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Continuing in my food commentary for the week. Today we had toast and marmalade for breakfast, cheese and chocolate for morning tea. Heated up the leftover chicken curry from the other night and had the last kangaroo steak sliced and cold, with some cheese and some apple for dessert. And tonight we had our obligatory roast pork with lots of roast veggies, and some awesome crackling. Yum. :)

Didn't have any plans for the day. Ended up mostly just doing my jigsaw and watching videos. We did get out for a walk which was nice. A slow walk anyway :) Hoping the weather stays clear tomorrow night for the total lunar eclipse.

And then I find out today that Stu can see the tower from his front door!! I never knew that in the year and a half he's been here. The fact that most of the year the view is obscured behind foliage is beside the point.

Tower from Stu's place

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