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After going to AFK yesterday, we wandered back home to chill out for a bit. Then ordered some pizzas for dinner, and watched some The IT Crowd (don't think was in the mood for that sort of humour though), and some Buzz and Singstar. Stayed up *very* late drinking and singing.

Didn't get much sleep last night, er, this morning.. oh well.

This morning met Tash at Ascot Provisions for brunch. Super huge feast as always. Then Stu and I went for a drive up to Sandgate and a walk. It was such a glorious day. Spectacular winter's day.

Now back here to chill out a bit before having one of David's famous roasts for dinner. There's threat of more alcomohol, but my stomach is a little tender from last night.. maybe if there's Yokult.... :)

Oh, forgot to upload this week's Google Maps challenge, so you have another week to answer last week's.. :)

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