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Stu and his coffee at AFK

Kazza being a little geeky at AFK. Unfortunately Stu thought it would be *too* geeky to wear his too :( Can you spot Willett in the background?

Mexicana pizza at AFK

Candy and Perdy

Purty Perdy

Fully Sic mate!

The water at Sandgate was very blue


Bumps on logs


This bubbler cracked me up

Kazza trying evil

Brisbane city was shrouded in smoke from nearby bushfires

Some of Virgin Blue's planes have GPS tracking in them, very cool (although on the broad scale maps the actual location was just behind the left wingtip, not anywhere useful like the nose or middle of the little plane icon)

Sydney from the air

Manly, looking down the Corso

UNSW, Randwick Racecourse and Sydney


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So we had lamb roast, and it was yummiferous. We had alcomohol. We played a couple of games of Buzz. We sang into the night. We did Legends and Anthems and when the others went to bed we put on Rocks. Which for some reason I seem to do very well at. Not only was I consistently beating David, but setting high scores as well. We stayed up later than ever, probably because it'll be the last time for a long time (that, and I wasn't ready to tilt my head yet heh).

This morning we went out for "coffee" with the kids, but then had to rush back and rush to the airport. All the goodbyes, including Stu's, were very rushed, which was frustrating. The flight was ok. Cloudy though, but did come in over the Eastern Suburbs so hopefully have some good photos that I don't normally get.

Home now, feeling very down :(


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After going to AFK yesterday, we wandered back home to chill out for a bit. Then ordered some pizzas for dinner, and watched some The IT Crowd (don't think was in the mood for that sort of humour though), and some Buzz and Singstar. Stayed up *very* late drinking and singing.

Didn't get much sleep last night, er, this morning.. oh well.

This morning met Tash at Ascot Provisions for brunch. Super huge feast as always. Then Stu and I went for a drive up to Sandgate and a walk. It was such a glorious day. Spectacular winter's day.

Now back here to chill out a bit before having one of David's famous roasts for dinner. There's threat of more alcomohol, but my stomach is a little tender from last night.. maybe if there's Yokult.... :)

Oh, forgot to upload this week's Google Maps challenge, so you have another week to answer last week's.. :)


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So after the others had finished playing at AFK yesterday, we adjourned to the tables and had lunch. We had beer-battered fries, a mexicana pizza, and a caesar salad. All were excellent. Willett and Chef have done very well with the cafe setup. Very relaxed atmosphere, nice mix of peoples (normal people to geeks :) ), great food. Apparently the coffee was good too, but I can't be judge of that :)

If you're in Brisbane, go check it out. It's near the Gabba on Stanley St.


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So here we are in Sunny Brisbane. A lovely warm day. I really like Queensland winters. We flew up last night. I got my favourite seat in the last row of the plane, and got a spectacular view of both Sydney city and Brisbane city.

This morning we headed here to AFK for a drink and some net time. Except the others are all playing counterstrike now, and I'm not qualified ..

I hate notes

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Been fiddling with a stoopid notes problem with two docs that have been confused and now won't let me fix a field in them, but in the process came across this lovely friendly error message when refreshing a view:

Collation number specified negative or greater than number of collations in view

So I Google it and find the only page about it - an "I hate lotus notes" blog. Made me giggle.

Notes.net didn't have much either, just one page that noone responded to.

Why is that half the errors I get on my servers have never been seen by anyone else??

Getting an event id 20091 on the Blackberry server with the error: The following information is part of the event: Exception in ScanForNewMail for user {user}

The user is not getting any emails at the moment, but was previously getting the same single message over and over again. We deleted that email out of her mail file and they stopped coming, but nothing else has come through since it had started happening.

Will try recreating her setup on the Blackberry server, see if that fixes it. Presumably something is corrupt in her setup somewhere....


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I'm very tired.

Today went much slower than yesterday.

I am looking forward to this weekend, which starts early.

I got a new shower head and some washers installed today. I don't think they make any difference to my water consumption.

I think there was too much left unanswered in the last Harry Potter book.

This is disturbing.

Deathly Hallows

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So I finished the Deathly Hallows early this afternoon. Wasn't too bad. Probably not my favourite in the series. Think it was the long boring bit in the middle that ruined that chance. I was echoing Ron's mood about it. The beginning was action-packed though, with early fatalities, including one of the saddest in the whole book. And it picked up again at the end with the necessary epic Battle of Hogwarts. My suspicions about Snape and the last Horcrux were confirmed. Bit of a Hollywood ending though.

I'd been avoiding the blogosphere completely since the book was leaked on Wednesday, and sadly one of the first things I read afterwards was a real-life fatality. I didn't actually know this person at all, but my sympathies go out to SH.

Until later...

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So here's me with my newly purchased copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Astute readers will also notice the Hogwarts logo (which I still haven't gotten around to dismantling), and my new Blogography t-shirt, which arrived this week.


All emails, phone calls, smses, and instant messages will now be ignored until I'm finished :)

Lake Edition this week. Some of them are quite obvious, others aren't ..













Answers from last week below..


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Just finished watching Firefly all the way through. Gosh it was a good series. Up there with Veronica Mars :) Watched most of it a year and a half ago at Stu's place over New Years and didn't realise that I'd seen all but two episodes. Of course when it got to the end it's like "nooooooooo .. why'd they cancel it for??" .. Need to watch Serenity again..

