I hate notes

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Been fiddling with a stoopid notes problem with two docs that have been confused and now won't let me fix a field in them, but in the process came across this lovely friendly error message when refreshing a view:

Collation number specified negative or greater than number of collations in view

So I Google it and find the only page about it - an "I hate lotus notes" blog. Made me giggle.

Notes.net didn't have much either, just one page that noone responded to.


AndrewB said:

I got the error from an @dblookup like this - @DbLookup("":"";"":"keyword.nsf";"viewName"; "searchKey; column);

The lookup view was corrupt as six similar formulas broke at the same time and had not been touched. I copied the database and re-indexed the new copy and everything started working OK.

August 3, 2007 12:07 AM


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