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Bit of a catch-up..

Saw these the morning we went to see the 707

This tree has been this size since I was a student in the early nineties (even from a different colour of paint ago), so no idea how long it's been there. But it never ceases to amaze me.
Self bonsai-ed tree

Anyone want to see?
I look better naked?

Nice sunset at Alan & Marylon's a few weeks ago
Sunset over Aussie

My betta is still going strong in the macquarium

I liked how the sunlight was shining on this seat, and just the colours

Scott & Kerry's new house
New house

This stand of Tim Tams cracked me up
Tim Tams - want me!

Baby corys, just barely "hatched". Sadly they died when Stu was in bed sick.
Baby corys

Jonquils growing (a few months too early) from the bulbs I planted last winter


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