Take my love, take my land
Take me where I cannot stand
I don't care, I'm still free
You can't take the sky from me

Take me out to the black
Tell them I ain't comin' back
Burn the land and boil the sea
You can't take the sky from me

There's no place I can be
Since I found Serenity
But you can't take the sky from me...


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Sent away my letter of acceptance. With begging from Luc and Jim not to :)

It felt strangely significant popping it in the post box. Like my new fate had just been sealed...


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Bit of a catch-up..

Saw these the morning we went to see the 707

This tree has been this size since I was a student in the early nineties (even from a different colour of paint ago), so no idea how long it's been there. But it never ceases to amaze me.
Self bonsai-ed tree

Anyone want to see?
I look better naked?

Nice sunset at Alan & Marylon's a few weeks ago
Sunset over Aussie

My betta is still going strong in the macquarium

I liked how the sunlight was shining on this seat, and just the colours

Scott & Kerry's new house
New house

This stand of Tim Tams cracked me up
Tim Tams - want me!

Baby corys, just barely "hatched". Sadly they died when Stu was in bed sick.
Baby corys

Jonquils growing (a few months too early) from the bulbs I planted last winter


oooo spooky!

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So I was eating my dinner (roasted lamb shanks and potatoes yummmmm) and watching Firefly, and wanted to see who one of the extras was. So wandered along to IMDB, and there's a Firefly link on the front page. Well that saves me typing it in a search, so I click on it. And it brought up a synopsis ... of the episode I'm watching right now!!! What are the chances?!?


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Me little brother and SIL are in Ulaanbaatar at the moment .. how cool is that!! It's even in high res, and has cable internet :)

This one will probably be even harder. Some of the bridges you'd have to live nearby or have maybe been across to know where they are. Having said that, I know some of my readers would know where some of the bridges are, if only they'd play :P











Answers from last week below:

There's a saying.. "you can't teach an old dog new tricks". You can't teach people in their mid fifties new things. Well you can, but it's incredibly painful. It's testing my patience somewhat, and you all must know how little of *that* I have!


Saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with Kirk and Ric tonight.

Loved it!

Enjoyed it much more than 3 and 4. It was definitely a lot more fun than the book, which was downright depressing. They did have to leave a lot out of course (especially stuff with the Order itself), and changed a few things around a bit, but not too badly, except for maybe how they find out about DA. The passage of time felt more real in this one, cutting in an out of the DA meetings and classes. And they kept a lot of the look and feel from 3 and 4, without changing it like they did after 1 and 2. Strangely enough I missed Harry not smashing up Dumbledore's office at the end heh.

Dudley has grown up to be sufficiently thug-like. Not much Draco but plenty of Lucius (*drool*). Ginny definitely didn't get enough lines (she barely had any lines at all :( ). Percy is there but doesn't get any lines. Luna was very cool, liked her a lot.

The visual effects in this one were fantastic. Probably the best made movie of the series so far.

This week is the Tower edition :)













Answers next week!

Answers from last week below:

Hello Kitty

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Went and saw the Kitty Hawk today. Looking a little bit sad and neglected (they're decomissioning her next year). Not as *big* as the QM2. Only just made it there in time before the shadows engulfed her.






Of course then I needed to escape. While getting there was quite easy, and nothing like the crowds for the Queens, getting out was a disaster, thanks in no small part to an "incident" on the Harbour Bridge, and stoopid Sydney streets that force you every direction except the one you want to go.

So had this user come in today. She says that up until recently (when she got back from overseas), her Blackberry would automatically suggest a folder to file an email message, based on where she filed the last message from a particular person. But now it's stopped doing this, and just defaults back to having Inbox selected, and she needs to scroll through all her folders to file the message.

Well my Blackberry was just defaulting to the Inbox also, and I'd never even noticed this before as I rarely file from my Blackberry.

So went hunting for a solution. These two other people posted the same problem, but no satisfactory solution.

If anyone's Googling how to automatically or intelligent or smart filing of messages on the Blackberry and you find a solution, please let me know :)

Something big

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So something big apparently happened today. Which could mean other big things might not happen as first intended. Which could make my imminent departure somewhat easier to bear.


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So as Kevin mentioned the other day, iTunes is now selling DRM-free music.

Now I've always avoided iTunes and DRM music, because for one I don't want to *have* to use an i-whatever to play the damned things, plus I don't want my music to be tied to some third party. I simply want a file that I can play without any fuss and will continue to be supported for years to come.

So I downloaded iTunes.

My next challenge was to actually find something that I didn't already own on cd, wasn't on a cd wish list, and was available in the "plus" format. Finally found something (actually two somethings), and bought one.

Except that it's not an mp3, it's an m4a file. *sigh*
Sourceforge to the rescue! And a little utility called BonkEnc, which happily converts the files. Yet to try it in my player, but it works in my old version of WinAmp.

My study totally looks like a Lego monster has thrown up. Actually it was moreso yesterday. Today is much more orderly. Twenty three boxes plus a few bags of *bits* that need to be sorted into sets. Most of which are incomplete.. doh!!

Aside from cleaning that's mostly all I've done this weekend. Dinner tonight at A&M's and so much wine to make it hard to type. That and the lego all around my keyboard doesn't help!

Answers to this week's Google Maps Challenge I've decided will be posted next Friday, so you have plenty of time to guess :)

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