getting the fish out, then the plants, then thorough gravel vacuuming, cleaning and finally playing tetris to get it all into Stu's car.

So now the study feels a bit more lonely, and a lot quieter..
Oh yeah .. my calves.. *killing* me .. !!

This week's challenge could also prove quite easy. It's hard to pick islands that are not instantly-recognisable, but also not completely obscure. The range is on the instantly-recognisable end of the scale :)

UPDATE: Trivia: There's at least two states and three countries in this collection :)











Answers from last week below


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OK, you just have to go ooo and ahhh over this... please!! given how many hours it took me to do.. ;)

I suppose it's not 100% accurate, but it's pretty darned close!

Google Sketchup roof


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Last night I accidently clicked on my Google Sketchup icon in my quick launch. Well I couldn't resist playing with it. And tonight I thought I'd have a go at doing my building. ARRRGGGGHHHHH!! I'm totally incompetant with it, so really had no idea how to do the complex roof we have. Well after watching this and fiddling and screaming and getting more frustrated than happy, I finally made some progress. Maybe I might actually finish it! If I do I'll post the results.


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Dave blogged about waffles today.

Damn him!!

I not only drooled over waffles, but pancakes as we used to make them every Sunday lunch after church:

  • 2 cups flour (1 cup plain, 1 cup self-raising)
  • 2 eggs
  • 600ml milk (in the olden days a whole bottle)
  • pinch of salt

    Whip for ~3min
    Fry until firm, then flip
    Serve with sugar and lemon juice (or maple syrup or ice cream)

  • Can't wait...

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    * for Friday night when my boy will be here
    * for September when I might stop working
    * for October when my life gets thrown upside down, but also get a week on Lord Howe Island

    I'm a slacker!

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    ok so I haven't blogged all weekend.. I'm a slacker!! :)

    Yesterday was 5.5 hours overtime doing a server upgrade. Remind me I need to pay James in chocolate.

    Today was church and generally catching up, with dinner at A&M's which was lovely as always. Just hope Luc remembers to pick me up tomorrow to retrieve my car :)

    Flat is slightly tidier. Did a bit of a cleanup of the study, including dragging out a power board to arrange a few more electronic devices. Even tested the cd burner I got from Ted's (which I never blogged about, but was going to be a stinging rant.. maybe it still will be if it fries my memory cards..)

    on that note.. think I might retire....

    ... ps.. I'm sure Dave could totally get number 9 ... :)


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    So tonight we had the CIA et al company mid-year dinner. Which for the first time I was actually um-ing and ah-ing about going. I'd gotten home and had decide whether I should go out again to see people that I didn't know as well as I always used to. But I needn't have worried. It was a really nice night (even tho I didn't get to sit with Kirk (sorry!) ) and got to talk to Vic and generally have quite a nice time (even tho the restaurant tried to squeeze 40 people into a tiny room really only designed for 20). Feel like it will probably be my last cia event ever :( which I suppose after not having worked there for now exactly ten years is kinda understandable....

    This week we have the monument edition :)











    Answers from last week below:


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    Spent obscene amounts of money this morning booking to go here....


    /me very excited :)

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