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So as Kevin mentioned the other day, iTunes is now selling DRM-free music.

Now I've always avoided iTunes and DRM music, because for one I don't want to *have* to use an i-whatever to play the damned things, plus I don't want my music to be tied to some third party. I simply want a file that I can play without any fuss and will continue to be supported for years to come.

So I downloaded iTunes.

My next challenge was to actually find something that I didn't already own on cd, wasn't on a cd wish list, and was available in the "plus" format. Finally found something (actually two somethings), and bought one.

Except that it's not an mp3, it's an m4a file. *sigh*
Sourceforge to the rescue! And a little utility called BonkEnc, which happily converts the files. Yet to try it in my player, but it works in my old version of WinAmp.

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